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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • phil_qcphil_qc Posts: 11
    Hey isellhondas,
    We all know that you never drove a CRV that PTTR but one thing I can tell you is that mine pull, the demo that I try
    in september did not pull. The Vs that don't pull feel like a normal car but Vs that pull are something else: The
    steering wheel is heavier (harder to turn) on the left side, the steering wheel don't return to the center position after a right turn but at 2:00. When the steering wheel turn to the right after an acceleration but don't need a constant correction once started, it's tork steer BUT when you need to correct the dirrection all the time and that it's always to the right, it's the foking PTTR !

    Facts: -it's not the tires
    -it's not the allignment (it could but it's not)
    -it's not the struts plates (an excuse for fixing the real problem)

    It could be the power steering pump or system (it happen about once or twice a month: the steering become easier to turn overall and the car go straight and the steering return is normal, but it only last a day or two) or something else in the steering rack...

    If someone have more idea, feel free to post about it.
    The dealers have try everything the could try to fix the problem (TSB, subframe, tires, alignment, struts, etc.)

  • My Crv Broke down last night, I had to take a bus home, it was cold!As I turned the key the engine turned over fine(battery ok)but it did not start.Seemed like it was not getting fuel.Secondly,when a tow truck arrived we could not get it out of Park gear.Yes, I depressed the brake and all.Question: why didn't it start? Why did it lock in Park Gear with 45,000 miles?Thanks, Mike.
  • What is the best way to have it towed locally w/o damaging the car? Late model CRV.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    is it AWD? flat bed tow truck is a good choice.
  • terryp1terryp1 Posts: 54
    I don't sell Hondas unless you count private re-sale. I've owned six of them, including the Acura Legend that I've been driving for 11 years and still enjoy as much as when I first got it. Calling what some of us are experiencing simply a matter of "drift" is like calling a cliff a slope.

    I understand what "torque steer" is and I know what "road crown" is. And while I'm not a professional mechanic, I do most of the work on my vehicles, which has included some engine rebuilds many years ago, plenty of tie rods over the years and recently a ball joint in my beater Mazda pickup. I started driving in 1965 (did a valve job on my first car then, a '57 Chevy.) I have never experienced anything like the pulling and jerking to the right I've had with this 2005 CR-V.

    Under hard acceleration in on a road curving to the left it is like walking a leashed pit bull that wants to go off into someone's yard. During regular cruising it's like a headstrong chihuaha tugging that same direction. From a dead stop, hands off the steering wheel, putting the pedal to the floor moves the vehicle at a 45-degree angle and halfway into the right lane within 20 to 25 feet.

    I took it back to the dealer this week for the fourth time. This time it was at American Honda's request in response to my Lemon Law letter. In the past the dealer did alignments and tire rotations. The third time I took the service bulletin with me and they carried out its recommendation. (Note that they had the service bulletin the first time I complained, but I had to find out about it on internet forums.)

    I thought this most recent, and last, time that they'd pull out all stops and make something happen.

    But, no. They simply switched the two front tires. Those tires had been rotated at 3,000 miles when we first complained and now had another 7,000 on them. That's 7,000 miles of steady pulling to the right.

    Radial tires develop memories, i.e. adjust their directional structure or whatever the technical term might be. In effect, we've been steering the car in one direction while it has tried to drive in another. It was no surprise that when I drove it with the mechanic after he switched them, it now pulled to the left because of that memory. And I explained that to him. He said bring it back to him whenever the problem arises. The pull to the left will be very temporary. Still, even now a good romp on the accelerator sure enough jerks the steering wheel to the right.

    I'm as sure as can be that the front tires will re-learn their love of the right hand side of the road. I wonder if many of the cars we test drive before purchase have not started PTTR yet because they have very low mileage (ours had 25) and the front tires haven't yet learned to be bad.

    What the dealer did by switching my two front tires, which goes against the tire rotation diagram in the owner's manula, was a trick. They could more easily have let some air out of the left front tire and achieved the same result.

