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Volkswagen Cabrio



  • wrayroadwrayroad Posts: 1
    I am thinking very seriously about purchasing a new/barely used Cabrio in the next few weeks. I have always heard great reviews about VWs and then I found this page. Now I am very nervous about spending my money on a Cabrio. I want something that is going to last me through Graduate School (and beyond)! This discussion board highlights all the negatives about the car, but are these 'defects' the majority or minority among Cabrio owners? Would you dissuade me from purchasing a Cabrio? I have driven Honda's since I was 16 and I am accustomed to having no problems other than bugs chipping my paint. Will I regret this decision? Brutal honesty welcomed.
  • dvdfan98dvdfan98 Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I am definitely interested in a new 2002 GLX Cabrio. My final test drive and decision will be tomorrow night. I have read with much interest the article by Foxysox ref her purchase price. My local VW dealer has offered me a new car at invoice ($22,400) plus Tax, Tag, and Title. In order to get my payments down to a modest $345.00, I have to plunk down some $4500. This is with the 4.9% rate at 60 months. How on earth did she get the same deal for only $500 down? Please let me know who the delearship is and I will drive there myself to save $4000. I salute your arbitration skills. Want to be my broker for an afternoon?

  • Hello All,

    Just over a month ago I purchased a new GLX for $22,400. It was on the show room with 53 miles on the odometer. It had been at the dealership for several months so they wanted to move it before the floor planning costs became excessive (or so I was told.) For what it's worth, list was $23,725.

    It does not have the CD player but I plan on putting one in myself. Anyone have suggestions on brand name and model?

    I also have a question concerning gas mileage. It has the automatic and does not seem to be getting anywhere close to the advertised 22 mpg in city driving. I'm open to suggestions.

    I too have had an engine light experience at 400 miles. This was corrected by replacing a heat sensor. Was a bit disappointed to have to have warranty work done with only 400 miles on the clock.

