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Acura Integra GSR Customizing and Modifying



  • deryckfmderyckfm Posts: 29
    only1, maybe you'll have time to go to this year's NY Auto Show and get to see the unveiling of the new S2K "type-r". Let us know if you do.

    But since this is really an Integra forum, we should go back to talking about Tegs. Wanted to know if anyone knows what hardware I need to order when installing a OEM ITR front lip. From Acura's parts list (Bumper section), I think item #4 (bracket) and #38 (Clip Nut) are the only ones I need. Anyone have experience with the install? Am hoping since it's OEM, it won't be that hard to do.

    Lastly, I have a Flamenco Black Pearl 00 GS-R. 00 ITR lips are listed as "Starlight Black Pearl". 01 ITR lips are listed as "Nighthawk Black Pearl". Not sure which one will be a closer match to my stock FBP color.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    S2K Type-R? When is it coming out? I can't wait for the stats on that baby. I 'll be all over that if the price is reasonable.

    Just go to or call 1-800-Carland and ask for the parts department and tell them you are ordering from the web site. I think the guy's name is Mike that deals with Internet orders. He 's pretty good. He 'll tell you exactly the parts you need for the ITR front lip.

    I know for a fact that the ITR black is a different shade than GSR's. Most people buy the ITR OEM lip unpainted and then take it to a body shop to have it painted with their Integra's color code. If you want it to match your car exactly, that's the only way to do it. Black comes in many different shades and you might not be happy if the pre-painted lip doesn't match the rest of the car. Do it right the first time around. That way you can always take it back to the body shop if they screw up or it doesn't look the same as the rest of your car. The body shop will do their best to match it with your hood and the fenders or sorrounding paint. You can't go wrong that way. I remember the price from older groupbuys being half that of a painted OEM lip. Just make sure to tell the body shop to apply lots of clear coat on it because the front lip is the one that gets hit with all the bugs, dirt, rocks etc. It takes the hardest pounding out of any other body part.
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    Hehe, well, not really :P I went from 375 lb/in springs in front to a heftier 450lb/in spring. It was fairly easy to do. My friend and I did the entire swap in 15 minutes ;)

    After unbolting the hat from the shock and the hat from the chassis, he used a persuasion bar to pull the suspension down. I pulled the hat and the misc. mounting hardware off of the shock, then the spring can come off. I was able to pull them out through the hole in the fenderwell where the hat mounts to.

    Initial impressions: the car rides smoother now! It's also much more composed in the turns as well as over undulating surfaces. With the new springs in there, the car doesn't exhibit the crazy oversteer it did before. I can still coax it around, but it's much more controlled now.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    funny! but unfortunately true.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    I 'm back again! :-) Sorry it takes me so long to post anything. Too busy.. Glad to see the original & oldest (my oldest creation, hehe) Integra GSR discussion on Edmunds is still here.

    Garados, we had discussed Miata spring rates a while ago. I 'm glad you went with the 450lb/in. in the front. That's what several fast auto-x Miatas use around here, but I would have to say that the excessive oversteer you encountered also involves the rear spring rates as well, not just the front springs. You have to find the right spring rate balance front & rear. Sounds like you got it down now. I think the fastest CSP Miata we have here uses 450F/350R and guess what shocks he is using? The Ground Control Advanced Design double adj. race shocks like the ones I had on my GSR. They are awesome but unfortunately don't last long. His broke after 2 seasons (last year), mine after about 1 1/2 seasons. I need to send them out to GC and have them rebuilt. Don't know why I haven't done it yet. I know have Off-the-shelf (OTS) Konis with only 400F/450R springs. I also went up from 6 and 7" springs to 8". The car rides beautifully, very comfortable as compared to the 600/750 rates I had before with shorter springs & custom valved Konis. I have the SP3 Konis which is the same as Yellows but 20mm shorter in the front. That way I can lower the car a bit more and not have to worry about damaging the internals if I ride the bumpstops (which I 'm not but I 'm almost there). My car is only lowered 1" now as I 'm getting ready to sell it. I want it normalize a little and make it more streetable. It still handles very well. 3-wheels like crazy now but it's still quick in auto-x.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    Are they limiting the # of characters now? My post got cut in half..
    Well here 's the other half with a pic of my car racing.

    The car is only about 1/3 - 1/2sec slower on a ~45sec course than before with the custom valved Konis and stiffer springs, but I enjoy driving the car on the street a lot more. No more bracing for a little crack or bump on the road that would send shock waves up my spine. Oh I also got rid of all the LCA polyurethane bushings and put fresh OEM rubber bushings back on. It was about $250 in labor (not too bad actually - they charged me exactly the time it took them to replace them) but well worth it. The guy was honest and worked fast.

    The UCA's and upper shock bushings are still polyurethane. I don't think I'll touch those. I have the lighter GC upper shock mount kit on both front & rear that came with Poly bushings that provide more shock travel. I think I'll leave those in there. The upper control arms are Ingalls that came with poly bushings and I think they 're still fine. The LCA rubber bushings made a big difference. The old Energy Suspension bushings were shot as I suspected. I know it now by the way the car behaves and rides. The LCAs had a lot of movement before which is typical of poly bushings after 3yrs and having gone through 3 winters with no lubrication. They get too hard after a while and start rotating instead of stretching, adversely affecting the handling.

