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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I have read in several Hyundai forums that there is a $500.00 "advertising fee" on certain area dealers Mulrooney stickers...and some don"t have that charge...I know when I priced the Hyundai Tuscon in the Melbourne, Fla. area (two different dealerships)...both claimed that it was a mandatory cost (and the way Hyundai and Kia advertise in my area (full page ads a couple of times/week) I would assume that it is a mandatory cost!! However; I have also read that in some areas, the dealers are not chaged this $500.00 fee!! I, personally, don't know who to believe, as every Hyundai dealership I have visited ALL had the ADM stickers worth anywhere from 1200 to 1700 go figure????
    I finally gave up trying to deal for a Tuscon or any Hyundai, as there are plenty of other dealerships in Florida that will sell you a vehicle for Tax/Tags/License and "NO additional fees!!
  • When the sales guy vaguely referred to advertising fees, I pointed out that no other product charges advertising fees, and that if the advertising isn't paying for itself in the business it generates, maybe they shouldn't be wasting their money.

    He just kinda sat there.... speechless.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    So far we have read about these Fees. Fees come in many different forms.
    "Market Adjustment Fees", now that sounds insane.
    "Advertising Fees", there are Advertising Fees associated with this Product, and not paid from the Manufacturer!.
    "Dealer Service Fees", everything from that free Cup of Coffee to the Janitor.
    "Aftermarket Sticker", the worst Fee you should see. (aside from that Market Adj. Fee)
    Should you pay any Fees? If you get your Car at the best possible price, true Invoice, and all available Rebates & Discounts are applied, I have no problem with a Dealer Fee, in my case $495
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    I have no problem with any fee the dealer tries to charge. It's a free enterprise system. And I am free to take my business someplace else.

    That being said, I've never been charged any advertising fee or "additional dealer markup" fee when shopping for Elantras at four different Hyundai dealers in my area over the past five years. So this "advertising fee" thing is either regional, or it's practiced only in less competitive markets where dealers think they can get away with it. Fortunately for me, I live in a major metropolitan area with many car dealers, lots of competition for my money.
  • Fort Worth, Texas, is the nineteenth largest city in the U.S. There are several Hyundai dealerships in and around Fort Worth, and just about any other dealer you can think of, usually several of each, within easy driving distance. In my case, I think the advertising fee is charged by all Hyundai dealers and is used by the local Hyundai dealers association to buy local television and print ads. I think.

    Nevertheless, advertising is a cost of doing business for all products and it is never added to the cost of the product. If it is not cost-beneficial to purchase the advertising, they should refrain from doing it. They certainly should not insult the buyer by trying to pass it on to him.

    That's my story and I'm gonna try to stick to it.

  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    you go to Florida or New Jersey (and they are NOT less competitive markets).I am not disagreeing with you...only telling you that that advertising fee is part of the sticker in some areas and Florida and New jersey are not small market areas!!!! ....and ADM's... that's the norm in these areas!!!!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    If that's the way it is in Florida and New Jersey, then no way I am going there to buy a car! :) Re-read my post and you'll see that I suggested that one explanation for these advertising fees is that they are regional... and that does appear to be the case, since they are not charged everywhere. ADMs are applied by some dealers in my area--just not Hyundai dealers (yet).

    You meant to say that advertising fees are a part of the invoice, not the sticker, right?
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Yes, the invoice. What I am saying is Florida and New Jersey are NOT SMALL MARKET areas!!!!
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    Fees, Negotiable and Not
    There are many hidden fees and charges in the sales process: some inevitable, others questionable and some just plain wrong. The required charges — destination charge, tax, title and license fees which are legitimate. The following are questionable:

