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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • roaddog777roaddog777 Posts: 2
    *** Buyer Beware ***
    College Park Hyundai

    Have you heard these terms before? You get THAT and much more if you "deal" with these people! $9900 Elantra? "As advertised in the Washington Post"?

    Buyer don't believe it! Does this "advertised" vehicle have a radio, floor mats, for that matter, tires and rims?

    Stay clear of these guys!!!!! $9900 plus oh they didn't tell you, $2450 dealer prep extras plus tax, tags & title approx. $540 and any other thing they'll jack you for!!!

    Looked at an Elantra on Thursday afternoon for $13000.00 and by Friday morning the same car was magically priced at almost $18,000. Come on now, the car "appreciated" five thousand dollars over night in the dealers lot?

    Bought my Elantra from another local area dealer instead. Unless you enjoy being lied to and just want to "GIVE" you're money away, STAY CLEAR OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!!
  • kaijadkaijad Posts: 7
    Yesterday I received an email quote from Hyundai of Manhattan which stated:

    Model: Elantra GT 2.OL 4-cylinder 5-speed Manual
    Color: Black Obsidian
    Year: 2005
    Trim: GT 5-door
    Option Package: 7

    Our current price is 13, 495

    Dealers Notes:Thank you for choosing Hyundai of Manhattan, the vehicle you are interested in is available and ready to be tet [sic] driven.

    *Price show reflects all rebates and internet discounts.

    When I went in, they informed me that the quote was a mistake, they had forgotten to add the Package 7 (invoice $653). The price then somehow jumped to $15,500. AND they didn't actually have ANY 5-speeds or ANY GTs with option package 7 "in the tri-state area" (which is false).

    Final offer was a GLS with package 5 for $13,695 (AT)

    My question is, to what extent is a quote binding? I'm close to reporting them to the BBB.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    I would consider an email quote to be a binding quote. I'm not a lawyer, but I would think that they would need to be able to prove that, at the time they sent you the email, they had the car they advertised and were willing to sell it to you at that price.

    You could report them to the BBB (or the New York Attorney General). First you might take the email to the sales manager and explain that you expect them to honor their offer.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    kaijad: As usual, Backy hit the nail on the head: your state's attorney general office would be interested in this dealer's nonsense.

    As for roaddog's interesting post, aside from the dollar figures, most of us here can assure you that an Elantra does, in fact, come with radio, tires and rims as standard. Incidentally, 18 grand seems to be more than any Elantra would cost, and any buyer has MSRP to cross-reference.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    In the southern part of New jersey, there is a Hyundai dealer that advertises a "good price" for a Hyundai...and the fine print there is a statement that it does not include "ADDITIONAL Dealer add-ons" and of course you have to be eligible for ALL the rebates, military rebate., loyallty rebate,farmer rebate or whatever...>>>Everyone of their vehicles has about $1200.00 worth of "additional add-ons"....pinstriping, fabric protection, window etching and whatever. They also have about five other dealerships....all in a row....and....everyone of the vehicles has these add-ons. I went to their storage lot, where all the new vehicles arrive,(on a Sunday morning) and lo and behold, the only sticker on the side window is the Mulrooney sticker. Whenver I see an ADM sticker on a new vehicle, I politely tell the salesperson that I will not buy from them because of this....and then....they have the audacity to tell you to not to worry about the ADM...they will work something out???
    Usually they will lowball your trade-in to make up the "Don't worry about it " part!!!
    There is an old Welsh saying..."If it sound sto good to be true...It is too good to be true"!!!!!!! (Well, maybe it's not Welsh)......but beings I am Welsh, it sounds good.-
    Roaddog...How about telling us what dealer you finally purchased from and give us the deal!!!
  • kaijadkaijad Posts: 7
    An update: This afternoon our friends at Hyundai of Manhattan gave me a call and said that they'd be willing to give me the GT with sunroof for $13,200. Much better than the Edmunds quotes. And based on the Consumer Reports print out, it's $475 under the wholesale price.

    I'm going in tomorrow to take a look at the car. I've got a loan in line, but figured I'd see what they might offer.
  • kaijadkaijad Posts: 7
    Final update: I walked out of Hyundai of Manhattan with a Black Elantra Hatchback GT with sunroof for 13,200. All told, I was at $14,200 with tax, etc. There were no suspect fees, etc. I'm embarassed to say I raised my voice a bit when the salesman tried to get me to give him $500 as a deposit to hold the car until Monday when my insurance office opens up. We settled on a $100 hold on my credit card instead (which will be taken off when I sign the papers on Monday).

    My salesman seemed pretty young, so I would have felt a bit bad walking away from such a good deal over a deposit. Aside for the "we made a mistake on the quote" the dealership ended up being a pretty good place to buy a car. (Now I just have to deal with driving out of Manhattan ...)

