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Chrysler Sebring Prices Paid and Buying Experience

dieter3dieter3 Posts: 1
edited April 5 in Chrysler
I just bought a sebring convertible 1998 JX with 40.000 mls. , V6,AC, and all other stuff from my Chevy dealer
in FL. The car is in best condition, like brand new. I made a long, long, test-drive,and checked all around the car exactely.
His demanding was $ 14.999 . After 1 hour of bargain i got the car
for $ 10.800 + tax. (After i bought 2 brand new Chevy Trucks within the last 2 years, he had to make a special offer to me!) Or reduced he the price only that i can affort the next
Ultradrive transmission without problems???????


  • I just bought a 1999 Limited, candy apple red, chrome wheels, tan top, charcoal gray int, for $16,200. I was hoping to get this car for $15,500, but I just couldn't wait. Especially since it only had 18,400 miles on it. Most other 99' and 00' I looked at had between 30,000 and 40,000 miles and asking in the same price range. I love the looks of this car, I just hope that I don't have many problems. Although, I bought an extended warranty on the first day just in case. Does anyone know of a really good car wax that is easy on and easy off? And what is best to clean the leather interior?

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Head over to the Maintenance & Repair board. You'll find several discussions devoted to wax, polish, and interior care.

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    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • jimmer42jimmer42 Posts: 1
    Dark red with tan top. 4-2.4L, cassette, standard rims, ABS, plus the standard options. Body is near perfect - two small door dimples and barely a scratch anywhere in the paint. Top and interior are in excellent condition. Brand new front brakes and $500.00 worth of other work done right before I bought it - some of it under warranty. Paid $6700.00.

    Been under warranty since new (3 year factory followed by 3 year after market). For the money, I couldn't pass it up. It's a beautiful car.
  • pat313pat313 Posts: 1
    Trying to finalize negotiation on subject car.

    I plan to order it because I only want heated seats.

    According to Edmonds Step 10 for buying cars, it warns that dealers may try to "up-sell" when one picks up their car. Any experience along these lines?
  • storchnoistorchnoi Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 LXi convertible on 4/30 (last day of the month).
    I had to search the State (fla.) for one with ABS as they are not stocked frequently. I found a white LXi with ABS, 4CD changer, and gold packaging in St. Pete (I live in Orlando). I offered $26,000, $400. below invoice and they accepted! I couldn't dispense with Destination charge or Advertising fees, but didn't pay a dealer fee. Chrysler's $1,500 rebate paid for the sales tax. Very Happy
  • jonbrittjonbritt Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2002 limited with heated seats for 28,300. I am very excited and will be picking the car up on Tuesday. I found very helpful when it came to working out the final price with the dealer. Also, got 2.9 financing. I feel I got a great deal.

  • I paid $16,995 for a Taupe Frost 2001 Lx with 24,000 miles from a Chrysler dealer that had a ton of them sitting on the lot; I paid extra for the extended warranty. I got a good bargain. The exterior is flawless and it has the 200 h.p. engine that was standard last year and Infinity speakers. It has cloth seats, but I don't mind because they're comfortable.
  • jin_satxjin_satx Posts: 40
    Just purchased my 2002 LXI Convertible on May 31st. Here in San Antonio Texas, you don't find too many convertibles on the dealers lots and they don't like to discount them much. However, that said, I've got a salesman at one local dealership that I send about 20 deals a year to and he owed me a favor. Bought the LXI, list 27,125 for 25,000, subtract out the 1,500 rebate and it was 23,500 +ttl. Folks, that's a steal for such a great car, hell, I paid 22,600 for my wifes 2000 Accord EX V6 a few years ago and it's not near as gorgeous or as much fun.
    Just color me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
  • kingtut1kingtut1 Posts: 1
    Last week of May 02 purchased 97 w/67K very clean $11,900.White w/gray leather.
  • themanxthemanx Posts: 110
    I bought my 97 white Jxi for $8295 with 87K miles.

    I have put some work into getting it in the best

    condition possible since it was for my wife.

    I have $10264 into it so far after all repairs done including tune up, brakes and tires.

  • I recently bought a 2002 onyx green/sandalwood LX 2.7L in April of this year. For $22,499 (after Chrysler's rebate), the car has the larger 2.7L engine, 6 way power driver's seat, cassette cd combo option, cruise control, and 16" aluminum wheels instead of the standard chrome wheel covers. It's a beauty and I love it!!!
  • noo1kienoo1kie Posts: 3
    I just bought a brand new 2002 Sebring LXi Coupe that was loaded! The 0% financing allowed me to afford this beauty, and the 7yr/70,000 mile powertrain warranty along with the standard 3/30K bumper-to-bumper warranty is the icing on the cake.

    Even though I only have been driving it for a day (it has 14 miles on it right now) I wanted to describe my initial impressions.