    That's my 2 cents for today.
  • jjp1980jjp1980 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a used 1997 VA Cabrio Highline with 59,000 miles on it in October. The car has been to the service center 4 times in 5 months. Good thing they give a 2yr 24,000 mile warranty on there used cars. 1 month after owning the car the Engine light comes on, 2 sec later the car stalls. I bring it to the dealer and they had to replace the Oxygen sensor, Mass Air flow sensor, Distributor cap, and distributor rotor. The next problem (Nov 28th). Not such a big deal, the central locking switch popped out. Bring it to the dealer, they fix it no problem. Then I take it to get my oil changed at JiffyLube. The service man tells me that my oil has a milky substance (water) mixed in. I take it back to the dealer on DEC 26th. They check everything out and determine that it is normal condensation. I take there word on it. Then on March 6th My car goes back again to the service center. This time for a more serious problem. The car will not switch into last gear until I take my foot off the gas for about 3 sec. Or until the car hits about 5000-5500 rpms. They do some electrical wire repair and replace some fluid. At at steady 5500 rpms in a 4 cylinder car you feel like it is going to fall apart on the highway. It still gives me the same problem once in a while. Now it is the end of March and I have yet another service appointment in April. Again the car has a hard time switching gears. It will not switch gears going around corners, instead it reves to about 5000 rpms going 15 miles an hrs. It will not switch gears going up small hills, instead it will wine at out 5000 rpms going 25 miles an hr. It is very dangerous when your car wont accelerate faster that 15 miles an hr and people are behind you. Once in a while it will buck back and forth when it finally decides it is time to switch gears. Like many others the car has no power what so ever. I purchase the car I have always wanted and ended up with nothing but problems and disappointments. If anyone decides to purchase a VW I strongly urge you to purchase some type of warranty.
  • Good morning! Thanks so much to those of you who've been posting messages! I've been watching your comments for the past few months..... it's been very helpful! I'm picking up my BRAND NEW (WOO-HOO!!!) red/black automatic Cabrio GLS tonight! Though a few of you are asking about fair pricing for the GLX, hopefully sharing the pricing on my GLS will be a bit helpful. I'm paying $22,800 OUT THE DOOR! Taxes, licensing, etc all included. I requested pricing from the following internet sites (and the 'out the door' quotes): ($22,650.00 - $23,064.64 - 3 different dealers responded); autobytel ($22,650.00); carsdirect ($22,722.00); autoland ($22,800.00); and automall (didn't respond). I really wanted to buy my car from the great salesman that first spent time with me and took me for a test drice (Nathan Lloyd at Volkswagen of Santa Monica, CA). He was (finally!) able to match the $22,800 price. I did all the pricing inquiries on Friday, and had the salesmen/dealers bidding against each other - all over the phone and e-mail in one day! Though a few prices were lower, I did not feel comfortable with the legitimacy of the lowest prices. I think $22,800 is fair to me and the dealer. The dealer tried to disparage the on-line companies, but because I bought my '88 Honda Civic through Autoland in '88, I felt absolutely confident that they would honor the quoted price. If the dealer did not match that price, my backup plan was to purchase from Autoland again. My credit union was going to finance $20,000 at 5.49% (with 10% down); but VW beat the rate with 5.4%. I opted FOR the gap insurance coverage; but declined the extended warranty. My payments will be $391 for 60 months. I'm hoping to only report back with good news and how much fun I'm having - no snaffus or complaints! Good luck to the rest of you!
  • I just recently traded in my 1998 Cabrio because of the service problems I'd been having. I had an acceleration problem similar to yours. On my way back from Denver, I couldn't accelerate going up the mountain. When I got back, the dealer told me it was my catalytic converter (?). It was under manufacturer's warranty and my acceleration problem was corrected. You definitely need an extended warranty on this car. All my problems occurred AFTER I had the car for 3 years.
  • pdonopdono Posts: 1
    Boy oh boy, how fast can a bubble burst after reading a message board. I want a little cabrio after searching for a convertible around 20,000. I'd go for the eclipse GS but I think the antilock brakes on the cabrio are the deciding factor. Besides, it's so cute and seemed fun to drive. There are no manual transmissions available at local dealers at this time and the 99 standard (used) that I test drove was horrible in the lower gears. I was quite surprised to find the 02 automatic so peppy and responsive after reading many reports criticizing the sluggishness of the auto tranny. What I won't be able to deal with is a car that constantly has little things going wrong with it. I have a very boring but extemely reliable corolla standard 98 and it is peppy, responsive and it never breaks. 80,000 miles right now. But girls they want to have fun..... so what to do????My local dealer also just told us that they were discontinuing the cabrio in favor of the beetle ragtop. He didn't mention the jetta as well. He also said that he believed that they would begin seriously marking down the price on the cabrio in about six weeks to get rid of them and that I should wait to buy. My husband is about to buy the 02 GTIV6 all decked out. Is he making a wise choice??? So I have 5 more weeks to figure out what to do about the cabrio and after reading all the posts I'm about 50/50. We owned a Ghia years ago that was fun but you froze or sweat to death. It was used and we didn't own it for long but not because of problems. We have had a Saab 87 (lots of problems for the first 50,000 miles) and several faster than the average corollas that just never die and don't break. Also a dodge caravan that is a very comfortable ride(97) but has required that many things be fixed. Transmission, check engine light, auto door locks, air conditioning.... some several times. Dodge has been receptive but what a pain when your car keeps breaking. Do you have to rely on luck or is there a way to spot a lemon. Also, how do you get extended warranty coverage that allows you to go out of the dealership? Thanks very much for listening.
  • sgerlachsgerlach Posts: 17
    There are a number of ways to located extended warranties. Example; look for extended warranty information on under Topic Finance/Warranty/Insurance. For me, I just went to my old mechanic and asked what extended warranty companies he had had experience with. He recommended one that he felt was good. Since he was the one going to work on the car, I got an extended warranty with that company. It covers everything even a rental if the car is in the shop over 24 hours. I have a 2000 cabrio with approximately 24,000 miles on it (it will be three years old on Halloween). All the minor problems occurred after 14,000 miles. However, I felt that some of the problems were caused by inexperienced VW mechanics. Check out your dealership's reputation. For the last 5 months the only problems I have had was that on the driver's side the light cover and light kept popping out. I went into VW yesterday and got a replacement part (original had been superseded (their word); I expect from this problem). New part had better connections. Oh and my door handles are peeling again.
    As a former Toyota 4-Runner owner, I can predict more problems with a VW than a toyota. However, the Toyota Solara convertible was more expensive and didn't have all the safety features that I wanted. On a sunny day with the top down, I'm still not sorry that I bought the car. It is fun to drive and responsive. And I feel safe in it! And with the extended warranty and a great mechanic I don't have to worry about car problems for another 61,000 miles (my extended warranty).
  • heimesheimes Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Cabrio with a passenger side window that only goes up or down on rare occasions like when it is raining. Can anybody help me fix this problem without taking it to the dealership?
  • foxysoxfoxysox Posts: 7
    sorry I have not posted in while...but hey, I have been out enjoying my new CoCo Cabrio! She is a silver dream! I love her,,,people driving by love her, hell even a police officer parked at the local gas station complimented me on my choice of cars!!*then I sped off and left a trail of dust* anyway, she is a week and two days old, I just put gas inher today and all is going well! yeah, we negotiated the price between 3 different dealers and and had at one time 3% above invoice, then one droped to 2.7 , 2.5 then 2.3,,,thats when we struck! they also threw in a demo to drive until mine was truck delivered a week later. I guess all the research we did payed off, cuz we did get an awesome deal. we had lease/own wizard software on our laptop when we went in...and i had a stack of paper work from the internet that i had printed out and i just kept referring to them and we went in knowing our beacon scores which were good, so i guess all this together enabled us to get a good deal. good luck i hope everyone enjoys their cabby as much as i do!!
  • If I knew the things I know now.
    If you get this car get an extended warranty!

