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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    How long has it been happening? It's not an urgent thing, but I wouldn't let it go for more than a month. The fluid is wearing out, but it's not like an engine running sans oil.
  • mantramantra Posts: 7
    Just got a new 2005 CRV-EX with the 6 cd changer. Anyone have a problem with some of the tracks skipping sometimes?
  • I own a CRV 2001, which now has 81,000 miles. I recently noticed that when I was idling, the engine was kind of rough. This prompted me to bring it in for a valve adjustment, as I had a similar problem at about 57,000 miles (and adjusted my valves at that point). Anyway, I just got back from the dealership where I get my auto work done. They told me that a) they were unable to adjust one of the valves b) I should not be driving my car much at all, as the valves may burn and ruin the engine c) that the likely cost of repair is going to be $3000. They were able to adjust some of the valves, such that I don't noticed the rough idling, and so said I would be OK to at least drive home. Needless to say, I am extremely unhappy and upset. I have been getting regular maintenance done at the Honda Dealership.... it's not like I've been neglecting to attend to the Valves at all. Is $3000 for real? I have NEVER had such a problem with my previous Honda (an Accord). I'm not even sure what to do at this point, whether it's worth it to get it fixed, or whether I should give up on this vehicle and try to buy a used Toyota with whatever money I can get for it. Any advice or thoughts about my problem, would be much appreciated.

    michelle J.
  • jd27jd27 Posts: 4
    I am searching for the most direct instructions on how to remove and replace the micron A/C filter on my 2001 CRV.I know where the slot is located that houses the filter, but there happens to be a bracket blocking me from simply pulling out the old filter. Any suggestions would be appreciated (before I go dismantling my whole dashboard)
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    a bracket blocking me from simply pulling out the old filter.

    The bolts holding the bracket on are 10 mm. I remove all of the bolts from the left end, then loosen all of the bolts on the right and remove enough of them then I swing the bracket down out of the way enough to remove the filter.

  • emseeemsee Posts: 4
    Thanks for advice on this. I spoke to my local Honda dealer here in the U.K. about it and it is a problem that is known to them. They are not recalling the autos but if you tell them about the problem they will replace the rear diff fluid free of charge if the auto is under 5 years old! Hope this info is useful to U.K. owners.
  • I just bought a new 2005 CRV yesterday. The buying experience was great. After reading the posts on Edmunds, I made sure to test drive the CRV I was buying. There was no pull to the right, which was a relief. I looked at all of the CRV's and asked to drive the one that had the dead-on straight steering wheel. The cars also have a sticker inside the drivers door jam which tells you when and where the car was made. Most said Oct 04 or Nov. 04. The one that had a straight steering wheel said Dec. 04, which was the newest one they had on the lot. I'm in Maryland and all were made in the U.K. I love the car, but found the XM Ready radio misleading. I went home that night and tried to convert my current XM radio subscription to the Honda and the car I got did not have this option even though the radio has an XM button on it, etc....very frustrating.
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    Its XM ready meaning that you have to buy and have installed a XM unit that works with your auto radio - available from your friendly Honda dealer. Yes it is misleading.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,362
    Not misleading but the salesperson did a poor job of explaining things.
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    Doing a poor job of explaining things is misleading even if not intentional.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    And other manufacturers are doing it too. My Mazda Tribute is in the same boat :) Good news is that if you use google, or Ebay you should be able to find one at a good discount. Some Mazda owners actually complained to customer service and were offered the XM receiver with some deep discounts.. Not sure if Honda would do the same..
  • The salesman was new and told me that all I had to do is transfer my XM subscription. He admitted the mistake to the service department and they are installing all components at no charge. I think I am at the best dealership in the world...the sales process was great and the service department was great...Clarkesville, Maryland.
  • 50merc50merc Posts: 1
    I just test drove a 2005 crv ex and experienced numbness in left leg almost immediatly after starting the test drive. Tried adjusting the seat, but it continued. I really like the crv and want to buy one , but need help with this problem. A couple years ago I had a Toyota highlander and experienced the same problem. Had to sell it. I don't have the problem in our Yukon or my silvarado pickup. I am wondering what the difference is in the seat construction between the Japanese cars and the larger American vehicles?Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution for it? thanks
  • 50merc said: "I just test drove a 2005 crv ex and experienced numbness in left leg almost immediatly after starting the test drive. Tried adjusting the seat, but it continued."