    The exterior looks fantastic! The instant I saw this car, I was very impressed with its looks. I am not a car enthusiast, and not knowing any better, this car would strike me as very luxurious, yet sporty.

    The few criticisms I have heard about this car deal with the cheap construction of the interior. I do not agree at all. While some functions, such as the radio, are not located on the steering wheel like some cars offer today, I am very happy with how the interior looks. Taking into account the price of the car, I was very satisfied with the interior.

    I love the autostick! Not knowing how to drive a stick shift, the autostick provides a great way to manually shift gears. While I wasn't initially going to get this feature, the car I bought had it and I didn't pay too much more for it. If you are looking to get maximum performance from this car, especially from a stop, the definitely get the autostick.

    The only slight criticism I can find (so far) is with the driver's seat. I am a taller driver at about 6"1' and I wish the power seats would go a little more back. Still, the way it is now is not bad.

    Those are my initial comments. Anybody else think similarly/differently?
  • noo1kienoo1kie Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the lights on a Sebring Coupe will turn off after the car is off. My old car had this feature, but I can't get the Sebring to do it.

    I don't like remembering if I left my lights on or not, I wish there was a way for them to turn off automatically.

    Anyone know anything about this?

  • leebealeebea Posts: 25
    I can't speak for the coupe, but on my '01 convertible - shut the lights before ignition off and lights will turn off immediately; turn off the ignition before turning off lights and lights will stay on for about 90 seconds. If you leave them on I don't think they will shut off, but the chime should sound as a reminder if you open the car door with the lights on.
    Lee B.
  • noo1kienoo1kie Posts: 3
    Thanks Lee,

    I think you are right. I was used to not having to worry about whether the lights were on or off, but I guess I know have to be more aware about it. Too bad, I hope I don't forget one time and drain the battery. Oh well, everything else about the Sebring coupe is great!

  • Just bought my first car this past weekend, and after much research, found one in the Dallas area. 98 JXi, 79k miles, Gold, $8,500. The car seems to be in great shape and I just pray I put my money into a winner, since I will be paying on it for a while to come. Although, I did see a few problems with it, such as the "Service Engine Soon" light came on right after I left the dealer's lot and gassed up...the dealership is saying it should be fine and that it might be from the gas cap, but I am still taking it in for warranty. Also, I can't seem to turn the fog lights on...dunno if they are out or if I'm just a little slow at car switches and buttons. Also, I have noticed a little hop in changing of gears from 1st to 2nd, but I guess, from what I've read, that's normal. So, for now, I'm happy driving it around here in Austin with the top down, especially in this hot weather. Anything I should know? Everything welcome...
  • I paid off and still have my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic with only 36k miles, but I really wanted a Sebring convertible. So I shopped around for three months and found this car at a dealer near my house. We dickered around for a week, I am not going to buy a car when I have a perfectly good one unless you give me a killer deal, etc. It was off lease, with only 29k miles and every option except autostick and the CD changer. The traction control is pretty nice, as well as the 6 speaker sound system. The color is black, with charcoal grey interior and a black top. Didn't want a triple black at first, but it sure does look sharp.
    Whoever had the car took really super car of it, no scratches, no rock chips on the hood/nose, seats look brand new, etc. Everyone that I know thinks it's a brand new car. There is a guy at my office with a 2002 Limited Convert, and he always gets mad when people around the job say my body style is better. I have to agree, when they changed it in 2001, it looks more like a sports car than a luxury car. I paid 15,508 out the door, so I believe I got a smokin deal.
  • Anyone buying the new 03 limiteds? What kind of pricing are you getting? I am looking into them. I hear they have 1500 rebate right now. If I get them to sell it to me at invoice, can I get the 1500 and use it towards my down payment?

    They also had one 02 new on the lot and he was willing to sell it to me for $100 over invoice, this was without even dickering or dealing at all, like his first offer!
  • Well, I went back to the dealership and test drove the 2003 and the 2002. I guess they are exactly the same car. The 2003 has the dark blue exterior and a 6 disc changer, full size spare/wheel, and the convenience package. The 2002 is Lt Almond with a 4 disc changer, full size spare/wheel and convenience package. He states they are exactly the same. The 2003 now has 20 miles on it (had 10 at the start of my test drive) and the 2002 now has almost 100. He says they are doing some great deals on the 2002 to get rid of them, and will be about $3,000 cheaper than the 2003 (He verbally said about 24 or 25,000).

    WHAT SHOULD I DO?! They both come with 3/36 full warranty and a 7/70 powertrain. Either color is fine for me. It just boils down to why a 2003 is $3,000 more? Is there a reason for me to get the 2003?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Anybody have any idea why the dealer would want me back in to sign another contract (just leased this 03 Sebring 2 weeks ago) in order for them to just now increase the excess mileage charge from 0.15 to 0.20 per mile? Think I have to, or just say no thks, I'll keep the agreement I already have in writing?
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