    I took my 2001 in today for the 30k mile.
    The car is only 18 months old I do a lot of traveling.
    They wanted $55 for oil change and tire rotation.
    I wish that they had told me that on the phone.

    Jiffy lube costs $19 for the same service.
    (Topping off all fluids also)

    They wanted 1 hour labor for replacing peeling door handle that cost $8.

    They wanted $120 to "diagnose" the reason why the passenger door will not open from the inside after being opened with the power lock. It used to take a couple of tries with the power lock and then it would work. Now it will not allow the passenger out at all. The door does open using the outside door handle.

    Whether you believe it or not this car comes with an indelible, dealer only visible, sticker on it that says "SUCKER".

    When I had my issue with the oil running out I was told to just bring it on in and they would top it off! That was so nice of them. They had no answer for what the heck I was supposed to do while out of town on the weekend or holiday. And don't even suggest that you could run it dry until they were open because that blows the warranty and is your fault that you didn't add any oil to your new car with less than 5k miles!

    I am greatful that the oil problem has passed. Nobody knows why but I suspect an issue with the first and second PCV valve! (Only $70 at your local dealership!)

    OK enough of the ranting.

    You can draw your own conclusions about your purchase while standing in line. I am not mad at anyone but myself. I bought the car when I should have listened to others. I only let down because I feel betrayed about the quality of this product.

    Good luck to anyone who buys one of these cars.
    You have the facts, make your choice and live with it.

    Later Cabbers!
  • dvdfan98dvdfan98 Posts: 2
    How does one check/add automatic transmission fluid on a 99 Cabrio? I can't find a dipstick or filling point anywhere. Unfortunately, searching the manual didn't help either. Thought it would be fairly obvious. Am I blind as a bat?


  • Mike,

    Wow, nice to see your handle! hope all is well!

    pdono, it's a crap shoot, might get a good one or not. If your huspand hasn't bought it GTI yet, have him look at the Benz c230. I looked at both, I loved the MB. MB does better than VWs on relability too.

    And Sheryl is right, on a nice day, the Cabrio is awesome.
  • I have been here for a while.
    One thing that I noticed is that when there was a lot of complaints posted out here they killed this discussion group in their website. I don't imagine that VW appreciated the bad references from someone they pay to advertise for them.

    So anyway, I sent a complaint email to VW of America Friday and received 30 email confirmations since that time. I haven't heard back from VW but their server is appearantly thrilled that I have filed a complaint. I don't imagine that they are like the Maytag repairman.

    Anyway, I was reading the VW owners manual.

    Read this book. It says to check your oil every tank fill-up. If says that the car will comsume more oil than normal for the first 3,000 miles. It tells about the consumer advocate program that VW has in place it has customer numbers to call. It has everything. The only thing that I read about that car was how to use the gismos. There should have been a "read me first" booklet with this car. There is also a couple of numbers for ordering a repair book. I haven't had any luck with the Bentley books and they have no idea when they will publish a book for our cars. They have a CD for $100 but that is hard to look at anywhere but a PC.