    I think that if, as some say on this forum, the greater percentage of CR-Vs did not have PTTR that Honda would see to it that some of those making complaints about it get one of the good ones. I've asked for a vehicle that meets warranty (mine is unsafe) or a buy back. The buy backs, especially under Virginia's Lemon Law, are expensive for Honda. Here's a pertinent section:"Collateral charges" means any sales-related charges including but not limited to sales tax, license fees, registration fees, title fees, finance charges and interest, transportation charges, dealer preparation charges or any other charges for service contracts, undercoating, rust proofing or installed options...."

    A few days ago I read all the complaints about this filed with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Some are filed under "steering" and some under "suspension." A quick count showed my complaint was No. 32, though a couple of the others may have been redundant. I think that is the tip of an iceberg as far as numbers are concerned.

    First, a lot of people just live with the PTTR because the dealer keeps saying everything is OK. That shuts down a lot of people. And the dealer can keep doing the tire rotation trick till the warranty runs out, then the cost of complaining shuts them down. Consider also the recourcefulness and effort it takes for someone to find out about NHTSA and the complaint process and then follow through on it.

    My wife and I are now out more than $1,000 in time away from work to deal with this. I filed a request with BBB yesterday for arbitration.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,346
    I understand. I'm sure some CRV's may do this. All I'm saying is I have never experienced this nor have I even heard of this EXCEPT in these forums.

    I do have to wonder, WHY would you accelerate hard while making a left turn? I guess I don't do that.

    And, WHY would you take your hands off the steering wheel and then floorboard your gas pedal?

    I should go try these things with my CRV. Maybe I have the same "problem".
  • terryp1terryp1 Posts: 54
    I do those things with acceleration and curves for testing the PTTR, not as a matter of course. I thought that was implied in my post. Heck, why do the federal government and insurance companies deliberately crash cars into immovable objects?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,346
    If I do extreme things to "test" for something, I'll experience the same thing?

    But, why would I do that? I'm not a timid driver by any means, and my CRV has never done anything unusual!
  • terryp1terryp1 Posts: 54
    Perhaps an explanation of my methodology will address both those question marks.

    I put three vehicles through the same tests at the same locations, same conditions, same speeds: my CR-V and Acura Legend, as well as a friend's 2005 RAV4. All have automatic transmissions.

    From a dead stop on a flat surface, hands off the wheel, pedal to the carpet, all went straight ahead for more than 100 feet except the CR-V. (Anticipating the questiton: I had to stop the others at 100 feet because I was not performing a crash test.) I posted the CR-V's results above.

    When accelerating into the curve all of the cars moved into the curve and headed toward a location off the road, of course. I let go of the wheel for only a fraction of a second. Let's say it was for the amount of time it might take someone to react when they're lightly holding the wheel, while on cruise control, and going uphill into a curve.....and the cruise control kicks the car into a lower gear. Uh-oh. The CR-V's response was significantly greater and in a self-amplifying way -- meaning that the more it pulls the harder it pulls and thus it pulls more, all very quickly. I stopped short of saying ad infinitem in the previous sentence because pretty soon you meet a guardrail, tree or ditch. That's why I'm concerned.

    If you have a Honda CR-V with PTTR, which plenty of us believe is a real phenomenon (as does Honda, since it wouldn't put out a service bulletin on it unless it felt it had to do so), and you do these extreme tests you'll get these results. Some of us would rather not have a car that responds like that when real life becomes extreme through no choice of our own, as it sometimes does, such as an emergency situation at high speed.
    Sometimes extreme is not a test.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,346
    To each his own, I suppose.

    I guess I have more important things to worry about rather than performing some extreme test.

    Our CRV performs just fine. We love it!
  • langerlanger Posts: 6
    How do I change my drive belt? It says in the manual to release the tensioner but I can't seem to locate it. Help? :confuse:
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    I understand. I'm sure some CRV's may do this. All I'm saying is I have never experienced this nor have I even heard of this EXCEPT in these forums.

