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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 296
    Yep, just general blah-blah about the filter. Kept the wiper blade replacement though :)
    P.S. The link doesn't load, was just curious to see it.
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 296
    A, got it. Wow, would have been nice if they had left that in the 05 Manual.
  • dabbaddabbad Posts: 2
    Thermostat for a '97 should be 170 degrees. There are some that go to 180, but OEM specs call for 170 degees. Check
    They will show an OEM thermostat at 170 and a lot of others at 180. Hope that helps.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Yep, just general blah-blah about the filter. Kept the wiper blade replacement though
    P.S. The link doesn't load, was just curious to see it.

    Yeah, edmunds is funny about secure links. I see you figured it out, just delete the http:// part up to https://

    Honda probably figured that since only 5-10% of the new car owners ever open the manual and only 3-5% actually read it and comprehend, why bother. Saves them on printing costs and paper, and people who really want to know will buy the Helms manual anyway, because it is more comprehensive.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,937
    The link pastes in here fine for me - your first link had extra http:// stuff in it for some reason.

    Here it is again:

    techinfo Honda

    Steve, Host
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 296
    Yep, totally agree with you. It is sad though... For me one of the treats that come with buying a new car, along with the (real) "new car smell", is reading the New Manual. I mean, if you bought a new car, it's most probably an upgrade from what u had up to now, not to mention the improvements that were added for the last 4-5 years. So wouldn't you want to get acquainted with all that and take a full advantage of that fine piece of automotive engineering that you paid a sizeable chunk of do...?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    So wouldn't you want to get acquainted with all that and take a full advantage of that fine piece of automotive engineering that you paid a sizeable chunk of do...?

    Logical people would think so.
  • minivan561minivan561 Posts: 23
    Hi. I have a 2006 CRV LX AWD. When the vehicle is just about to stop (speedometer right near zero), I always hear a small click/thunk (like a solenoid actuating) coming from the dashboard area. I can actually feel it through the steering wheel. Does anyone else notice this? Thanks.
  • crv139crv139 Posts: 41
    has anyone have a problem with gas gauge not being right on
  • therivertheriver Posts: 67
    I don't think this is the same as minivan561 problem, but I have an 04 with 30K. Sometimes when I am backing out of driveway or things like that and turn my wheel I hear a thunk/clunk which is clearly coming from the front right side. Does not do it over bumps or anyother time, just when there is a combination of turning wheel at the right momemnt - most notably backing or taking sharp turns. ANy thoughts. HAve changed rear diffrential long time ago and this is completely different sound
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    I looked for this original message because my 2002 Civic EX was having a clicking noise. Only this noise was quite often, whether hot or cold, though seemed more so when cold. I could hear it when the car was moving too. Took it to the dealer but they couldn't hear it, so a month later took it in again because it was really bothering me. They said it was the timing belt pre-tensioner (?) I believe and something to do with the water pump. I don't know if this is also your problem or not, but wouldn't hurt to ask your dealer about the timing belt. This was the 2nd big problem in a year for this car (the struts failed a year ago) so I traded it in for my 2003 CR-V.
  • rockycow33rockycow33 Posts: 76
    I bet those back yard mechanics who change their of pollen filter do it yearly. It is hard to believe that a filter can get so dirty, moldy (yes moldy) with so much crap in it in a year. My two cents to all of the great people who use the Edmunds Boards is change the pollen filters yearly, money well spent!
  • gmoney2gmoney2 Posts: 31
    You are right, it is a solenoid. It's the reverse lockout solenoid so you can't put the car into reverse when it's moving forward. When you come to a stop (or almost a complete stop), the lockout disengages, enabling you to put your car in reverse. I, too, noticed this on my 2006 CRV SE, and inquired about it, and this is what I was told. In other words, it's normal.
  • peggy5peggy5 Posts: 3
    I read this post today. I have the same problem I think, and that is why I wanted to ask this noise kind of a howling sound when you brake? My mechanic said he cleaned dust off the brakes but the noise is still there. He also said he adjusted the brakes somewhat. He said to bring it back if it didn't help, well I am going to but I just wanted to see what you found out!!! thanks.
  • honcrv222honcrv222 Posts: 1
    Hi, I also have a 2006 crv lx awd and I also notice the click sound when my car comes to a near stop. But my car
    makes a rubbing(like a sandpaper sound) when everytime I
    start my car and put in drive(d) and reach around 5-10 mph then the rubbing sound kicks in then it goes away. does your cr-v have the same problem? Anybody have any clues?
  • romanmromanm Posts: 34
    Thanks. So much info in this '03 Manual that I don't have in my '05 Manual. I am definitely going to print it out and read.

    Does it mean that '02 Manual has even more info? :)
  • lormsonlormson Posts: 2
    Last week at 51,000 miles, my compressor exploded. Honda gave me an estimate of $2,500 and offered to pay half. I'm sorry, but by the number of posts I'm finding, Honda should have recalled the 2003-2003 Honda CRV for A/C problems. How many Honda's have to have A/C problems before Honda will take action and live up to their name?
  • cal_ravencal_raven Posts: 8
    I might have missed others talking about the throttle position sensors problems on CR-Vs sorry if this is old news. My 2002 CR-V check engine light came on the other day and started acting strange. I took it to the dealer and they said " Oh its the Throttle position sensor CODE PO122 is bad and they must replace the whole throttle body. The estimate was $1200. They did not know that my sister had the same problem last month and Honda covered all of it. I ask the service tec why they would not cover it as my sister " at a different dealer" They said its over 36000 miles. I called honda of america and got the same round around. I then called to talk to the service manager, got his voice mail and left he a message about my problem. About 1 hour later the dealer called and said they do the work for free. My CR-V has 67,000 miles on it and a lot of other CR-V owners are having this same problem. Don't give up, Honda has a problem with this part and are quietly trying to cover it up.
  • lizzyslizzys Posts: 7
    So I'm reading all of these issues with CR-V A/C units. What are the symptoms that they are portraying? I have an 2003 CR-V with 35,000 miles on it, no problems yet, but I'm wondering what I have to look foward to
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    If you hear a loud bang under your dash, that's the compressor exploding inside. I've heard that turning your A/C on in the winter (heat setting on high so you don't freeze) is recommended.
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