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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • There are dealers with websites you can order them. Sometimes it is cheaper than ordering the part in person. One I used to use was, unfortunately the site is no longer around.
  • frank261frank261 Posts: 1
    Hello all... I recently brought my 2009 CR-V to a local, well-respected Honda-authourized service center for the routine 10,000 mile oil change, etc, and was told that the air cleaner element had to be replaced due to what looked like some sort of nest, possibly by a mouse, being built in the housing. The air cleaner element housing looks like a closed system to me...maybe I am missing something? Is this a possibility? Or was I scammed...cuz if I was... :mad:

    Thanks in advance
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,642
    These filters are replaceable, yes. Seems unlikely they would concoct such a fanciful story to get $25--$30 bucks out of you. Of course, in hindsight you are perfectly entitled to ask to see *any* part they replace on your car.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    It's amazing how small of a hole those little critter can fit into. They can also chew their way in through plastic.

    Most likely the mouse climbed in through one of the floor vents. So the question is, how did he get inside the car in the first place? Good question.
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    I assume you are not talking about the air filter, but the box it sits in. Can't you just disassemble it, clean it, and put it back? Perhaps the part is cheaper to replace than to spend labor time disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling, since labor is expensive. I used to work at a honda dealer, every now and then on the used car lot i would see this problem, it was always on a used honda, never saw it on another manufacturers car, maybe that's a coincidence or maybe it's easier for a mouse to get in tyhe intake on a honda, i don't know. About half the used cars were not honda's, so it would seem i should have seen this there also, maybe there is a problem in this regards with honda.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    edited July 2010
    Interesting. Is there a known method to disable the seat belt chime on the 04 to 06 CRV's?

    I have a long driveway that is always gated, so it is a nuisance either doing up and undoing the belts, or having to listen to the chime reminder every 30 seconds until we are finished with the gates.

    For what it is worth I totally 'get' why one would want to be able to control their car's functions to the max.

    Another example of automation that can cause us grief is: In the winter, and your wipers are frozen to the windshield, you get in, if u don't make sure wipers are off or if u inadvertently hit them on with your bulky winter jacket, as soon as u start car, they will try to activate, and strains the motor and relay breaker. And it is a bigger issue because on these very cars the defroster actually doesn't direct heat low enough on the windshield. Another of my pet peeves on the CRV.

    So if we had could manually deactivate the automation in wiper use when ever we chose to do so, it would be great! That is one of the problems with modern cars. The manufacturers are trying to idiot-proof the entire world.

    For what it is also worth, it is a good thing to activate the A/C compressor during the winter as it helps distribute the oil in the compressor and system for lubing. If it is too cold out, it still won't come on though. I believe that is why the mfgrs designed the A/C to come on initially. The systems never worked this way 35 years ago.

    I also prefer having my own recirculate air control. Thank you for that Honda. There are STILL cars which force you to use the MAX A/C mode in order to block off outside air as you get stuck behind an oil burning wonder or on a dirt road, or get stuck following a stinky garbage truck up the highway on a hot day. And by forcing you to choose the MAX A/C mode, they are also assuming you want cold or heater-warmed air blasting out your vents instead of on your cold feet in the winter. It's ridiculous. I was sitting in a 2010 Ford Ranger the other day and they have GONE BACK to this stupid idiotic way to control/restrict your interior comfort. It figures that Ford can go backwards when most of the country is progressing forward.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    I totally empathize with your sentiments, Elissa. I have avoided autos with auto climate for that very reason. And here we are in 2010 and they still do that! You get into a luxury car at minus 30 and the heater thinks you want super cooled air blowing all over the place? When it is THAT cold it takes ages for even the best heaters to actually create some modicum of heat, and even 30 minutes before the interior bits have absorbed enough heat that the cabin starts to feel like you can undo your coat. In those times the only air you want 'blowing about widely is maybe on the windshield and even then, fan speed 1 or 2 is plenty.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    edited July 2010
    As fussy as I am about maintenence, it dawned on me that I had never changed the cabin air filters on our 2003 CRV with 50,000 miles.

    So, last week when I had it in for an oil change, I had the dealer change the filters.

    MY GOD! You have NO IDEA how disgustingly filthy the old ones were!

    We don't really drive on dusty roads either.

    A word to the wise...change them! We were breathing all of that crap!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    Does this work in the same way with CRV's up to 2006? Anyone?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Does this work in the same way with CRV's up to 2006? Anyone?

    Yup, worked on the 2005 CR-V, which is the same as 2006.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Can't help you with the seatbelt chime, other than getting a spare buckle and plugging it into the seatbelt latch.

    But, with the windshield wipers, Subaru, is one of the few that offers heated wiper parking area. It has heating wires similar to the ones on the rear window.

