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Pace Edwards Roll Top Covers

Need some advice on roll top cover, (retractable
hard tonneau covers for pickups), performance. I'm
considering the purchase of a pace edwards roll
top cover.

Anyone know how they work in winter weather?



  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Check out there home page!
    They say snow dosen't hurt it. They have more info
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I have a Roll-N-Lock cover I have had it for 2 years. It works well. I have only had problem with it once where it was covered with water and froze. It would only open half way. After it thawed it was fine. Not permently damaged. It is made of aproximatly 2 inch wide slates and I assume ice formed in the joints or in the canister. It is water tight and I have no problems with the bed getting wet. The manufacturer claims one can stand on the cover without damaging it. I will buy another one or something similar for my next truck.The Pace Edwards differs in that it has a soft cover over the metal top. Also I found the The Pace Edwards site confusing on intermediary stops. The Roll-N-Lock can be latched at 1/4 open , 1/2, 3/4's and fully closed. I find this a useful feature. I also looked at a cover with the soft top when I bought the Roll-N-Lock that had a soft cover. It did not appeal to me as I thought it would be easily damaged. From the picture at the Pace Edwards site it looks just like my Roll-N-Lock ...... Rich
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    How do I get more info on these roll top covers? Until now I did not know they existed. I have a soft cover I can roll up, I did not get a "hard" cover because I need the bed open.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    I found the Pace Edward's site but could not get any info on the Roll-n-Lock.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I put in an entry the other day that I have had a Roll-N-Lock cover for 2 years and when I get another truck I will get another one or something similar. But I have had a couple of problems. One, it did freeze up on me once. It had snow on it, put it in the garage where it melted and had water standing on it. I then moved it outside where it froze. A short drive would have let the water run off. Second, it does keep the bed dry when it rains, but if you have to get something out while it is raining, its hard to keep the water on the cover from splashing into the bed. Need to open the cover slowly. Even with these problems, the advantage of being able to reach stuff in the front over the side out weights the problems. Also I have a fifth wheel hitch and I can tow my trailer without having to remove the cover, it just rolls up. Rich
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    Dave40 and Richinks:

    I heard these covers tend to vibrate and be very noisy. Any truth to that?
    Thank you
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Mine does not make any noise while driving. Perhaps with poor installation it could. Rich
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    I just got the brochure from Pace Edwards and Roll-N-Lock. There is a HUGE price difference between the two. Pace Edwards is $599.00 for my truck and Rool-N-Lock is $945.00. Any reason for the difference? Any one got any familiarity with the two systems? I think I would have to go with the cheaper system the difference is to big to ignore. Any help would be appreciated.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I agree its a big difference. And if they are simalar in quaility and function I too would switch on my next purchase from Roll-N-Lock to Pace Edwards. But somehow I think if that were the case, Roll-N-lock would go out of buisness. I just hope I can find a Pace Edwards dealer to compare. Rich
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362

    Please keep me posted I am getting one in the spring. Since I don't have any dealers in my area, will have to make a decission and mail order it from the manufacturer.(
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    Anybody have one or an opinion? I just ordered one for my Tacoma. The total came to $499 delivered to my house.

    Here is a link to where I bought it from:

    Thanks to clappj for the link to calconcepts in Post #10. I first found the Aerocover there, but their price was about $20 higher than Salesco.

    I'll post the results with it after I have it a few weeks here in the snow, sleet and rain of Pittsburgh.

  • commerscommers Posts: 14
    Just a bit of information I have found out on the roll-n-lock vs pace edwards for the 99 silverado. The pace edwards cover locks against the bedrail instead of the tailgate. Therefore, you will need to find another way of locking your tailgate in order for the bed to be secure. The roll-n-lock locks to your tailgate making it secure when locked. Also, I am told a PopLock has yet to be made for the 99 silverado.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Thats exactly what I understand from the literature I ordered. Pace Arrow shows a cheap little bolt lock to use. But I am waiting till I am closer to delivery of my Silverado to look at them (Probably April). Found that besides the Roll-N-Lock dealer I got my present cover on my 97 chevy, There is also a Pace Arrow dealer. Pace Arrow sure is cheaper, but if its inconveint or flimsy I'll pay extra. .... Rich
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    Once the cover is locked, locking the tail gate is a no brainer. You can go get any door lock, mount one end on the tailgate other on the inside of the bed and just put a pin thru. If the only difference is the tailgate lock it does not worth the extra $400.00 or so.
  • I'm still fact finding on the Pace Edwards vs Roll-N-Lock for my 99 silverado. The biggest concern I have is why is there a $400 difference between them? After talking by phone with a few dealers of each it's still not clear. I did talk to a dealer who had both. One word out of his mouth "quality". He claims the R-N-L is made with much stronger materials. I did get to see first hand the R-N-L in use in the snow and sleet of minnesota. A vendor at work has one on his silverado. It had about two inches of crusted snow and ice on it. With a little persuasion it rolled up nicely. He also jumped up and stood on it showing its strength. The vendor mentioned he compared both and just thought the R-N-L was of higher quality. This doesn't mean the Pace Edwards wouldn't do the job fine. I'm planning on getting out to see the Pace Edwards this week. I hope the quality is so poor it will justify the price difference so I can quit looking and buy one or the other.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362

    Please keep me posted, at this point I gave up on which one to get, got totaly confused. They are far between to have a good oppinion. I am keeping my soft cover for now.
  • I was able to look at both the roll-n-lock and pace edwards this past week. The difference between them is the material it's made out of. The r-n-l is made much heavier duty. You can stand on the cover if you need to. The pace edwards is not as strong. If you jumped up on it you would bend it all to hell. Both are a bit awkward when opening and closing. I think the
    r-n-l works better because of less flex in the top. Both appear to allow some (amount unknown)water in around the tailgate? I think the pace edwards would certainly do the job if you knew someone wouldn't jump up on it. They look almost identical except the pace edwards has a vinyl type cover over their aluminum compared to the black aluminum of the r-n-l. I would compare the pace edwards to a tonneau cover that locks and the r-n-l to a fiberglass cover that rolls up. I haven't decided yet. It was nice that I got to see both on new silverados. The custom shop had five silverados in for various accessories. I did get to see nerf bars, bug shields, different bed liners, and a fiberglass cover. It gave me a few ideas.
  • Commers-
    Considering the respective prices of each, which would you choose (if either) for normal, everyday duty?
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362

    Thanks for the info, I am looking to replace my current soft cover for some security. Sounds like I can go with the cheaper one.
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