    Market Value Adjustment Fees. Doc or Conveyance fee: This stands for documentation fee, purportedly to cover the cost of paperwork. It's usually less than $50. Some dealers will refuse to budge on it.
    Prep fee: The dealer preparation fee is assessed to cover the cost of preparing the car to hand over. This one's pretty bogus. The factory covers the prep fee. Ask precisely what this charge entails. Figure out what it should really cost and negotiate it down or out completely.
    delivery charge: Be careful with this one. The factory's destination charge, which may be referred to as the delivery charge, is required and non-negotiable. Sometimes dealers tack on an additional delivery charge of their own. Don't pay both!.
    Advertising fee: This one's tough for people to swallow because it can be as high as a few percent of the price, and because they don't think they should pay the cost of bringing people to the store. This is a gray area, though.
    Note that the four fees above are labeled questionable, not unreasonable. Be sure to ask for an explanation of any fee you don't understand. The dealer may have taken a loss or slim profit along the way, and your fighting over something like a doc fee when the deal is nearly wrapped up may be counterproductive. Choose your battles wisely.
  • Just purchased my 2nd Elantra from the guys at Highpoint. A hassle free experience that did not insulting my intelligence. They offered to sell the car at invoice.(which includes a $385 advertising fee) So basically I paid $385 over invoice. Told them exactly what I weanted and they located it at a dealer about 50 miles away.
    GLS sedan, 5 speed trans, with the moonroof/ cruise/ stereo upgrade package. Moonroof deflector, mudgaurds + floormats.
    Paid $12,932 + Tax and Tags.
    First Elantra was an '02 that gave me 152,000 trouble free miles. Sold for 2K to a friend.
  • hi, i am new at this. i came into chat to compare feedback of cars. my old 91 olds is on last leg. to expensive to keep. had this car since 92. i hate dealing dealers.
    i am going to visit a toyota dealer to ch the corella, the hyundai for the electra. and the honda for the civic. looking for a deal. will put a few thousands down. and am researching.
    an input u can give me to assist me. which is the better car mechanically. i do not want a shift. but a manual. no frills, just a/c and cd. no moonroof. mostly for local and some long haul driving. my name is sandy. i am older than u all. so input would be nice. thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,985
    This discussion might be a good place to start....

    Economy Sedans (~$16k-$20k)

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I think i got ripped off after reading this forum...I bought a 2005 gls for my daughter automatic,pw pd blah...I paid 11,400 for the car then 12,231 with tax tag and title...I feel like a fool....Oy...I got it in GA..When i offered 11,000 they said that was impossible... :sick:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Why do you feel like a fool? What was the list price of the car, about $14,700 or more, right? You got about $3300 off on the car! Even if you qualified for the loyalty rebate, that's still under invoice before rebates. Seems like a good deal to me. Bear in mind that not every market is the same, so the deals some people get are simply not available in every city. Enjoy your new Elantra!
  • The car on Edmunds lists for 13600....the lowest plain hyundai with auto they make no extraslink">
  • Now i feel even worse..I guess im a sucker..Edmunds has it listed with the rebate for like 12,300..
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    I don't understand. You got the car for $11,400--which is nearly $1100 LESS than Edmunds' "true market value" price, including the $1250 rebate. Why do you think you are a "sucker"???
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    The Edmunds price does NOT include tax, tags, title, etc. You got a GOOD deal...Period!!!!
  • Don't feel bad. You got a much better deal than I did on the one I just bought yesterday in GA. I am just so bad when it comes to dealing with car salesmen.

    I got a 2005 gls automatic with just cruise control and floor mats. This was a loaner car and has 4500 miles on it. I ended up paying $13,800. Out the door price after taxes and rebate applied, etc etc was $14,070.
  • I just bought a 2005 Elantra GLS 4 door Automatic with everything that listed for $17,194. After thinking about it I should have bought a GT which is about the same price and I would have got leather and alloy wheels. The only problem was no one had it in black. I ended up paying $14,944 which included the rebate for it and I got free Mats. Was that a good deal?
  • Dude (...or Dudette?), they definitely went to the bank on ya. My dad just bought the same EXACT car; GLS auto with the #2 pkg, mats AND (whoop-dee-doo!) mud guards for $12600(before tax & tags). FWIW, the car only had 13 miles or so on it when he smiled and depreciatingly drove it off the new car lot into the sunset of happy Hyundai-dom. Serial # on it was in the 180's which suggested a most recent arrival on the dealer's lot.

    PS For all you '06 Elantra waiters like me, not a one in sight...yet. Did notice Kia has the Spectra '06 5 doors showin' up. Local dealer ran an add in Sunday's paper announcing the arrival of the '06's (Elantras) but their website lists nothing in stock. Misprint? Typo? Bait & Switch? Who cares! Thinkin' we're on the verge of another rebate. Yeeeeeah baby! :)
  • Thanks! I can bring it back today since I didnt sign papers yet. They forced me to take it home last night. This was the highest option package. I dont think the car can have any other options on it.
  • i paid a total of 12,231.00.. so i was told since its almost a year old and no cruise just mats and disk brakes it was a rotten deal :cry:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Tell whoever told you that you got a rotten deal the following: :P
  • thank you all for adding to this website. I was a first time new car shopper, and not used to asking to lower printed prices. Knowing some real world stories & numbers helped alot.

