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Acura Integra GSR Customizing and Modifying



  • I had an explination of how i was going to get another gsr that my grandpa has. Its red 95 and leather with about 20k less miles than my STOLEN one. So i'm not completly stuck in the mud. I didnt have full coverage, which along with getting an alarm was what i was planning to do in like a month. I feel very violated. sorry for the 'hidden cursing' or whatever it was moderator, i was mad.
  • They found it. 14 car theives down, a couple thousand more to go. They found my car with no body damage in a chop shop with a few other cars. They had just stripped and sold off the parts last night of a few of the other cars there and were planning on stripping my car tonight probaly. Engine was gone in all of the cars though so i may have to start looking for a new engine. I'll take them to court and try to get some restitution from them but who knows how that will go. Good excuse to buy a JDM type-r motor right?

    If you guys do have any suggestions on what to do if my engine isn't found feel free. Right now i'm just glad to have my car back.
  • 90gs90gs Posts: 107
    Gar-e, you struck on something big!!!! My friend was telling me about how he got smoked off the line by a corolla with a celica motor. He was driving a '92 integra w/ a B16 and he just got completely humiliated. He rolled down his window and asked the guy what it was and he told him it was the "xrs" - I'm not too sure about the engine but I can tell you that Celica motors are infamous for their killer low end torque and HP... as for that switch at 4500, maybe they added something to take care of the top end too (maybe cams!?!?!) - do you know if its DOHC?

    Also, since we're on the subject, I was wondering if one of you guys could verify this info. I heard that the new Lotus is basically just a tiny, stripped car with some sort of celica engine. And most of the performance comes from the amazing power/weight ratio. Is this true?
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    That's good that they found your car. Hmm, if you don't find your motor, I'd get a b18b1 and turbo that biznitch =P

    90gs: yeah, it's a DOHC motor. As far as the Lotus goes, it's running the 2zzge motor (out of the celica, but it makes 190 hp, the camry xrs has ~170). It's quite an amazing car because of teh power to weight ratio combined with suspension and grippy tires, it makes for a wonderful machine.
  • 90gs90gs Posts: 107
    B18b + turbo!?!?!??! :mad: Thats my plan! :surprise: I can't wait... I'm going to do a complete rebuild with 90% OEM honda parts... rebuild the whole thing and than but a T3 on there at 6psi... I realized it's the quickest, cheepest and still very relable way to get some good power out of this car, man I like torque.

    What squeezes those extra 20HP out of the lotus? better air flow?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I guess the moderators pulled your post before I had a chance to read it. I 'm glad they found your car before it got completely stripped. Does it still have the tranny? GSR trannies are almost impossible to find (as are Type-R) and very costly, even to rebuilt one, unless you do it yourself.
  • Every thing important was still in the shop when they found it. They took everything to the impound lot along with this pos civic that had my nice blades on it (he's still trying to claim he bought it from a friend). Anyway, my engine and tranny + shift linkage were all out of the car but its there so thats all that matters. Its better than having to buy a whole new engine and tranny. I guess its going to be sitting in a shop for a while getting all put back together.

    The only concern i still have is that my brand new Skunk2 exhaust and AEM cold air weren't with all the other parts. They say its probly still at the guys house but... i can't go get it without the police and they cant go searching without the consent of the owner. I'm no expert in law or anything but wouldn't you think that if my parts are at his house i would have the right to get them? I just don't undertand how i could be just 'out' that money if it is mine. At least i have my car :)
  • rinerriner Posts: 1
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    just so you know, writing in all caps is the same thing as shouting =P Anyways, an integra ls, eh? Cheap, fast, reliable. Pick 2. I say get a wet nitrous kit or a fogger system, upgrade the fuel system via a fuel pump and injectors, colder sparkplugs with some sort of on-nitrous timing-retard system, and get it tuned via Uberdata or Hondata. Shortly thereafter, upgrading the motor mounts and the clutch will be necessary.

    Jebbidiah, I'm not sure on the nitty-gritty, but if I had to guess, it'd be from ecu calibrations, intake and exhaust tuning, and maybe fiddling with cam timing.
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    Hahaha, well, it finally happened. In the next week or so(when all the paperwork and transactions are done), I will be the proud, new owner of a grey 2003 IS300 with the manual transmission and only 18000 miles, mainly freeway. It has Eibach Prokit springs, Hotchkis Sway bars, and a Powerdyne supercharger.