    I appreciate that you keep saying you've never experienced this, nor heard about it anywhere but in this forum.

    To me that means you've been lucky. Even Honda has acknowledged there IS a problem with some CR-Vs by publishing a TSB that attempts to address the problem.

    To continue to dispute evidence that a problem not only exists, but has been officially acknowledged by the manufacturer, and challenge people who are complaining about the problem reduces your credibility in my eyes. Or just proves that you are what your name implies - a car salesman that will say anything to make a sale.

  • langerlanger Posts: 6
    can nobody shed any light on my simple quest to change my drive belt? (please?)
  • Hi, I agree 100% with you, i do the same exact test to my 06 AWD CRV and all it wants to do is take to the right, on right curves on the freeway i cam pretty much let go and it will do the turn by itself. I am a fresh off the boat emigrant from ITALY,after 5 years of old clinkers and lots of savings, my wife and I finally made the step to but a new auto. Took for granted a Honda after all we heard about it, and now here we are with a quite great dissapointment.As I said in my previous posting they gave my new car an allinment at its first 700 miles!!I could have cried.At first they told me that it was normal, and that Hondas tend to go in the direction of the asphalt, so i asked if in America all the roads go to the right, i know all roads lead to Rome , but its new to me that they all go to the right!! After the allinment, i had a chance to sneek in the back and have a word with one of the meccanics, and he told me something about the whole car shifting to the side on a sharp curve. That was all kind of like rocket science to me, not knowing how to work on cars!!
    Its killing me just to think of all the time off work that i will be loosing for this problem, that as i understand is not easy to fix!!I thank you all for your revieus, each one verry usefull to me.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    After owning two CRVS and after driving and riding in, literally HUNDREDS of CRV's, I have yet to experience even ONE that pulled to the right!

    That is the truth.

    I think some people may be thinking that a gradual drift to the right when their hands are taken off the wheel is a "pull" when in fact, it is a normal "drift".

    Some people have stronger upper body than others :P

    I too had PTTR, I wouldn't have considred it a problem, but when I found out about the TSB, I had my dealer fix it. Did it bother me to the point of not being able to drive? Nope. No two cars are identical, each has its own character. If PTTR is causing someone to get sore arms, maybe they should start working out and building up that upper body strength :P If anyone of these people are in Buffalo area, I would be willing to train them for free, just as courtesy to fellow CR-V owner.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    My Crv Broke down last night, I had to take a bus home, it was cold!As I turned the key the engine turned over fine(battery ok)but it did not start.Seemed like it was not getting fuel.Secondly,when a tow truck arrived we could not get it out of Park gear.Yes, I depressed the brake and all.Question: why didn't it start? Why did it lock in Park Gear with 45,000 miles?Thanks, Mike.

    Sounds like a dead battery or lose connection. When you press the prake pedal the solenoid inside the steering column releases the tranny shifter to allow you to shift. When there is no juice from the battery, the solenoid did not release, and you could not shift. This is probably why the engine would not turn over as well.

    The OWNER's MANUAL explains what to do to relase the shifter when the solenoid is not powered. The manual usually has alot of useful information.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,346
    No, I haven't been "lucky". I think a few people have been "unlucky" because they have had problems!

    I don't dispute for a minute that a problem exists with some CRV's. Problems tend to get overblown in these forums to the point a casual reader would think the problem effects a large percentage of the production rather than a few isolated cases.

    Can you understand that?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,346
    If you ask this question in the Maintenance Forum you will probably get the answer you are looking for.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    " Problems tend to get overblown in these forums to the point a casual reader would think the problem effects a large percentage of the production rather than a few isolated cases. "

    Well said.....

    Gooooooooooo Seahawks!!!!!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,346
    Thank you, that was the point I was trying to make.

    And, yeah...quite a team...finally!
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