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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • kbynotkbynot Posts: 6
    Anyone out there have a clue what's going on...... The radio and cassette player work great- but when I try to play CDs... I get an ERROR- E3 message. I tried switching out the CD changer unit..... with an identical unit- that works fine in another 95 Cabrio. Well- after changing it out- I still get the same ERROR-E3 message.

    Any insight is much appreciated... as I am getting ready to take a long road trip. THANKS !
  • kbynotkbynot Posts: 6
    Do these things actually make a difference ? Anyone have experience with an "after-market" model ?
  • kbynotkbynot Posts: 6
    What was the story with the checking the groundwire on the CD player ?
  • paraflyerparaflyer Posts: 2
    Hi all.

    Just purchased a '96 Cabrio this past Tuesday. Relatively good shape for a 10-year-old VW, only had 58k miles on it. Had a few minor issues, had to replace the brake shoes, front rotors, and the valve cover gasket.

    I've been considering getting a CD changer for this (car has the Premium sound system, AM/FM/Tape); as I peruse the forum I keep hearing about the CD connector being located somewhere in the rear-right of the trunk. I took a quick peek in last night, but as I'm somewhat unfamiliar with the VW's wiring, I didn't know exactly what I was looking at.

    Here's the question: What exactly does the connector itself look like, and which panel/floorborad/whatever to I need to move to find it?
  • rtc1rtc1 Posts: 4
    Back in 1984 when I was single and started to get a paycheck, I bought an year-old dealer demo 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit convertible (VW started calling them Cabriolet in 1985). Twenty one years later, after mostly short commutes, it has 130,000 miles but still gets 30 MPG. About two years ago, various items started to fall apart. I thought about donating it to charity, but because it was paid for and I live in Atlanta where you can drive with the top down most of the year, I decide to invest ~$3000 for 1) new top, 2) new engine gasket, 3) new tires, 4) new master cylinder and rear drums.

    If I was still single, I would probably just keep driving it forever. But I now have two young children (2 and 4 years old) who enjoy riding in their respective child carseats in the rear. My wife is pressuring me to sell it as she is concerned about 1) its lack of airbags, and 2) some other major equipment may fail resulting in personal injury and/or costly repairs.

    She drives an Acura MDX that we transport our kids in most of the time and we also own a low mileage 1996 Honda EX (her previous car), now used mostly by the nanny or as a backup.

    Curious if others share her concerns? One option is to sell both the Rabbit and the Civic and buy another used (safer) convertible with the proceeds. If so, appreciate your suggestions.

    Many thanks in advance,
  • ellyd1288ellyd1288 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 98 cabrio that is in very good condition with 92k miles on it. It recently started having a problem with the turn signals. The turn signals work at all times except when I am breaking (this is when it is most important too). Also, the cruise control doesn't work and I since it is on the same stalk as the turn signals, I thought they might be on the same circuit. If anyone has any insight on what the problem is and how to fix it I would be very appreciative.
  • I had to change my battery in my '01 Cabrio. Now when I power up the radio I get SAFE followed by 1000. I contacted a friend with a service business and he got me the code from Volkswagon. My problem is that I do not have the owners manual and do not know how to get the radio to accept the code.

    I have found some stuff on the 'net for jettas that uses a combination of pressing MODE and SCAN buttons, but I do not have a MODE button. My friend suggested pressing the SCAN after entering the code, but that does not do the trick. Anybody out there have an '01 with the proper procedure from the manual, or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Nevermind...I got it.

    In my '01 Cabrio...

    Radio will display SAFE then 1000
    Use preset 1-4 to enter CODE
    press on Seek simultaneously
    Radio will display frequeuncy and viola! Radio is back!
  • That is press on both the up and down seek buttons simultaneously,

    sorry the editor stripped out the symbols!

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm brand new to the Cabrio world and this forum. I'm so excited to be here, because I just bought a 99 Cabrio with only 45k miles in wonderful condition! It's Batik blue/blue with black leather. I've had it for about two weeks, and even though it's been so hot, I've been cruising all over topless (I've even gotten sunburned).

    I noticed that there are already some postings about the ABS light coming on, and I was wondering if that is common. Mine came on recently and stays on intermittently. There doesn't seem to be any mechanical problems, no noise from anywhere or problems with AC. I'm wondering what it could be. I'm waiting for a warranty to take effect before I take it to get serviced. If anyone has any guesses, could you please let me know?

    I'm also looking for a boot for the top. It didn't come with one. Does anyone know of a good place to look for one that won't be as expensive as a dealership? It can be slightly used or new.

    I'll talk to you all later,
  • swtpeaswtpea Posts: 2

    does anyone know what the white ball like container with a themometer symbol on the cover could be ( when looking into engine it is on the right side back) also where do you add anti antifreeze .

    Thank you
  • That "white ball" is the coolant overflow container. It's also where you would add small amounts of extra coolant to top off the system.
  • swtpeaswtpea Posts: 2
    Thank You for the info
  • cblagcblag Posts: 1
    Hi all, I just bought a 96 Cabrio the other day with only 72,000 miles on it....I was impressed. The only problem was the leather interior has a few rips in it. Does anyone know where I could replace the seats or have them repaired? Thanks in advance.
  • jeep99jeep99 Posts: 2
    My wife had the same problem. The dealership should be able to get it for you
  • jeep99jeep99 Posts: 2
    My wife has a 2002 Cabrio. The warranty is over and the engine light keeps coming on. My mechanic hooked it up to his computer but the codes make no sense. Supposedly they are volkswagon only codes!! Does anybody know where I can find what the codes mean. Not for nothing I really don't want to take it to a dealership if it's something simple I can fix myself. The other issue I am having is the ABS light keeps coming on as well, but cannot find anything wrong with the braking system. Any help would be great.
  • I had a 98 Cabrio which I missed so much that I just bought used a 2001 and both are stick shifts. The stick makes driving this car a blast, sort of a poor man's sports car IMHO. I bought it to fix my midlife crisis and keep from getting a motorcycle, but it gives me the same open air thrill! You can also buy relatively inexpensive chip upgrades for under $200 that gives it more power.

    I have back problems and never have noticed any issues with using the stick while driving around Metro Detroit which is a testimony to VW's ergonomics in seat design. The only reason to not get a stick would be if you drive in stop and go traffic a lot and insist on eating a lot while driving.
  • Hey fellow cabrio drivers. I ran trouble codes on my 98 cabrio after it started acting up, kinda like it's misfiring or something. The reading said something about the crankshaft timing sensor, but i found a sensor on the air intake that wasn't even plugged in, hooked it back up, and my car is running perfect. But even after a reset on my ECU, it is still giving me trouble codes. It's telling me "tank vent valve open" which is P1426. I don't own a repair manual, and I cannot figure out what the heck the "tank vent valve" is and where it is. Do any of you know, or could you look it up in your manual for me pretty please???? I just bought the car and I'm already having to trouble shoot.. uhg.
  • It's super simple! Just go here... or google vw trouble codes.

    And you don't even have to have a mechanic run the codes, just take it to your local auto parts store, they should have a reader.
  • wetcarwetcar Posts: 2
    Help 1997 Cabrio Highline 5speed... runs great ... BUT I can't keep the passenger floor DRY because after running the air on long drives it starts leaking. My problem is mainly I don't know if this is a common problem or is the drain line plugged or disconneted. So please if there is anyone that can help me WRITE!! Plus the fact that I can't find the DRAIN LINE HELP ME
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