  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    Net selling price $8492. Sound like a good deal? (plus tax registration and $296 document fee) Out the door price $9714. MSRP was $14992, no dealer adds at all. Included cruise, CD upgrade, anti-lock brakes and floor mats. Perfect new condition. 14 miles on odometer.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Wow! Where did you get such a great deal on a rare (ABS) Elantra? Any special discounts involved, e.g. military, loyalty, student?
  • suz71suz71 Posts: 1
    We purchased an 05 Elantra this afternoon - great experience! We have been researching and had an emailed quote from a competitive dealer in our pockets - we were prepared to whip it out during the negotiations if necessary. Found our car on the lot that we wanted, and were approached by a young lady. She was super friendly, and told us that if we wanted to take a test drive, she would need to copy our license. She took our licenses and came out a few minutes later with the keys, told us a route to take that included some highway driving, and told us to have a good time!
    We got back, told her to find out what the best deal they could give us would be - told her we had no trade-in and no financing (we had already arranged our financing through our credit union). She said great and came back with an offer that was far better than the emailed quote we had with us! (quote was for the exact same car minus the mats and mud guards and was $14110.00 - so basically MSRP with free cruise and stereo upgrade.)
    Here is the breakdown:
    05 Elantra GLS 4 door MSRP $14149.00
    Cruise Control $250.00
    AM/FM/CD upgrade $350.00
    Mats $75.00
    Mud Guards $60.00
    Freight $545.00
    TOTAL MSRP 15429.00

    She came back with an offer of $13,095.
    Not bad, but we told her that we had no desire for the mats or the mud guards, and that they could just take them off.
    She took off $135.00 and presented us with $12,960.00
    We told her to make it an even $12900, she said OK, we said OK and signed on the dotted line.
    They took the car to the back, washed her up nice and clean, filled her up with gas and sent us on our way! (OK, there was a bit more than that - took about an hour to sign all of the paperwork, verify our insurance, and go over all of the manuals, but not bad at all.)
    She brought the car to us, handed us the keys, and said, "they may have forgotten to take the floor mats out and mud guards off, but Im sure you won't mind".
    Hee hee.
    Maybe we didn't get the best deal out there, but we are in the chicago market, and the fact that the transaction went so smoothly was worth it! No haggling, No problems, and they were all very nice to us, and never pushy.
    Woo Hoo, I love it when things go well!
    Out the door price was just under $13900 with taxes and title and registration fees.
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    Outstanding deal! Believe me, you'll be happy to have the mud guards and especially the floor mats, as the carpet itself is a bit thin. The mats are nice because they have hooks to hold them in place, and they are worth the $$. I have two sets, one for winter, one for summer. Is your car automatic or manual transmission? Either way, you'll really love this car. My 2001 GLS is nearly four years old, and will roll 56K miles today (and I just paid it off -- hooray!), and I still love this car alot. It continues to be wonderful. P.S. Other Chicago buyers might want the name of your dealer!
  • jmjbrtwjmjbrtw Posts: 5
    I bought on 5/3/05 a 2005 Elantra GT 5 door, 5 speed in electric red with #8 pkg-anti-lock, skid control and moonroof for $14100(no 400college or 500military rebate) out the door including tax and tags. We purchased it at Burn's Hyundai in Marlton NJ. We were looking for a couple weeks and had a hard time with finding a 5 speed with #8 pkg in electric red.
    I talked and emailed several dealers and they said this car does not exist. Burn's was the only dealer that found 4 for dealer trade. The dealership was great, no game playing or add on's.
    I have had this car about 2 weeks and 800 miles and love the car. I am averaging about 31mpg so far. My last hyundai was a 98 elantra wagon. It was never in for anything but normal maintenance. I just gave it to my son with 148000 running and looking great.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    The sub $8500 sale price reflects discounts including both a current Hyundai owner rebate and a $300 dealership loyalty rebate. MSRP was just about $15000 for the stick shift car. The dealer is in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Which dealer? It's OK to mention dealer names here. I will be in Phoenix in a few weeks and if I could get a '05 Elantra with ABS for $8500 I might be tempted to do that, even if I had to have it shipped back home.
  • ajs2ajs2 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2005 Elantra GLS Sunday and decided to take the zero percent financing for 60 months (vs $1500.00 rebate). Unfortunately I did not have time to do adequate research and I needed a car to get to work on Monday. I am not sure what I a good deal would be. Car has CD player, cruise controll. Final cost including tax, tags, and freight was $260 a month with no money down. How badly did I do?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Congratulations on your new Elantra? What was the price of the car without tax and tags, and is it an automatic or 5-speed?
  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    I'm going to guess GLS automatic package 3 . . .

    $260 x 60 = $15,600

    Edmund's predicts the average sales price for an automatic Elantra package 3 is $14,340 before any rebates.