    Also, when I asked the salesman about the extended warranty I should have gotten ahold of his manager when he told me that I didn't need one with a VW.

    Well, Cabbers it was a little too cool at times this weekend for top down weather.

    Just an FYI, I have seen about 6 of these cars in Boise 4 of which are around where I live. One is like a couple of streets from my house. Those folks have the Desert Wind and "DADADA" on the license plate! Too funny! THere is a green one that I see off and on again. There is another green one (Laurie) but I don't see too often. She sells those great wind stops. I have met her and I'll tell you those are one clever item that she has. Easy to install and work really well! There is also a black one down the road somewhere that I haven't seen in a while it looked like a dad had bought for a young girl. So it is probably wrecked already. And a red one.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the car but my expectations were a little high with the folks that I have to deal with down at VW. I noticed that they ship the Lexus cars in cover trailers and that they pay a little more attention to their "high end" clients. Too bad their money seems greener than mine.

    Have fun Cabbers!
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a 3-week old Cabrio GLX which I adore. The one thing that irks me is the cupholder situation. For one thing, it doesn't hold any cup that I know of. It seems just perfect for cans, but what's a non-soda drinker to do? It's surprising to me that a car so obviously designed to be enjoyed in sunny weather wouldn't have a place for a bottle of water, not to mention that the smallest size cup of 7-Eleven coffee has to tilt to stay partially in place in the tiny holder. When I was a wee lass we had removable cupholders that could be inserted in the place into which the windows rolled down in our station wagon. Must I resort to such tacky-looking add-ons of questionable quality, or does anyone have suggestions? I was excited to see in the VW "stuff" catalogue a smallish-looking aluminum cup (with lid) "guaranteed to fit all Volkswagen models". I bought two only to return them immediately when they came nowhere close to fitting. What's up with that? What have other Cabrio drivers done with their portable beverages of choice?
  • whtcab97whtcab97 Posts: 5
    If the cup is made from paper or styrofoam,try wedging it between the handbrake and the passenger seat
  • foxysoxfoxysox Posts: 7
    I have the GLX 2002 in Reflex Silver....
    I drink ALOT of H2O....most of the time in a neat little healthfood store bottle...but too big to fit in the holders!! :(
    BUT!!! I can use the holder that is in the backseat, which is easy to reach at a stop light...So far so good with my cabby, she has 300 and some odd miles now,,,and I have gotten shout outs at stop lights, parking lots, even ladies driving up next to me just to get a look at my little CoCo...!!! All my clients see her parked out in front of my work and they come in and want a tour around her,,,now 3 of my clients who were going to get other types of vehicles..Honda, or Toyota, even a Mini,,,well, now one wants a Jetta, one IS GETTING a Passat and the other is going tomorrrow to pick up her brand new Cabrio! in Black with tan...VW was so nice, they gave me a coupon book and I handed my clients the coupons and low and behold I have recvd' $100.00 in the mail from them! two fifty dollar checks and TWO phone calls from my salesman!just to say "thanks"
    I was so worried about not getting good service and now I am pleasently pleased! LOKEY is the best in south Florida!!! Bert Smith did not NOT treat us like they even wanted our business! Reeves Auto import was also nice, it was just SO far away from us! but they too were VERY accomadating,,,just info for you floridians! also, we took her in to get the spare key pad working, it didnt work from day one, and the service dept. took us right in and reprogrammed it and we were on our way with the top down! Oh and I love my new CD/MP3 player my husband bought me for her, I never thought I would need a remote control in a car,,,but it comes in handy, my hands stay close to the wheel and my eyes on the road,,,i have memorized where all the buttons are!!! only problem i have had with my cabrio is my husband always "having to run to the store".....hmmmmmmm,,,he never went to the store before,,,and wait , he never comes home with groceries!!!!!
  • A friend of mine has a '98 Cabrio convertible. The plastic resevour which holds the hydrolic fluid has cracked/broken, making for a hydrolic fluid mess in the trunk area. She went to the dealership and they told her she would have to buy an entirely new motor ($700), which I find ridiculous since the motor is just fine. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good site for VW parts. I find it hard to believe that the resevour can't be purchased seperately.
  • halogenhalogen Posts: 20
    Gotta go drop the top and drive <<<<<<<< :D
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