    Now, ususally, I'd stay away from modified cars, just because they're abused and the parts are ghetto-rigged to fit, but I know this isn't the case. I wired the e-manage into it and helped with the fuel-line and additional injector installation. Also, it's been driven nicely because my brother owned the car before me =P

    I'll give a full report in the upcoming weeks when I take full possession of the car.
  • AHHHH, all you rich old men and your new toys. New car sounds sweet, hope everything works out nicely for you.

    I'm slowly starting to get regrouped after my car theft fiasco last week. Motor mounts and accelerator cable should be coming in tommaro sometime, so the engine should be dropped in soon... hopefully. I re-orderd all of my parts (AEM cold air, Skunk2 exhaust, and shift knob/ short shifter) today. Police told me that once they get all the papers sorted out they'd set a court date and get that guy in jail.

    I was looking at some type r pistons last night when i was browsing for my replacement parts. Garados, i know you told me about high compression pistons but does the same case of being to costly for the results apply. I'm not looking for a huge performance boost, just wanting some extra power while i'm in the "to boost... or not to boost" stage. Type r pistons aren't looking too expensive unless i have to upgrade ecu, fuel system, valve train, and all that stuff in order to make the upgrade effective, but i guess that where your expert opinions come in :P
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    If I were you, I'd just leave the stock gsr pistons in there. They're high enough compression to give you enough power in naturally-aspirated trim, but is low enough for you to run boost comfortably. If you are set on getting new pistons, however, I'd highly recommend getting stock compression pistons in a forged alloy of somesort. This will give you a little more insurance when you do boost it.

    If you want a little boost in power, look into 98+ integra type r cams or civic type r. If your budget doesn't allow both the intake and exhaust cams, then just the intake will be good. It's basically a bolt-in, drop in deal. It'll net you a MUCH better midrange if you have the capability to change the vtec crossover. If you can't, they'll still give you noticable gains after ... 5000 rpm or so, if I recall correctly.

    Just an example on how well the cams work ... I had just put them into my 4-door gsr. I had a short-ram intake and a 2.25" cat-back exhaust, lightened flywheel and an upgraded clutch. Well, shortly after putting the cams in and breaking them in (idle for ~15-20 minutes), I went for a drive and it was absolutely wonderful. The car felt much more responsive. So here's the good part. I ran across another gsr. It was a 98+ 2door with an intake, header, test pipe, and exhaust. We did a quick skirmish on the "freeway" on the east side of town and went from about 20-75 mph. to about 35 mph, we were even, then from there on out, I just kept pulling on him. So, for 400 bucks, I think that cams will be the most impressive modification you do to the car.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Garados: I agree but cams alone don't make a GSR that much faster. You need a header, intake & exhaust (free flow CAT woule be nice too) to get the most out of them.

    I 'm saying this because my friend last year had installed both intake & exhaust Type-R cams on his '95 GSR plus some cam gears, Jun or Skunk2 ones I think. Now he didn't have anything tuned. Like you said, he just dropped them in. Everything else was stock in his car except for some cheap 4-2-1 header he had bought for $189 (some cheap off brand - can't remember) from Ebay. His car didn't feel faster than mine or as fast as mine when I went for a ride with him. He redlined 1st & 2nd and then slowed down. I think mine was a little faster than his. Mine had 158.3whp last summer just from the DC header, cold air intake & lighter flywheel (no exhaust). It could have been because his GSR had 140k mi. on it and had possibly lost some compression in the cylinders. Not sure.
    If I recall you rebuilt your motor and put some other stuff in it, no? If anything just the rebuilt alone without the cams would have made your car faster than a GSR with many miles on it, but I hear you about the seat of the pants noticeable difference. My friend said the same thing but he was lacking basic bolt-ons that could have made his much faster. Cams need a nice upgraded exhaust system all the way through from the header to the muffler plus an intake to suck in more air. There was this guy that used to auto-x with his '96 GSR (haven't seen him since '03). He also had cams and gears. One day I noticed his car looked faster and his times were better too. I asked him what he did, and he said he just got a 2.25" RSR exhaust and his car was noticeably pulling harder.

    Wouldn't you think cam gears would also be nice since you 're in there already installing the cams? Or did you not recommend them because cam gears usually need some dyno tuning?
  • aznazn Posts: 14
    nosuch as cheap
  • aznazn Posts: 14
    i still have not gotten a stright answer about my model issue, i have a honda civic SI, 1.7 L engine. everywhere i look for aftermarket parts they ask if my models a ex,lx, or si, when i tell them mines an SI they look up the part for the SIR which is a 2.0 L engine, why do i keep getting this prob when dealing with U.S companys.
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    We'll need a little more info.