    You could try another test drive or two. The front seats of the CR-V really bother only a small percentage of people, from what I've gathered on this and other forums. But if you're one of those people, the problem is real, and it doesn't get better.

    "Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution for it?"

    I haven't experienced a numbness - my problem is the lower back. It's been better this winter - I think the coat/jacket I wear on any given day helps cushion my back.

    I've tried a couple of different back supports & seat inserts from the Healthy Back Store (a Google search on "Healthy Back Store" will pull up the website as the first hit). I bought a very nice seat insert and used it for 3-4 weeks before returning it ... just didn't do the job.

    I'm very thankful our other vehicle - an '04 Sienna we use for commuting and long trips - has an adjustable lumbar support on the driver's seat.

    My advice - look for something else. If the CR-V seats cause you problems on a test drive, those problems probably won't go away when you buy it.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Hi - I had the same problem in my '99 CR-V, and now drive a 2002 Highlander. First off, I find the Highlander seat a little more comfortable; but then again I'm a big guy, and need the extra width. But both of these seats bug me in one particular way - the seat cushion angle. In the old 'V, I could adjust the height of the front of the seat independently from the height of the rear of the seat, and get a setting that was OK. Same on the Highlander's manual seat. I find the most comfort was with the front of the seat down, and the back of the seat up - sort of the opposite of most seats. My chiropractor tells me that the ideal seat is horizontal - maybe even a little tilted forward - and have the seat back nearly vertical. You can't do that on the new 'V - the seat goes up and down, but the tilt is fixed.

    Last week I even made the Highlander quite a bit more comfortable by adding some spacer washers under the rear seat-mount. I got some new bolts that were 30mm longer, 8 thick washers (4 per side) and shimmed up the back about an inch or so. Much more comfortable for me now.

    Before I did this mod, I tested the idea by sitting on a folded-up towel. First, I folded the towel to be about 6 inches wide and 2 inches thick, and the full width of the seat. (It compressed down to a about an inch thick when sitting on it.) I placed it nearly all the way back on the seat, so that it didn't support my legs at all - just my sitting bones. When I found how much I liked this, I did the seat mod. A few companies sell wedge-shaped cushions, but the ones I tried were too soft for 250lb. me.

    Hope this helps. For the record, if I could have gotten the CR-V with a seat that would go back another 2 inches, I'd have bought a 2005. They are sweet. Just not quite as much legroom as a Highlander. But the CR-V is much more enjoyable to drive, and has more safety equipment (VSC and Side Airbags) standard.
  • bigeauxbigeaux Posts: 46
    Bought an 05 LX 2WD yesterday. When I first drove it Tuesday night, it was definitely PTTR. I pointed this out, and the salesman said they would check it out on the PDI. The tire inflation looked a little off, so I was only mildly concerned.

    When I came back Wednesday and drove it again, it was straight as an arrow on the same roads. I noticed a 2 mile odometer difference when I got in, so the mechanic must have driven it and checked for the pull, as was shown on the PDI check list.

    I recommend driving the vehicle after PDI, but before closing the deal, to anyone buying a CR-V concerned about the PTTR issue discussed in this forum.
  • armandarmand Posts: 178
    I hate to sound dumb, but what is a PDI?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,965
    Pre Delivery Inspection

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • raileyrailey Posts: 2
    Hi--I bought an '05 CRV SE about three weeks ago. Have 700 miles on it. So far I love it. The only problem I've noticed is a "bonging" noise coming from under the car. Seems like it's coming from the exhaust--probably the converter area (under the front passenger seat). It almost sounds like metal expanding. It happens while the CRV is in idle and while moving. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks!
  • mafernamaferna Posts: 83

    Just bought my (well, wife's) LX 2WD. It already has 80 miles (I bought it just 2 hours ago!), and no PTTR at all. Make sure you test drive it before delivery though.

    Many thanks to you all.
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