    So have you been auto-xing the Miata? How are you doing with that? Check out this pic from 2 weeks ago. Look how close I got to the pylon :)

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    Wow my wheels are so full of brake dust! Dang Hawk HP+ pads! :-)

    Check out this pic. It's right before the one above (I sent them in wrong order). I 'm doing about 35+mph here (otherwise I can't 3-wheel if I go slower) lining up the car to go through the gate, the 2 blue cones. Notice how I 'm coming in and how in the pic above I manage to rotate the car and and point it almost straight through the gate. That's from 8.5yrs of auto-xing and really knowing your car well. I 'm also on the new Hoosier A6 225-45-15's all around with no rubbing! (rear fender lips are rolled). This is another reason I had to raise the car a little. I really wanted this new tire (and size) from Hoosier. Nice and fat and very sticky. Like them better than the Kumho 710 in 205-50-15. Notice the inside rear wheel.. I haven't seen that much body roll in my car since '02 when I had similar spring/shock setup. I had no idea I kept 3-wheeling until the pics were posted on the professional photographer's web site. There are 3 more the guy took within 2secs of each other (it was a big "S") and I 'm 3-wheeling in all 3. I may post them later. Don't want to take up too much space on the Edmunds server ;)

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    This is from the summer of '02 at Englishtown raceway, NJ. See any similarities? :)

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I see you are from the NY/NJ area, I've probably auto-xed with yah at some point!

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    I auto-x with about 8 different Motorsports clubs including SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA and private ones in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. What's your name?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Mike is my name :)

    I drove a grey XT6 and a red XT6 for a few years in Auto-x and then a primered impreza.

    Ran with SCCA, NASA and M-club.

    Moved on to road racing and hpde with PDA and NASA in the Northeast.

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    Ok Mike, no need to give out your last name. We don't want to ruin your cover :)

    Well it's been a very long time since I 've seen an XT6 auto-x. Probably 5yrs or more so I have no clue who you are.

    Not sure that you can tell from the pics of my car, but those magnetic signs on the doors are M-Club Class Champion signs awarded by the club. I was the '02-'05 class E champion (the '02 one got stolen at an event) with the M-Club, 4yrs in a row. I attended most of their events religiously from late '99 on, except for last year and this year I only went a couple of times.

    I also auto-xed with NASA a couple of times in '03 & '04. Then NASA merged with the M-Club or did away with their Auto-x events in '05 and concentrated more on track events I believe. I used to auto-x with Matt Dudek before that when he had his Type-R. Perhaps you know him. He was one of NASA's officers when their auto-x series was created. He then took on road racing with his newly acquired Type-R hybrid Civic after he sold his Yellow ITR. He also bought my '97 Civic DX HB with plans to do a Type-R motor swap but he opted for a lighter '92 or '93 Civic HB.

    You may know Zephyr Belski that road races an Impreza RS with a WRX motor. Zephyr and I went head to head in DSP class (SCCA) for a couple of years with the NY Region SCCA when he had the stock 2.5 motor in his RS. That was back in '01 and 02 I believe. He never managed to beat me once so he then did a WRX motor swap and got bumped up to SM where he still wasn't competitive against the Civic hybrids with Type-R motors. He then pretty much gave up auto-x all together I believe because I haven't seen him in a couple of years, and pursued road racing more. I heard he 's doing very well with NASA and SCCA and has won 1 or 2 class championships. Know any of these people I mentioned?

    BTW, whatever happened to Mr.Shiftright (Shifty I used to call him)? He was the host here for many years.
  • Ok i have a integra and i bought it with a JR supercharger already on it. When i test drove it, the car did amazing. But after like 2 months the bottom alternator bolt came out and now none of the holes line up right. I called Revline (the place that put in the supercharger), and they said that it never fit to begin with and the guy just said to make it work. Well now i cant get it to work and have my alternator line up right with all the other pulleys. Im guessing it may be the wrong bracket but they said it was the one that came with the integra supercahrger. So i was wondering if it could be the wrong alternator or my bracket is bent. But also there is so much torque and power going to my alternator it is sheering off bolt i shove through the holes to make the alternator stay so i can at least drive it around town without the belt falling off. Any one have any idea what the problem could be? thanks a lot for the help.
  • ever sense i bought this car its been hell...but after dropping the jdm motor in it and stage one clutch with a light weight flywheel and other mods on an ls ive been wondering what i should spend my next check far mustang gts and camaros are no match. i hate straight line racing. so im looking for a wider range of power but looking to keep the top far lately ive been thinking about throwing a gsr head on an ls to get the vtech and turning the v tech down to about 4500, and god forbid i still have a jdm front end waiting for a carbon fiber hood to go on alll at once...any advice from anyone would help...
  • my best guess would be to buy a high grade smaller bolt that would fit or the right way would be to take it of so you can get the braket out and see if its bent and maybe drill a bigger hole in it...ive dealt with similar problems like this on my race integra...
  • I just bought a 96 GSR with 167k on the clock. It has Greddy Headers, a full Magnaflow exhaust, AEM Cold air intake, new Spark plug wires and plugs.... any estimates on what sort of power gains this would have given the car? It's pretty quick.
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