    But, I learned while living in Japan, is that if you lift the wipers before leaving the vehicle outside. This prevents the wipers from freezing to the windshield.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    edited August 2010

    Re the other, yes I do lift the wipers. I even do it in the summer so they don't sit and bake hard on the hot glass. Until a small bird started using them as a lookout perch and cra**ing all over my hood. And talk about a load, from such a small bird! It should be ashamed..

    Was sitting in a Tucson the other day and noticed that the GLS model had a heated wiper area in the WS. Great idea but...Dodge minivans started doing that years ago.
    Does raise the price of a new WS a fair bit though, which...statistically will increase your insurance premiums too. Never a free ride in this world.

    I actually find defrost ability on the CRV left a bit wanting. It does not heat the area of the WS low enough to keep the ice and snow cleared from the wiper sweep. Depending on conditions, it starts to jam the sweep return area on every stroke, and that can't be good for the wiper motor or linkage. It is a design flaw that combined with certain others, reminds me that even Hondas are FAR from perfect. I have owned TON of vehicles from all over the world. At times I wonder how they became as successful as they seem to be.

    But I have to say, and so should others...when they blindly play ignorant about known long standing issues and don't step up to help loyal customers, they will feel the pain later IF WE ALL STAND TOGETHER and be diligent. I did this with Ford back in 1988 and I have boycotted them ever since. They have missed out on selling me numerous new cars and even a 110000 dollar heavy truck for their abuse of the common "little guy" buyer. I warned them I would. And I have been true to my word. Their loss the abusive idiots.
  • nayaknayak Posts: 15
    edited August 2010
    My Bridgestone @#%* Dueler H/T tires (OEM) have finally become bald at about 31K on my 2008 CRV.

    What tires do you all recommend? Tirerack recommends Yokohoma Parada spec-x (is it the same as avid?) - looks like these have to bought online and shipped. I would just like to go to a shop (costco, sears, etc.) and get these installed. Costco choices are somewhat limited though.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,642
    edited August 2010
    Also Costco doesn't do alignment, which you will certainly want to do with new tires. Did you read the user reviews on Tirerack?
  • terryp1terryp1 Posts: 54
    Last year for our '07 we went to Costco for the Michelin Latitude Tour. We love them.
    Not cheap, but really good ride etc.
    And I really like the Costco way with hand-tightened lugs, tires inflated with nitrogen, jeez, the guy who did our tires had the Honda "H" in the center of each wheel lined up perfectly the same front and back -- despite the fact that eventually they change alignment because of wheels turning at different rates at times.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,346
    Check into low rolling resistant tires too if you do a lot of miles. They may be a slight premium, but will save up to 4.5% in gas. And likely provide a bit softer ride due to the same reasons they offer less rolling resistance.
  • I ordered from Tire Rack and they have special offers for places, like NTB, where you can have your tires shipped to them and then they will put your tires on for $12 each. I also have a 2008 CRV and my stock tires, Duellers, sucked. I had to change my tires at 32k miles. Right now i have Kumodo (sp?) tires on and they are good but I find that they slip when you accelerate in the rain. Seems to be very hard to find reasonably priced good tires now days. I might have to take out a loan in order to purchase the top of the line tires LOL.
  • nayaknayak Posts: 15
    An update -

    After reviews at Tirerack, and visits to Costco, Sears, and other tire locations, have zeroed in on a choice between 2 tires available at Costco: Bridgestone Dueler Alenza (yes! that Bridgestone again) and Michelin Latitude Tour.

    These particular Bridgestone tires are rated quite highly on Tirerack (though not on Best Sellers list) and have sufficient number of inputs (very positive) from other Honda owners, have 65k warranty, and are on a $70 off coupon at Costco. The Michelin tires are about $230 more expensive (ouch) at Costco, have same level of warranty, and reviews are just outstanding. Some other tires at Tirerack may be on the Best Sellers list in Tirerack for CRV but some do not have the same load rating (< 102T as wanted by CRV) and/or have much fewer data inputs from Honda owners. Above 2 tires at Tirerack, after accounting for additional cost of shipping and install, come close in pricing but not less enough for me to not to go to Costco. Costco puts in Nitrogen and road side warranty comes standard (besides being a Costco nut).

    Bridgestone is available right now; Michelin may need 3-5 days for availability but I can wait that much. Intend to drive the vehicle for about another 5 years atleast, currently do about 15k/year mostly on highway, do not care much about noise but gas mileage and handling important in that order. I wish Michelin was on the sale that the Bridgestone is currently at - it does come on sale at Costco 3-4 times a year but just not right now. Have to purchase tires by the end of the month otherwise will fail inspection.

    Do you believe the Michelin will be worth the price difference?

  • nayaknayak Posts: 15
    Sorry that second para was actually 4 separate paragraphs - they all got combined into one single one - not sure what happended.
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