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Honda CR-V Owners Accessories & Modifications



  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    rob18, from what I've heard of the oem running boards, they can be noisy, but are good as a step up. I'm very pleased with the usefulness of my oem side steps, as a way for me to wash and detail the roof of the V, as well as a step up into the V for myself and little ones. They are very quiet (air flow not a problem).
  • hp95:

    I have an 05 SE with the sunroof, and the dealership installed a ceiling mounted dvd player that doesn't affect the sunroof. The only drawback is that when my son is watching the dvd player, I can't see out of the rearview mirror.

    I hope this helps!
  • Hi!
    Does anyone have any advice in regards to the cargo mats? I am looking at buying the genuine Honda cargo tray for my 05 SE, but I have found other makes that are more inexpensive. I have taken the advice of others on this forum and went with Lloyd's Rubbertite floor mats, but didn't get the cargo mat yet. My cargo area will be used to transport my 2 big dirty dogs, so I would like as much protection for the entire area (including the seat backs, walls and bumper lip) as possible. I would also prefer a waterproof, easy to clean material that will take the abuse of my dirty dogs' paws!! And, of course, a perfect fit!! Any products out there that fit this description?

    Also-- does anyone know of a dog barrier that will install/remove easily with the cargo cover installed?? (also with a good fit)?
    Thanks for any advice!!
  • tc4alltc4all Posts: 5
    I am about to buy a 2005 CR-V. My only concern is the "rollover" factor. I thought if I could widen the wheel base with wider tires and or wheels this would help. Can this be done and will it help? Any suggestions for what size to change to would be appreciated. I don't want to make major changes to the vehicle or to make it not street legal.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,687
    Chances are... anything you do to the stock set-up will make it more unstable as regards to rollover...

    The new '05 adds VSA (stability control) to what is already a very stable platform compared to most SUVs...

    If the idea of rollover bothers you, you should probably stay away from SUVs altogether....


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  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I am about to buy a 2005 CR-V. My only concern is the "rollover" factor. I thought if I could widen the wheel base with wider tires and or wheels this would help. Can this be done and will it help? Any suggestions for what size to change to would be appreciated. I don't want to make major changes to the vehicle or to make it not street legal.

    I think CR-V was rated the highest in governments static roll over test. If you are so concerned with roll overs you have 2 choices:
    a) take corners slowly and pay attention to what is going on the road, so that you don't have to swerve at the last moment.
    b) get a low slung car, or car in general.

    Widenning the base can be acomplished with a different offset rims. But the more effective way to deal with roll over is to lower the center of gravity with a modfied suspension. This kind of defeats the purpose of having an SUV with ground clearance. I am still sticking with option b above.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    The CR-V was not rated the highest in the governments static tests. (The Pilot might have been at one point.) That said, the CR-V did fairly well in that test and, unlike the Ford Escape, it did not tip up onto two wheels during the dynamic test.

    Most roll overs are caused when a vehicle is "tripped" after leaving the road. Single vehicle incidents where a vehicle rolls without hitting anything are not all that common. At least, they aren't any more common than other types of high risk accidents.

    Generally, I agree with the above. Get a vehicle with a lower center of gravity. That's a much better choice than trying to mod a vehicle.
  • dcobbdcobb Posts: 1
    I have noticed the label "Aux" stenciled above the CD/XM button on the radio of the 2005 CR-V SE I am considering. Can anyone tell me what that it for? Is it possible that I might be able to use "Aux" to connect my iPod to the CR-V radio?
  • stuart22stuart22 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, Im new to the site and having trouble finding accessories for my 1999 CRV (black). Im looking for a rear spoiler, if anyone of you know a good site for them please let me know. Also looking for black taillights for it. Thanks
  • dds1dds1 Posts: 2
    Can somebody give me an idea which is the best GPS system that can I use for my 2005 CR-V? Thank you.
  • wrascalwrascal Posts: 25
    I really like my Garmin iQue (3600 I think). It's portable, as I use it in different vehicles. You will need the accessory power thing with a base, as it uses up the batteries very quickly (like less than an hours time).
  • chuckleschuckles Posts: 3
    Has anyone done any experimentation on tire pressures? I use the 26psi recommended in my owners manual. Is there a better option? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,687
    I recently moved up to 29psi ('02 EX), and I like it a lot better.. No noticeable ride degradation, but better steering response...

    You'll get answers all over the map.. Some of it may even depend on the tire you are running..

    Just play around with it, and see what you think... As long as you use 26psi as the minimum, you should be okay..

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  • dds1dds1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip. I thought at TomTomGo,but I will check this one as well.
  • alon1alon1 Posts: 1
    Any idea whether the Thule Hitching Post Pro Hitch Rack - 4 Bike fits on the CR-V and if the spare tire leaves space for 4 bikes?
  • I am purchasing a 2005 CRV-SE. Does anyone have any comments or input on the dealer installed subwoofer or tweeters? Does anyone recommend aftermarket choices? Is there a way to hook up a power amplifier via line outputs from the Honda head unit?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    Using 35 PSI here. I prefer the ride - a bit more truck-like. And for me, it seems to handle better. But the latter is probably just my imagination...

    It does ride better at lower PSI...
  • 2005 CR-V, can someone supply me with the pin-out diagram or pin designations for the 20-pin AM/FM/Tape/CD head unit???

    Thanks in advance!! :P ~Rob
  • I have a 2005 cr-v awd and was trying to find out if you can reprogram it to keep the air conditioner turned off while in the defrost mode????
  • raggtopraggtop Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2005 CR-V SE, Taffeta White w/Ivory leather. I had the optional center armrest installed and like the way it looks and works with two exceptions.

    1) I'm a big boy and I have to raise the armrest up each time I fasten my seatbelt.

    2) the color doesn't match worth a hoot.

    There are basically two colors in the interior w/Ivory leather, the light color throughout the vehicle and the dark color on the dash. The armrest color is sorta "in between". Does this agree with anyone else's experience?

    Also, I orderd the Kelton Bassworks sub woofer, just to keep everything factory. Was told by parts manager that the sub woofer would not be available until sometime in September due to it still being "under development" Anybody got the Kelton Bassworks sub woofer in a 2005? What's up with this?

    Thank in advance for any input.
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