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Cadillac Escalade Maintenance and Repair



  • drich8drich8 Posts: 1
  • brandis05brandis05 Posts: 2
    We too have the service stability light turn on. That does not bother us. What is really frustrating is only when we accelerate, we get this rub, rub, rub feel on the drivers side of the truck. 02 Escalade. We changed the drivers wheel bearings, new rotor for brakes, rotated tires. We have taken a few places. I hear idler arm. pitman arm.. Most want to" expirement" . That would be costly for us. Any ideas? It only happens when we accerlate, not when is is coasting.
  • During rainy days or whenever I hit a poddle of water my a/c compressor will turn off on its own then after a while(seems like something is getting wet) it will automatically restablish its normal function.
    I have change the Service valve/high sensor/accumulator and the compressor
    What else can I do???
    !!!!Does anyone have a solution for this problem!!!!
    It's very annoying specially in a hot place like this one (central america)
  • I have a 2008 Escalade and I'm told the flash only works when NOT in the AUTO setting. Apparently Cad decided that "flash to pass" was not safe????
    I like the ability to flash at tractor/trailers to let them know it's safe to change lanes!
  • My 99 Escalade will randomly lose power to the windows, clock/radio, wipers, etc. If the center console is tapped/hit just right, all comes back on. Any ideas on repair/cost? :confuse:
  • Hi,, I note this is an old post but I have the same problem with my 2003 Escalade with the rear door access message on, horn going off when door is locked etc. Did you ever solve the problem and if so, how. Would appreciate a response, thanks, Editz
  • Am having problems with the cruise control not working at times, anybody have this problem, 80,000 miles on the car. Thanks, Editz
  • I have a 2002 Escalade and since January 2009 I have been experiencing some problems with the brakes. When coming to a stop or idling , I noticed that the brake pedal locks up when I get between 1-5 mph... Prior to the brakes locking up, the truck makes a humming/growling noise which sounds like it's coming from the accelerator or somewhere in that area.

    I have also had a problem with the stability system light being on ever since I bought the truck in 2007. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be, or is there anyone experiencing the same issues? I am concerned that this will be a pretty expensive fix. The truck has already been in the shop 3x in the last year. The wheel bearings have been replaced, as well as the wheel speed censor, so unfortunately that was the not the problem. Any advise or assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  • frpmanfrpman Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on my 99 Escalade and have not been able to fix it. What did you do to fix your problem?
  • jaxon2jaxon2 Posts: 5
    Sorry, I've been in the hospital for the past 8 days. I usually respond the same day. I have been living with it since. All seems to go awry when the wipers are started. There is a module located within the lower section of the center console that may be the culprit. I thought perhaps I had a loose ground, tightened it and life seemed good for a couple of weeks. The problem has since recurred but I've not been in the best of health to further inspect it. If you do discover the solution to your problem, I'd appreciate an update. Thanx!

  • my 03 ext has done this a about 5 times in the last 6mo. i have owned it..lighted lock on dash stays on car will only start for 1 sec..i have previously disconnected the battery then tufn key until light goes out and it usually it is doing what is has done before but this time when i try to start it still only starts 1 sec and the lighted lock on dash flashes 1 long and 1 fast flash and then goes out..ii dont have a remote....what is the actual steps to reset antitheft without the remote..any help would be appreciated
  • farbifarbi Posts: 2
    Same thing happened to my 02 Escalade last year. Started with the humming sound, then would automatically break the front driver side tire by itself until I would tap the brake. To get around the problem I removed the ABS fuse from under the hood access box. I too was concerned about cost, so I rode around without the ABS for a couple of months, then finally took it to a trustworthy shop and they had to replace this pump type device behind the driverside rear wheel and total cost was 1,300.00. Good Luck, hope this helps.
  • farbifarbi Posts: 2
    Hello All...First the driver side seat stopped working then 2-3 months later the passenger side stopped. The switches on both sides light up when pressed and I have read on other sites about a clicking noise when switch is pressed. I do not hear anything when the heated switch is pressed. Does anyone know if that means that the problem could be something else instead of the element in the seat cushion???? Thanks.
  • I just purchased a beautiful 2003 Cadillac Escalde but cannot get the rear heat to work at all, it simply blows out cold air. I took it into the local Cadillac dealership service and one person told me something was wrong with it while another told me there was no rear heat in a 2003 Escalade. Bottom line I left the dealership service area after a day and paying for a rental from them with still NO rear heat. Can anyone confirm with me if the 2003 Escalade has rear heat????? There are seperate controls above the rear view mirror as well as back seat controls, everything works in different modes but only blows out cold air vents in rear.
    Please feel free to email me at
    Thank You
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Please feel free to email me...

    Let's keep the discussion here so everyone will benefit. :)

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  • jeff618jeff618 Posts: 29
    Trying to save others some time & headaches... You don't have to go to the dealer for a replacement rear wiper blade on the 07-09+ Cadillac Escalades. It looks like the blade and arm are one piece but if you look closer, you'll see the wiper blade can be replaced and its actually quite simple. It's a special rear wiper blade though. There may be other alternatives, but the "Trico Exact Fit Rear Integral Blade" snaps right onto the special rear arm and looks like the factory original. You can find them online. Much cheaper than the dealer alternative and easier/less tedious than messing around with rubber blade refills. Comes with removal and replacement instructions too. Hope this helps.
  • ricadricad Posts: 1
    My 2000 Escalade's low beams work as running lights however, when the twilight function turns on the headlights, the low beams don't work. I have to use the highbeams to drive at night.
  • I am seriously considering buying a 2007 Escalade. I am worried about mechanical issues. Comments?

    How can I get information on what I should really be paying? 33k.
  • scootter1scootter1 Posts: 23
    Anyone know how to get the high brake light off the back of the 03 Escalade?? I looked at my wifes Sat trying to get it off?????? Pulled the two end screws and clips off the hinge's, but it seems like the thing is glued to the back window. It only has three bulbs inside burned out. Just wanted to see if there is a way to replace just the burned ones and not the whole unit. Unit is around $80.

  • Hi I am having the same problem with my 03 escalade, i was wondering if you ever got any awnsers on this heating situation. Its annoying not having rear heat, so any info would be very help full. thanks
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