    First of all, I was really shopping for a Toyota Corolla. I like the way they drive and was willing to pay for good quality and reliability. Many people mentioned the good prices & warranties of Hyundai, so I test drove it and was surprised at what a great car it is.
    Monday I bought a silver 2005 Elantra Automatic Package 3 (with cruise control & CD, airbags, keyless entry, power windows, mirrors, door locks, A/C) Manufacturers suggested retail price was 15394. After the 1250 rebate and asking cash discount and saying I did not need trunk cargo net or mud guards (but got them anyway) sweet salesguy sold me the car for 13449 including freight but not tax or title. I am very happy because there was another sticker price of 16489 that included a 995 charge for appearance & protection that I knew didn't have to pay for.

    I really think my salesguy at Antwerpen in Catonsville Md (which is considered Baltimore) was excellent. He removed the pinstripe on the car BEFORE I paid for it because I didn't want it & didn't provide any pressure on me at all. He said he hadn't sold a car all day and he would like to see me buy a car. I didn't "negotiate" with anyone else and just paid a check to the financial manager.
    Maybe I paid too much but I only spent one day going to 3 different dealers after doing all my research on the internet. The first dealer (Bob Bell) in Glen Burnie didn't have what I wanted in stock and said the weekend wiped out their selection. He also took 2 days to call me back about other dealers availability. The second dealer (Spirit of Hyundai in Annapolis) disappeared into the store while I looked around the parking lot and I had to search for him. Once I said I didn't need all the appearance protection stuff (which was 1000 more than at Antwerpen) he told me I absolutely had to "negotiate" with the General Manager. I told him I just wanted a simple price and he was still insistent.

    Also Antwerpen has a huge selection of cars right off the boat. My car was covered with shipping paper when I first looked at it.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    I have Pin Stripes, some here dont like stripes. Many Cars come with that appearance Protection package you mentioned. And no I didn't pay the $1495 but they couldn't un Scotch guard, un pin stripe, un gloss me, rip out the wheel well moldings, and door edge guards, or could they?. It sounds like you are happy with the Car, I'm not sure you got the best price, you started at MSRP, and stopped at the $1250 Rebate, so you paid $500 under MSRP with the rebate applied. I would have started at 'around' Invoice, and then had the rebate applied. I paid $11.5 out the Door when the 05's just hit the street. No CD. though.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    There's always the possibility of driving the price down a little more by cross-shopping multiple dealerships--assuming that is an option, for some it's not. I don't mind doing that if I can save $100 or more. On my first Elantra, I actually paid $100 more at one dealership because they offered exactly the color I wanted compared to a dealership across town (a BIG town), and I would have wasted a lot of time driving back over there to get $100 more off but not the color I really wanted.

    But there is also something to be said for getting a decent deal and having a pleasurable, no-hassle buying experience. I think that is why the "no haggle" dealerships that are popping up all over are popular. They don't offer the very best price possible, but you know that you are getting a good discount and no one else who shops there will get a better discount.
  • It sounds like people are paying about the same for this car. I just bought a 2005 GLS with option package #3 (cruise control, etc.) with mats and paid $13,103 (before tax and tag). I'm very happy with the purchase considering I was thinking about paying $13,013 for a Scion with no cruise control, no automatic, and less of a warranty.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    At least in Las Vegas & Miami. Subject to one a day, read the fine print, must qualify for all rebates. When I went to buy last year, I brought in that days ad for $10,999, the dealer hadn't sold a Unit all day, and that's what I paid. If you read these threads, you will find others that got a similar deal. I even had my Dealer include Cruise Control, no CD. And now that the 06's are coming, $13, 500 seems like a high price?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879 the fine print,...

    Yes, I've seen ads like these and have read the fine print. You need to a) own a Hyundai already, b) qualify for the military rebate, c) qualify for the student rebate, d) pay a "processing fee" or similar that is usually several hundred dollars, and e) get there early because it's almost always "one only, stock #xxxxxx".
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