    Give us ...
    1) year
    2) complete trim level
    3) engine code (if it's swapped, let us know)
    4) perhaps a picture

    The only 1.7L motors that I've heard of (I'm not sure beyond 2000, though) was from the 92-93 integra gsr. It was a b17.
  • 90gs90gs Posts: 107
    *I dont mean to be rude but I'm pretty sure this forum was titled: Customizing & modifying Acura / Integra... did the civic forum kick you out or something!?
    In answer to your question they put a 1.6 in the Si until 2000 and than for 2002 they put in the 2.0 which makes me assume that b/c the shop is telling you have the 2.0 that you've got that newer, ugly looking one that Honda really screwed up on. Just trade it in for the '06 civic... its way faster and way prettier... or if you're really stuck on the 1.7 maybe just look for a 92 GSR Integra and you can save a lot of money, mod it to be faster than your current civic and you can appropriately input to this "Acura Integra" forum! ;)

    My new issue... this weekend we pull my 98 LS block apart and I'm pretty much sold on rebuilding it with whatever OEM parts really need to be changed. However there are some internal upgrades that I want to ask you (particularly Garados) abou...

    ACL main/rod bearing: I heard these are much stronger/better than OEM.
    Manley/Eagle Rods: will these screw stuff up if I plan on NOT sleeving? Can they be used with OEM pistons&rings?

    The main reason (aside from money&time) that I don't want to do forged pistons & rods is b/c of the extra heat they cause which would obligate me to sleeve or put a block gaurd on it. Don't forget I'm going to hone the block, balance the rotating assembly, and maybe even get 'em shot peened, dunno yet.

    So I guess what I want to know is what can I get away with!?
  • garadosgarados Posts: 321
    I don't know why you'd want to go with upgraded rods and not pistons, but I believe upgraded rods will work with the stock pistons. Call the manufacturer and see if it's a stock wrist pin setup, or if it's different. If you do a stock buildup, you'll be told that you need to take the piston and rod to a shop to have the wristpin pressed in. Try this. Put the piston and the rod in the oven for a few minutes and put the wristpins in the freezer. It should go in without too much of a problem. Just DON'T SCRATCH THE SKIRTS (the sides) ON THE PISTONS!!!

    As far as forged stuff increasing heat and whatnot, I don't believe that's the case. I ran forged pistons on stock sleeves in my gsr without a problem.

    Hmm, I'm not too sure about the bearings. Just be sure to plastigage across the WHOLE friction surface. I say that because I messed up and checked the clearance on the middle of the rod. Thing is, the bearing was too wide and was binding on the outer edge of the friction surface. If I had plastigaged across the whole thing, I would have seen that. Just be careful.

    Oh yeah, there's a trick to getting the correct bearing for each connecting rod and main bearing. There are numbers and letters stamped in the block and on each rod. You match those up to a table and it tells which bearing should be used. The bearings (from Honda) will be color coded.

    When you do the rings, if you have the ability to grind them down to the proper thickness, gap them a little more if you plan on turbo'ing the car. This will allow you a little more expansion before the rings expand to the point where they bind and lock the piston into the cylinder. Of course, this is only applicable to the compression rings, not the oil ring and spacers. Be very very careful not to knick the ring at all. That will make the ring bad and it won't seal for crap.

    Good luck with the buildup and tell us how it goes!
  • In the let's keep this TEG mods vein, I have something to donate.

    I have recently acquired news sponsors for my racing efforts which will allow me to build up my TEG for some events in Canada. Namely Ontario Touring Car Series and Targa Newfoundland. I am reporting on the build at my race site: which is just starting.

    The car an 00 GS TEG is in mint low mile condition and has been used in Solo events. The car is loaded w/leather etc.

    I have come to grips with the fact that I am building this car and not buying a ready made. Reasons are numerous but manly I have alot of parts from a previous R that I want to build. Plus a friend of mine was twice chased at gunpoint in Toronto for his R. They tried to steal it 3 times.
    So I've decided on a sleeper R.
    GS + gobs of mods = frankenR but track friendly, able to take co-pilot for Targa and modded back to roundy round car for the rest of the time.

    This also means the complete leather interior with airbags and steering wheel are going to be sold around Jan-Feb. Offers? Hood, sunroof and trunk lid also.

    So I joined and will be back to post.

    Glad to be here and hope this interests you folks.


    "I suppose I should be glad that the kangaroo was hunched down when we hit it at 190kph" -- Petter Solberg
  • An obstruction where the header goes into the exhaust is robbing power. It tapers down there and restricts scavenging. You need to put headers on and a true cat back system. Versus throwing an exhaust on without a header.
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