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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • They are always listed north of $14K, so I suppose that's a pretty good deal. I was considering a 2011/12 Hyundai Elantra, but I kept running into the new vs used issue. Since the Elantra's are still a popular car, the used car prices are staying very high.

    I got a quote for $16K before TTL for a base model 2012 Elantra with A/T (this is after the $500 downpayment matching) a month ago. I didn't consider saving $2K-$3K by buying a ~2 year old car with the same mileage as yours a good enough deal. However, $16K for new was too much for me so I will wait for the right deal.
  • Thanks for reply. I also thought about used vs new. But I can't wait too long as I tottaled my car in an accident and need a replacement. Wish me luck with my choice.

    Good luck.
  • Capital Hyundai
  • I've been away from car shopping for many years.
    Just curious about the warranty on a used Elantra from a dealer. Does a buyer only get the balance of the 5 year/ 60,000 mile warranty? I'm guessing the final 5 years/ 40,000 miles of the 10 year/ 100,000 mile (new car) powertrain warranty is of no use to the used car buyer.
    Anyone know for sure?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Yes, 2nd and subsequent owners get only the balance of the 5/60k warranty, unless you get an extended warranty from Hyundai e.g. Hyundai Certified Pre-owned car.
  • I purchased a 2013 GLS PZEV 4dr Sedan Alabama plant last Thursday.

    Radiant Silver, gray Interior
    Preferred Package
    Carpeted Floor Matts
    Cargo Net
    First Aid Kit

    Black pin striping
    Nitrogen Filled Tires

    I was interested in the Elantra, but didn't necessarily care for the pin striping or nitrogen filled tires, and I certainly wasn't willing to pay the sticker price of $21,025 that was marked on my car due to that. So, after a test drive and some negotiation discussion on price, I decided it was time to go home and keep researching, because that price wasn't worth it.

    I received multiple price quotes from other dealerships for the same car, and received a quote lower quote from another dealer. Got a call back from the first dealership and was asked to come back in, agreed, and they got me a final price I was comfortable with and were able to beat my Credit Union's financing rate(with Capital but it's still a better rate)

    My OTD price which included tags, tags, etc was $18,633
  • Can you tell me more about # 3 2013 Elantra GT A/T ?

    I am looking at purchasing one.

    What city did you get this quote ?

    What options did the car have ?

    Thank You in Advance !
  • tagztagz Posts: 4
    After a lot of negotiation, the dealer agreed on $22,700 for the car. The sales tax is 6.25 here in MA, TTL is $150 and the dealer is charging doc fee of $290. So the OTD price is coming out as $24,600 approx. Is this a good deal?

    BTW, this dealer has pretty much all color combinations, including Atlantic Blue which is new for 2013. Lot of Elantras in the lot!
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    what was the msrp for this car before discounts?
  • tagztagz Posts: 4
    The dealer gave a paper which has the finance installment options... it said Market value $25,414. Not sure if it is the same as MSRP
  • tagztagz Posts: 4
    Just called the dealer and got the info...

    MSRP: $24,320
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    elantralover,you are right on with that $18,100.00 price.over the summer i purchased a 2013 elantra gls with the preffered package.msrp was $19, final negotiated price before TTT was $18,163.00....
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,my elderly aunt wanted me to post this messege about her recent car purchasing experience.i went with her today to look at some new cars she was interested in.her 1999 honda accord turned in it's notice and she decided to trade it in.she narrowed down her choices between the 2013 chevy cruze and the 2013 hyundai elantra due to better gas mpg..anyway,we got lucky today since the hyundai dealership and chevy dealership are across the street from each other which made comparing the 2 cars a little easier.first up was the 2013 chevy cruze LS with auto tranny.msrp was $19,080.00..she didn't test drive the car but wanted to see the elantra across the street to see how it compared with the cruze..this is where the comparisons ended.we looked at a 2013 hyundai elantra gls with the preffered package which had a msrp of $19,'s very hard to believe that only 600 dollars seperated both these cars and yet the elantra offered a ton more features for the money...where to start,warranty,room,power,cruise control,4-wheel disk brakes,heated front seats,compass rear-view mirror,illuminated vanity mirrors,as well as ignition,front fog lights,better mpg....this was a no-brainer for my aunt and she purchased the elantra and is thrilled with it.we both sat in the cruze and it felt cheap and inferior to the elantra.
  • I used the same approach as I did in 2009 to purchase an Azera Limited. Called and emailed multiple dealers. Picked it up on Thursday. i will post pictures later. ">I was able to negotiate the following;

