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Any questions for a Dodge Truck salesman??

trex99trex99 Posts: 61
edited March 14 in Dodge
I am a Chrysler certified sales proffessional, and
specialize in individual and fleet truck sales, if
you have any questions or comments, please
......lets hear them!!!!!


  • Hey thanks for asking. I had a item above "When is GM Going to Offer a Serious Diesel". I've gotten alot of advice to look at Ford F350 with the Powerstroke or Dodge 3500 Ram with the Cummins. I've driven both, and like both initially. But to be honest, I have heard alot of complaints about nit-picky problems with the Dodge and Ford both. I clearly want to buy a 1 ton dually truck, that I won't be taking back to the dealer for minor problems. I don't have the time or energy to deal with that. My current Chevy K1500 with the 5.7 Vortec is wonderful - 42K miles and not a problem. Only problem is this truck can't pull the size horse trailer I want to buy.

    Has Dodge done anything to reduce the number of minor problems with the Ram series. Several people have also told me about automatic transmission problems with the 5.9 Cummins. I will be looking for an diesel with an automatic. What's Dodge's experience been with the 5.9 Cummins with an automatic....truthfully!

    I love the looks of the Dodge, I think it is the best looking truck on the road. The next generation Dodge truck looks awesome too.

    I'd appreciate some input on what Dodge's reliability is.

    Thanks - A horse toting cowboy.
  • I was seriously thinking of buying a '99 Dakota Club Cab (5.2 V-8) in a month or so. All of the sudden I hear that the 5.2 litre is going to be replaced with a 4.8 litre V-8 that generates comprable power, but with improved gas milage. I have also heard that the 2000 Dakota will have 4 doors (a feature that I'd really like). Are these rumors accurate, and will the quad-cab configuration significantly raise the price over the present extended cab version? As much as I'd hate to, maybe I'd be better off postponing buying a Dakota 'till next fall. Thanks !!!!!!
  • I will be buying a 99 Dodge 2500 with cummins, what I am wondering is can I get the 2500 with the Long Bed/2wheel drive/quad cab in the sports package, also is the leather int. worth the extra money as far as comfort and durability is concerned
  • Hey trex99:
    I was wondering, can the Dodge 1500 be ordered with a 360 engine and a manual transmission? What about the 318 engine and manual tranny?

    Thanks, Kingfish3
  • panmanpanman Posts: 25
    Would you happen to know if Dodge has come up with any ideas about the molded splash guards with the tubular side steps? I have a quad cab with chrome tubular side steps. I want to install molded splash guards behind the front wheels to help protect the chrome and my truck. The molded splash guards won't work because the side steps extend too far into the wheel well. Is there something that has been done about this rather than install the flat, rubber splash guards?
  • Is it true that Dodge is going to come out with a six speed manual trans soon?
  • Is it true that Dodge will offer a six speed manual in January?
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416 shows the six speed on hold until 1/6/99. Rich
  • Thank-you for the site info. It answered my question on the six speed. But I noticed that the limited slip is not available until March 99. Anyone know why?
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    To: colorado cowboy....
    in response to your question...the Ram trucks equipped witht the Cummins turbo diesel has one difference between automatic trans and manual trans, and that is the injectors....they put out less fuel in the automatic to limit the power output on the automatic trans...there must have been a reason the engineers did this...although almost every one of my customers who purchase an automatic have the injectors changed to match the ones in the manual and I havent (as of yet) heard any complaints...also some of those take (both manual and auto's) theyre rigs to local fuel injection shops and have theyre engines "cranked up"....I hope that helps...T rex
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    Carnocker....yes you can get that truck in a sports package....and as far as the leather goes...thats your call...I dont feel the price is all that terrible compared to durability...much easier to wipe up spills....but much colder to sit on in the winter and dont jump in there with shorts on in the summer!!! I have always been unsure about leather....cant decide myself...although I think its relly for those fancy sports cars myself....but in all fairness the leather package is not all that expensive...especially when you compare it to the rest of the price of the truck....if your even thinking about it then go for it cuz you wont be happy if you dont!!!!
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    ****** note to all*******
    Due to menot wanting to go back and forth between 3 different screens here please feel free to post comments here and send questions to Thanks!!!
  • In the past has dodge offered any rebates on the new years models and when have they been offered?

    In short will any rebates or incentives be offered
    for 1999 model Ram 4x4 Quads.
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    The current incentives in place end tomorrow!!
    As for the 99 trucks??? there were no rebates for them and usually arent any....there were however 1000 rebates on the leftover 98 rams reg and quads....I think they end tomorrow as well...the only thing in place now that I know of is special incentives on dakotas, cherokees and the new 99 grand is not unlike Chrysler corp to extend them for a little while longer.....
  • I will shoot one question to you Trex. I am quite interested in the Dodge pickups mainly because my parents have the 95 diesel and have been trouble free with the vehicle and the gas mileage is excellent even with the 4-10 rear end. My question is about the v-10 I am looking at a combo like this v-10, either a 5spd or 6spd manual, and 3.54 axle ratio, 2wd. Can you give me a rough idea of the gas mileage that this combo will offer? I have asked several places and been ignored and am really wanting to know???? Please help.

    Sean Wolff
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    ok well first of need to decide if you really want a v-10 or diesel if your concerned with gas mileage and you really need that kind of power then I strongly urge you to consider diesel....if you want to go with the gas engine then I'll tell you that the 6 speed manual as far as I know is only going to be available on the diesel to start with I have that in my order books but its not there for the v-10 yet, as far as mpg for the v-10 its very hard to quote that...I have customers that say they get around 12 to 14 round town and some say as high as 16 on the freeway...??? but load that v-10 down and your mileage goes byebye...dont get me wrong I sell them and it is a great engine but honestly I dont see why anyone would go gas for that big a truck....and whats even funnier is the viper has the same basic engine...(well almost!! hehe)and gets 22 mpg!!! but has a gas guzzler tax of 3000$!!!....the other thing to strongly consider is on a truck like that most people intend to "work" them and a gas engine will last about ...what?? 150 thousand miles??? average?? and a cummins ( 24 valve) goes up to around 300 thousand ...we sell probably 25 diesels for every 1 our store anyway....Thanks for the question....T REX
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Odd comment about the viper -- every review I've read (C&D, Edmunds, etc) puts observed mileage at ~10.2 ...
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    The EPA isn't worried about getting the fun quotient, just the emissions and mileage. Yeah, if you feather it, you'll get 22. But would your ego let you turn a Viper into an econobox? :)

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  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Ah. Official EPA numbers are 12/21. That must be the reason for that incredible 6th gear ratio they have :-)
  • trex99trex99 Posts: 61
    Well I gotta agree with KC, you can get that mileage from a viper but, I gotta admit the few Ive driven around the lot I didnt feather nothin!!!1 hehehe!!!!Besides if you can buy a viper dont complain about gas mileage...right????....T REX
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