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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • hey if you figure this out please let me know. we have a 99 cabrio that is doing the exact same thing. so anything you can pass our way would be great. thanks.
  • I am not absolutely positive, but I believe there is a solenoid associated with the clutch that if bad or if the position bar is worn and has slipped some into the switch it will not activate. Its just a plastic piece of crap that wears and the switch arms gets loose and retracts into the body of the switch.

    About a 20.00 repair.
  • My daughter (19yo) had a 1997 Cabrio. Last week, a 17yo kid in an Tahoe ran a stop sign and my daughter t-boned him. She walked away with some brush-burns on her arms from the airbag. Otherwise, she was totally unharmed. To be honest, I never liked the car... it was unreliable and a pain to work on, but in the end, it sacrificed itself and kept my daughter safe. That's all I could ask of any car!!
  • 00cabrio08reno00cabrio08reno Posts: 14
    edited September 2010
    i didnt think of them as safe cars know i do
  • Anybody know if an 2000 Cabrio has a sway bar if so how do i remove it. THX :confuse:
  • I had serious doubts, also. But I can't argue with results, and my daughter walking away unharmed was the perfect result. Here are some pics of the car. They show that the passenger compartment was untouched (except for airbag deployment).
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Whoa... looks like a bad wreck! Glad your daughter's okay!



  • tony2123tony2123 Posts: 2
    When I stop at light or stop sign car idles rough. And when taking off feels like its not getting gas. But once moving good it runs fine. Can anybody help?
  • dempsydempsy Posts: 1
    You didn't say what year. I have a '88 Cabriolet with the same problem. been going on for years. I finally discovered the problem hiding in plain sight. The intake manifold was loose, could actually be moved up and down.
    It takes an allen wrench socket on an extension from underneath the car. I'm going to try it tomorrow. Good luck: Dempsy.
  • tony2123tony2123 Posts: 2
    Its a 1996 check engine light comes on goes off. I am going to clean the throttle body and see if it helps.And Iwill check the manifold. If you think of anything else let me know. Thanks Tony
  • Can anyone tell me where the heater motor resistor is located or possibly have a website reference?
  • edith7edith7 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Cabrio with 163K miles and the car shakes when I turn on the A/C, it's in drive and I'm at a stop. The RPM gauge fluctuates below the 1 and up to the 1. I have a secondary air injection code from the check engine light and I'm not sure if these are related. What can be causing the car to shake when I am using the A/C?
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