    So your difference (if my assumed option is correct) from the average sales price is:
    $15,600 - (taxes and reasonable fees) - $14,340
  • ajs2ajs2 Posts: 2
    It was an automatic... Selling price was 14,559.45. It looks like they got me on a $500 dealer installed appearance protection package (which is just 2 little stripes along the body of the car)... So far I am happy with the car.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    Tempted? Hahahaha. You would be crazy not to buy one for that! It is the best deal I have ever made or heard of. Now I can't believe I did not ask to buy 2 or 3 that day. I doubt if they would have sold me another one for that. It was an advertised special. Not sure why they were willing to sell so cheap. I did not ask for reasons, just was thankful to get it. (Actually, the advertised car had been sold but they made nearly the same % deal to me on another car I liked much better. Right color and equipment, no dealer adds, etc.) Just check the ads for unbelievable deals. Maybe you'll get one too.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    It would be a lot easier to find a deal like that if you would please tell us the name of the dealer. :)
  • ofcofc Posts: 5
    so the price of 14200 does that include the 1700 rebate? or did you take it at 0% financing?
  • ofcofc Posts: 5
    was it BIG hyundia on bell road? i went there and they didnt have one in a hatchback and they kept on showing me others. you final price of $9714 did it include the rebate of $1700 or did you go wiht 0%? because they were only going with either for me but not both.
  • ofcofc Posts: 5
    i think it was big hyundia at bell rd and I-17.

    i bought my elantra gt after a lot of comparison between others that had the same size, and the elantra came out on top in comparisons.

    i bought a 2005 elantra gt. basic gt, has no moon roof or abs or tcs. 5 speed. had floor mats, cargo net, dash board cover and tinted windows. its color is blue. i paid $15450 out the door with 0% and thus did not get the $1700 discount. reading the deals that others are getting, i think i paid too much. i paid 1300 extra for bumper to bumper extended warrenty for 10yrs & 100000 (it comes with bumper to bumper for 60000). i dont know if i did the right thing with that?

    since you know a lot about cars, at about speeds higher than 65mph, the stering wheel has a slight viberation in it. is it suppose to be perfectly still? my other car's sterring is perfectly still (its a gmc safari).

    the other two problems that i had with it are:
    1- seat adjustment knob is jammed
    2- eyeglass case doesnt open by simply clicking it, it gets jammed while opening, but in the afternoon when its boiling outside, it opens without jamming.

    let me know what you think

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Looks like you have 3 things to visit the dealer about. Get the vibration looked at right away. It could be a simple wheel out of balance or something else, e.g. bent wheel. There is actually a TSB for the dealer to follow to correct this kind of thing. Ask them if they have a Hunter wheel balancer; that seems to do the best job at correcting this kind of problem.
  • ofcofc Posts: 5
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Technical Service Bulletin. They are available here:
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I just received an internet ad from Burns Hyundai (Marlton, NJ) that the incentive for the SantaFe is now $2000.00 and the Elantra $750.00 besides the loyalty rebates. I don't know if this is national or local???
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    There was a lot of confusion in the last two days with incentives. It washed out to be that the standard rebates remain the same, but the loyalty rebates are now $2,000 on Santa fe, and $750 on Elantra. The standard rebates are both still $1,500. That is good for the Eastern region which would cover New Jersey.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Thanks for the info
  • kburnaukburnau Posts: 1
    Hey all,

    I've taken the plunge and bought a Hyundai. Read so many good reviews in Car and Driver, Road & Track, etc. I just had to take a look at the Elantra. Went to Bentley Hyundai in Madison, Ala. Didn't intend to buy a car that day. But, I've been doing my homework, researching prices, options, etc. of the Honda Civic, Mazda3, and the Elantra. I was ready to buy, at the right dealer for the right price!

    First impressions of the car were very favorable, and it was the first time I'd really looked at one up close. Fit and finish are comparable with anything on the market, IMHO.

    When I drove the car, a base GLS 5 speed, I was sold! Excellent power, great low end torque, manageable understeer with just a bit of "wander & stutter" in the bumpy curves, body roll not excessive for an economy car. It blew away the comparable Civic LX in power and handling, and was $5,000 less than the Mazda3 (as well as the Civic), which has somewhat better road manners.

    The dealer got to the bottom line quickly, and we agreed on $10,750 for an "electric red" four door, manual trans, with floor mats and mud flaps as the only options. Would have been happier to have had cruise control also, but there were very few 5 spd. models available in any model on the entire lot. Are manual trans cars on their way out? I certainly hope not.

    Anyway, I think the deal was OK. I probably could have shaved the price down a bit more. But I was not in the mood to pinch the last penny out of the deal, simply because it is such a competent car at a bargain price already!
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