    2013 Elantra Limited (Auto) Red Allure/Black Leather Interior
    Auto Dimming Mirror
    Bumper Applique
    Cargo Net
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    I-POD® Cable
    First Aid Kit
    Mud Guards
    Wheel Locks
    Destination Charge

    Purchase Price: $22,911.00 ($1,799.00 from sticker)
    Doc Fee: $161.39
    Drive Away Sticker: $20.00
    Tax/Title/License: $1,288.00
    TOTAL: $24,380.39
  • I'm looking to buy the Elantra coupe 2013 SE model. I am in Ontario Canada where taxes are 13% and my finance rate for 84 months is 0.9%.

    I was wondering if someone can tell me what I should be paying for this car.

  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    went with a friend of mine yesterday to look at a 2013 hyundai elantra coupe se with sunroof and a 5sp manual tranny.msrp was $20,785.00 and they offered to sell for $19,175.00 plus TTT..he's takeing the usual day or two to think it over and compare other deals that he's gotten.
  • 2013 Elantra Sedan, GLS-PZEV - (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) - meets California Emissions Regulations and is certified.

    Color: Shimmering Air Silver - 2012 North American Car of the Year IIHS Top Safety Pick

    Standard Features -

    5yr/60k New Vehicle Warranty - Honda, Toyota, Madza, Ford, Kia = 3yr/36k New Vehicle Warranty.
    - 10yr/100k mile Powertrain Warranty
    - Electronic Stability Control (ESC) w/ Traction Control
    - ABS w/ Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Brake Assist
    - 4 wheel disk brakes - (usually an option or available on higher tiered vehicles - and a definite advantage in accident avoidance/emergency handling situations, over front disk w/ rear drum)
    - Front, Front Side Impact * Side Curtain Airbags = 6 airbags
    - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - (important for maintain proper air pressure in tires, which is important for accident avoidance/emergency handling situations)
    - Daytime Running Lights (w/ manual override feature - if you have the DRL on, your perimeter parking lights will be on as well, but all turn off automatically when the engine is turned off)
    - 1.8l, 145 HP, 130 lbs-ft Torque, DOHC 4-Cylinder
    - Dual Continuous Variable Valve Timing
    - 6-Speed A/T w/ Shiftronics
    -16" Allow Wheels (not wheel coverings)
    - Map Lights w/ Sunglass Holder
    - Air Conditioning w/ Cabin Air Filter
    - AM/FM/SiriusXM (w/ 90-day trial),CD/MP3 Audio System w/ 6 Speakers
    - iPod/USB and 2 Auxiliary Input Jacks
    - Remote Keyless Entry w/ Alarm (Would have been nice to have the remotes on the actual key like on Honda's keys, as well as have the key "chipped" which prevents the ignition from being started w/out the key - only real complaint about the car to date)
    - Power Windows and Locks (Auto down only - auto up would have been a nice touch to include)
    - Power Heated Outside Mirrors - (nice feature on those cold mornings when everything is fogging up)
    - Trip Computer: Avg MPG, Avg Speed, Miles left on remaining gas level, Trip A, Trip B
    - Exterior Temperature Display
    - Steering Wheel Mounted Cruise Control
    - Tilt and Telescopic Steering column (most only offer Tilt, and not the Telescopic option)
    - Driver Seat Height Adjustment
    - Front Armrest Storage Box
    - Front Passeger Seatback Pocket
    - 60/40 Spilt Folding Rear Seats w/ center armrest w/ cupholders
    - Front and Rear Door pockets w/ moldings to hold water bottles.

