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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    I have been using Honda Parts 4U to get all my required parts. They no longer are selling on line or taking telephone orders. Could someone reccommend an on line Honda Parts seller on the east coast or mid atlantic states? Thanx

    If Honda parts 4 u is the same as then you can still order from them, since your name is still in the database. I used to buy from them too, and pick up in person.

    Now, I buy from and pick up in person. They don't charge shipping, but do charge $5 handling per order. If a part is not listed on the website, give them a call and they will get it for you. They are in suburb of Buffalo, NY, so shipping to NE and Mid-atlantic should only take a day or two.
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    Thanks, Thats the ones that I am looking for. I had the names of all the suppliers but discarded them because Parts 4u was so good. Let that be a lesson don't throw anything out. Yes! thats Fair Honda, they said I can order but I must pick up.Thats a long trip from PA. Thanks to both of you. I know these sites were mentioned here but my searches were not successful.
  • namragnamrag Posts: 7
    I just developed a rattle in the exhaust system of my 2000 EX w/ 128K miles a few days ago, so last night cawled underneath to investigate.
    I found that the heat shield (atleast that is what I call it) on the top side (between converter and car body) has corroded away at the attachment points and is rattling on the catalytic converter.

    I am hoping that the shield is available seperately from the converter as the shield appears to be a simple aluminum type sheet, and would be expected to be cheaper than an entire catalytic converter.

    However, I have been unable to locate this part online at any parts sites.
    Is anyione familiar with this part? Do I have the correct nomenclature? Can it be replaced without having to replace the entire catalytic converter?

  • No need to replace the heat shields. To do so you may end up damaging the converter. The screws which hold the shields in place go into the converter and are usually rusted solid and will break if loosened. I looked into it when mine started to rattle and the dealer said "just remove it." Huh?!! What I ended up doing and works perfectly is to go to the hardware store and buy large hose clamps. Put those around and tighten. Get the stainless ones because the other ones will rust apart. I think I bought ones which were 4.5" or 6" size. Not too bad of a job.
  • namragnamrag Posts: 7
    Thanks for the advice. That should help save me some money!
  • Should you opt to replace the parts, you're probably looking at item #18182-P75-A10, which can be ordered through Bernardi, College Hills, or your local dealer. It retails at about $41, but can be had cheaper, online.

    If you want to look it up yourself on the Bernardi site, in the parts search section, choose "Electrical / Exhaust / Heater / Fuel" under "System", and "3. Exhaust Pipe" under "Component." RefNo #005_2 is the upper shield.
  • Go to Home Depot and get a 4"-7" stainless steel hose clamp in the plumbing department. They cost $1.85. Wrap it around the heat shield and tighten it. Rattle gone. Problem fixed.
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    You guys were nice enough to give me the names of the Honda parts sellers when I posted an inquiry. So I would like to return the favor.Did extensive research and came up with up in Mass. and RI. Has every part and maintenence item you need with parts lists and diagrams. The prices are very close to now defunct Honda parts 4 U.No handleing charges. Ordered Monday recieved shipment today. Funny, one of the posters mentioned bernardi {post5200}
  • mnfmnf Posts: 404
    Correct , I have used them in the past and also purchased my extended warranty from them last summer.

    :).... MNF
  • Wow!!! That's considerably less than I paid at the hardware store. :blush:
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    Well, I have had my 2007 CRV since Oct 29th and the light for the passenger airbag was always illuminated OFF when I drove if no one was in that all of a sudden it is not still lights up when I start the car however...why would it after almost 5 months do this??????
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    Ours has never come on with exception of initial start-up. If I am to understand the owners manual correctly it states: "the indicator comes on to alert you that weight sensors have detected weight of 65lbs or less (approx. weight of a small child) it does not mean there is a problem with the airbag". Another statement in the manual "if no weight is detected on the r/front seat the air bag will automatically shut off. However the indicator will not come on". If the indicator comes on with no r/front seat passenger & no objects on seat or with an adult sitting there, something may be interfering with the weight sensors... Look for & remove any items under the front seat, any objects hanging on the seat or in seat back pocket son on & so forth... If again I understand this correctly for the 1st 5 months of you driving the system may have thougt something was up, & now may have corrected itself??? best reccomendation have SRS system checked out.
  • m1042m1042 Posts: 3
    Update on my 2002 CRV, 76K miles, engine light on, no symptons.

    Brought car in to dealer. Honda dealer diagnosed engine light on as a need to replace:

    throttle body
    02 sensor,
    fuel filler neck and cap
    Total: just under $2,000 with tax!!!!!!

    Dealer would not tell me/give me any info. about a service bulletin. Dealer called Honda and Honda said they would give me 25% off if I did the job in 4 days!!!!

    Went home, called Honda and they gave me a case number and case manager (did not return calls for a week). Finally got a hold of him and he said the 25% discount was reasonable. I mentioned if this could be a defect/safety issue. After several more calls the result was: $500 total!!!!! Figure this?????
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    Thank you...I will check it out. My husband has a new Ford F150 and his light stays on when no one is in the seat. Maybe it should be off and mine was wrong staying on. I usually have my purse on the seat only..which weighs 1 lb if that. I will go have this checked out anyway just to be sure. thanks again..
  • crvme3crvme3 Posts: 140
    Glad to be of help... All automotive warning lites/indicators work about the same. In KOEO (key on engine off) all dash & system lites should be on. (this is a system/bulb check). KOER (key on engine running) all dash system lites (after system check) should go out. The purpose of this is that if a malfunction should occur while driving a warning lite/indicator should illuminate to warn you of a potential problem in that system. I think had Honda chosen to use the term "airbag malfunction" instead of "airbag off" this would have been less confusing to people. Generally speaking if a warning lite is on of any kind while vehicle is running... SOMTING WONG!!! Good luck to you. :)
  • I used to slide my front window shade between the center floor console and the passenger side seat to store it, and it would intermittantly trigger the passenger side airbag light to illuminate, indicating that the airbag had been switched off. Relocating the shade, resolved the issue.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Wasn't some of that covered under the extended emission warranty? What was wrong with the fuel filler neck? Is there a filter in the neck?

    Anyway, it pays to complain. Did they actually repair/replace everything on the list? Your story reads like the dealer may have been piling on things to fix.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    thanks again...
  • m1042m1042 Posts: 3
    I did not have any extended warranty. Just the basic which I think was 3 years/36K.

    All the work was done. My local repair shop came up with other information from ALLDATA that mentions a failed fuel filter pipe and gas cap that binds for the 2002-2004 crv. defect code: 03214; symptom code: 03203.
  • gwingeegwingee Posts: 54
    Oh man, now when I just went out..the light is back lit saying OFF...should I have it checked out or just forget about it...
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