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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    there are no ltds without sunroof package in the country right now. and there every ltd is automatic tranny.
  • there are no ltds without sunroof package in the country right now. and there every ltd is automatic tranny.

    Not true, I'm picking up my Elantra Limited later this week. It is a 5 speed with no sunroof.

    I hope I enjoy mine as much as you enjoy yours!
  • Test drove a GLS yesterday, and inadvertantly ended up in negotiations (really didn't mean to, as I wasn't comfortable buying without a little more research). However, perhaps this'll help someone.

    We (sales manager and I) were discussing an '07 SE w/ Premium Package and automatic. I believe it also included floor mats. In the course of my repeatedly trying to leave the table, the price went down to 18000 OTD (I live in California). I'm pretty sure that would have put me nicely under invoice ($17300ish, IIRC).

    Unfortunately, after the test drive, I really wanted a manual, and calling around didn't locate any in the area with SE trim. I ended up going through my CU's auto shopper. I don't recall the before-fees number (I want to say it was $16800, similar to carsdirect) but it was ~$18500 OTD for an SE 5-speed w/ Premium. Ultimately worth it to me for getting the better color (carbon gray!) and the 5-speed, but certainly not as nice of a deal. I believe it came out to about $500 above invoice (and $600 below MSRP). I'm a little fuzzy because the final-final number included my trade-in, and I haven't taken delivery--or the contract--yet. I'll update later.

    I'm not fretting over what probably amounted to a few hundred dollars, but how've people fared when negotiating for a car that's not on the lot? Part of the reason I just settled for the auto shopper was because I thought having to order the car from elsewhere would be really problematic in negotiations, particularly given that I'm walking in with a specific and uncommon checklist (SE + manual + premium).
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    what part of the country did you find yours in?
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    the carbon gray is the color of mine too. i work at a hyundai dealership, and we have a SE tiburon in that color so when my dealership found the elantra in that color, i knew it was the color for me.
  • Yeah. I was actually fairly flexible on the color (anything but white :) but gray was my first choice. The AT I talked about above was black/beige, which looked OK--reminded me of my dad's old BMW--but I was afraid of the swirlies.

    Apparently, getting an SE with 5-speed in the Bay Area is a bit of a chore. One of the salesdrones I called said he could only locate two in the in sand/beige (yuck!), and the other was spoken for. Assuming he wasn't lying, I'm assuming that was the one I ended up going for.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    we have a 5 spd gls at my dealership, but as i understand after searching is that the manuals are very hard to find at this point.
  • Yeah, there were a bunch of 5-speed barebones GLSes available. Just not much in the higher trim. As has been stated in these forums, manual's a tiny part of the market segment, and either gets equated with "cheap" or "sporty." The Elantra isn't really sporty enough to fit in the niche, I guess.

    It's kind of a shame, especially since CA is a green state; the automatics are PZEVs here, with a 6HP penalty to the engine. When you're only talking 138HP to begin with, 6HP counts.
  • what part of the country did you find yours in?

    CT...but I was informed that only four of these cars were in the country this week, so I got lucky!
  • We picked up our new car this morning, so here's my report.

    2007 Elantra Limited, no sunroof, 5 speed
    Carbon Grey exterior, Black Leather interior
    I was told only four of these exist in the US right now - let me know if you see one like this!

    sale price - $16551

    So far, we love it! The shifting is smooth and the ride is enjoyable. More to come later in impressions forum after we drive it more.

    Buying experience was great! Our local dealer worked very hard to earn our business: locating the exact car we wanted without overcharging us for it!

    Be informed! You can negotiate a good deal on a hard to find car if you deal with the right people!
  • Is this the OTD price?? What is the sales tax rate?? No LTD available in my area yet!! :surprise: :shades:
  • Very nice price. Beat my SE price by $200 and got leather to boot :/ Auto brokers definitely don't do you any favors in the pricing.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    from what i've been told, 5 spd limited are very rare at this point, so you got really lucky finding this car, great job.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    what part of the country are you in, and what was the doc fee (or processing fee) you were charged (if any)?
  • One of my local Hyundai dealers has two 5-speed Limiteds in stock now, both without sunroof. One is in Redfire, and I can't remember what the other color is, but they both have tan interior.
  • I will try to answer all questions in one post.

    butterflyjones - no, the price was the price, not the OTD cost. I will give you that below.

    geoelectric - maybe cheaper than the SE, but your price may have been OTD, in which case mine was still more expensive (is yours automatic, because that also would cost more)

    nthe - I am in CT, sales tax is 6% of purchase price - trade value. Doc fee at the local dealer was $299. I asked them to up my trade value by that amount to offset that charge. I was lucky to find this car in this color combo.

    zoomandyzoom - It was the color combo plus the 5 speed/limited/no sunroof which made this difficult to find. The local dealers were able to find gray interior (not black) OR automatic OR cars with sunroofs. I was pretty insistant about what I wanted.

    Here were the final OTD numbers for those interested:

    16,551 purchase price
    + 299 doc fee
    - 4,000 trade value (99 Honda Civic LX Auto 4dr 105K mi)
    (Edmunds rates 3800, kbb at 3600)
    + 771 sales tax (6%)
    + 108 registration and title fees (non-negotiable,
    Grand Total = 13729 + 99Civic OTD

    Not a bad deal - they made about 5% profit, and I drove away happily in my new car!

    Take care!
  • I just drove off the lot with a 2007 Elantra Ltd. without sunroof.

    Color: Regatta Blue
    Transmission: Manual
    Leather: Black

    17,575 cash purchase price
    +113 license/Reg fee
    +55 title fee
    +50 processing fee
    -300 in-dealership credit for services/accessories
    17,493 total

    I committed the classic sin of walking onto the lot and buying without having done ANY research. The only criteria I insisted on was the manual transmission and black leather. None the less, I really like the car and only feel slightly screwed.
  • percussionist: mine was just under $16900 before TTL, so about the same as yours. Mine was a manual, but had the sunroof/heated seats option. So, we got about the same deal (I think the difference between SE and Limited comes to around $1K, same as the premium option). You got leather and I got a sunroof. :D
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    so you got it at invoice, right?

    and no, the dealer didn't make 5%, they probably made less than $500 on the deal.
  • nthenthe Posts: 414
    sticker on your car is $17,380
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