    MSRP: $17815.00
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------
    Preferred Package Added Features:

    - Heated Front Cloth Seats
    - Steering Wheel Audio Controls
    - Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System w/ Voice Recognition
    - Cloth Insert Door Trim
    - Sliding Center Armrest
    - Illuminated Vanity Mirros w/ Extensions
    - Illuminated Ignition
    - Front Foglights

    MSRP: $17,815.00
    Preferred Package: $650.00
    Freight & Handling $775.00
    Total Sticker Price $19,240.00

    Amount Financed: $18,436.00

    Things I declined to buy from Dealership:

    1. 10-yr/100k Extended Warranty - Price $2200 w/ a $100 deductible; although I was able to get the price down to $1650. Car comes w/ 5yr/60k New Vehicle Warranty, and you can always purchase an extended warranty as you get close the end of the New Vehicle Warranty - which really only provides an addition 5yrs/40K miles of extended coverage. (I had purchased one w/ my '06 Civic for $1695, zero deductible, 8yr/120K mile - they couldn't offer one w/out a deductible and gave me some b/s line about all deductibles need to be equal for all warranties.) Besides their aren't many people who blow 60k miles in 5 yrs, or still have the car after 5 yrs. So, I'll cross this bridge when I get to it and not before - I don't want to pay for something I may never use.

    2. Gap Insurance Coverage: Gap insurance is a great coverage to have, but buy it through your insurance company, versus buying it through the dealership. Ex: Dealership was going to charge me $800 for gap coverage, which lasts the full term of the loan. My insurance carrier added it for an additional $9.00/6 months coverage. Note* Gap Insurance is really only needed the first 2-3yrs of the loan term, as the first 2 years of car payments the majority of which is applied to the loan's interest, and less is applied to the principal balance - which would be your payoff amount should your car get totalled. Gap coverage makes up the difference between what your car's assessed value at the time of the accident vs. what your loan balance - thus not leaving you with a balance to pay for a car you no longer own, or have to fold into your new replacement car loan. So, to complete my example above, it will only cost me an additional $45 for 2.5 years of gap coverage, versus the $800 the dealership attempted to sell me.

    3. Paint and Under Carriage Sealant - Declined: I don't live in South Dakota, where this product application would be a must to prevent/minimize corrosion and extend the life of a vehicle. I live in California, known for its mild climate. Here my car, though not garaged, but carported, is washed and detailed weekly, and waxed monthly. Yes, I've been told that I'm a bit OCD about the care of my vehicles, but then again, that's why I've always received top value when I decide to sell.

    I realize that I wasn't too popular with the Finance representative I worked with in the closing of my purchase. One must realize the reasons why the dealerships attempt to sell you these options, is to pad the bottom-line. Just know that you're in charge, that you are not obligated to buy any features, services, or options you don't want or need. Don't allow any member of the dealership to intimidate or coerce into do anything you don't want - and feel free to walk away at anytime. Remember, they are there to be of service to you, and while yes they want to sell you as many features, options, and add-ons - you can say always say "no thank-you".

    I hope my "two-cents" was beneficial and feel free to ask questions or offer comments.
  • After getting nowhere from the Michigan Hyundai Dealers who were not willing to budge from MSRP, I went and bought the vehicle I wanted exactly in Chicago. The salespersons name was STEVE WADE (Wade is not his last name but his nickname).

    STEVE is knowledgeable, and a MAN OF INTEGRITY, who treated me like family.

    The dealership he works at is KNAUZ - HYUNDAI, Lake Bluff, Illinois.

    This was the best new car purchase that I personally have ever had !
  • Just bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited PZEV Auto for an OTD price of $22,350.

    The car is a standard limited with the following added Features:

    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Cargo Net
    Cargo Tray
    First Aid Kit
    Mud Guards
    Rear Bumper Protector
    Sunroof Wind Deflector
    Alloy Wheel Locks
    Rear Wing Spoiler
    Pin Stripe
    Fabric & Leather Protection
    Door Edge Guard
    Tire Package

    Price Details:

    Price of Unit: 20,834.11
    NJ Sales Tax: 1,458.39
    NJ Tire Fee: 7.50
    Reg/Title Fee: 301.00
    Doc Fee: 249.00

    Sub Total: 22,850
    Minus Rebate: - 500.00

    Total OTD Price: 22,350

    Dealer: Toms River Lester Glenn Hyundai, NJ

    Comments Welcome!
  • docmddocmd Posts: 6
    Hi folks-
    I am seeking advice on a Hyundai Elantra for my wife who is first time driver. We went to CarMax yesterady and test drove a 2010 Elantra SE (4 door), 2WD with 22K miles on it. It still has an active 5-yr warranty on it. The car did well on the test drive. There is some wear on the tires, although we were told that it passed Maryland standards. The (infamous) 'No Haggle' price is 13,998. With the addition of the sales tax, fees, etc the price out the door is 15,500.

    Could you please give me some feedback on whether this is a reasonable price to pay?

    Thanks a lot!

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