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Chrysler Sebring Problems and Solutions



  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Just went through a number of dealer visits to get the front suspension on my 05 Sebring to quit groaning and moaning. Finally got that fixed about a month ago. Last week the front pump in the auto tranny died, and, the car's in the shop again for 2 weeks. All this aggravation and she just turned over 30K miles. Come on, Chrysler, surely you can do better than this!! End of rant. :sick:
  • I bought a 99 sebring coupe 2 days ago, same noise drove me nuts, sounded like I needed a complete front end your hood , there is a black rubber cap on top of your front struts, spray it generously with white lithium grease (it comes in a spray can,$3 at your local hardware store). The boot rubs on the metal housing and makes that awful noise. Incredibly anoying but harmless sound will disapear.
  • Trying to put on a new belt is there another pully i should back off other than the one on top it is a 98 convertible with the 6.Thanks scott3392
  • he11benthe11bent Posts: 24
    which belt?
  • My 1995 Sebring has been acting like it has a fuel air mixture problem.At first the idle went,then it boggs out at 3500 rpms.Now it wont start.The map sensor and computer have been replaced.Sometimes when I get down the road the check engine light would be off and it would run decent,but not very often.My friend thinks it is an O2 sensor.If so which one and how big of a job is it?I would greatly appreciate any imput from anybody,I am all ears.THANKS!
  • joeh5joeh5 Posts: 3
    I just bought an 06 base sedan and the 4 cylinder is awfully loud. It seems to always sound like its idling high. I also have noticed a clicking noise in the steering wheel. Any ideas?

  • he11benthe11bent Posts: 24
    Spend the 12 bucks and buy the Hanes auto manual book at your local parts store. It will be the best money you ever spent.
    I would be more inclinded to think it is an EGR Valve before an O2 sensor, just my two cents.
  • kyfrankkyfrank Posts: 3
    Hello everyone. New here. I just bought a 97 LXi coupe with 87000 miles that looks and drives great. Problem that has surfaced is it will not start...sometimes. This has happened about 5 or 6 times after running from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Stop engine and it will not re-start. Cranks over fine, plenty of battery, all other electric functions operate - just won't start. Plenty of gas, I hear the fuel pump humming when I turn the key to run, just won't fire. The weird thing it will start after it "rests" for a few hours. Then it runs great. I searched this forum and did not see this same problem posted. HELP. Thanks. :confuse:
  • neonitisneonitis Posts: 11
    I gotta ask you, what fixed the problem with your '05 sebring on the groaning and moaning in the front suspension? i too have a '05 sebring convertible with only 22k miles and it moans and groans as you mentioned. And are you using 5-20W oil as the oil cap states?Have you been told to use only that viscosity on these 6 cylinder motors? thanks for your response. Hector
  • i hope someone else has had a similar problem. i have a 99 chrysler sebring with the v-6. runs fine until it runs for a while and it stalls, while driving or while at idle. new fuel pump and filter. i'm at a loss. could someone point me in the right direction please.
  • neonitisneonitis Posts: 11
    Are all of you '05/'06sebring owners running 5w20 oil viscosity as stated on oil refill cap on motor?Is that what the Chrysler service dept is recommending us to use,here in Dallas,Texas, where the summers are in the 100 degree hot? I just installed a K&N air filter in V6 2.7. Drove to Louisiana, 720mile trip, trip computer read 28.9 mpg.I did not reset computer after filter install, so i may have to let ECU calibrate for new mixture.Anyone else using the K&N air filter on sebring?Has anyone have to change out their sparkplugs in the '05 sebring touring conv? Were the originals platinum? and how hard was it to R&R? Anybody know where i can get a front strut bar for the '05 sebring touring conv?
  • :) I found this forum because I was thinking of trading in my 97 sebring convertible for a newer one. I do have 203,500 miles on it... yes I know I will get nothing for it! I was so sucked in when I bought it in 2000 with 67,000 on it already. Well I have to say it is not a perfect car but what car is??? I did totally trash it in an accident about 4 months after I got it, bent the frame, broke and axle cracked the other (had to replace it later), blew out a tire, ruined the front bumper... probably more, I forget now. It seems I have had similiar problems to what every one else has said, a ticking in the motor, groaning a/c, wet in the floor after a heavy rain (that was just this year), brakes, etc... I did get a new starter last year and that fuel valve... again, forgetful! the one that let the car run fine, as long as it had gas, as soon as I let up on the gas, it sputtered out. Well, that was a $280 repair on a trip to Atlanta. ALL in ALL.... I don't feel I have put more than the average person does into their car, I have had it almost 6 years... it has been fantastic in the winter, doesn't like rain much, little annoying things like the locks and the rear defroster falling off... but it seems we all dealt with these. I love my car, I do think I need to trade it in soon though. Is there really a car out there without problems?
  • There's a service bulletin out for the Sebring that addresses this problem. Apparently they put some new rivets in that hold the strut towers. Yes, I'm using 5-20 Oil in mine. Using Castrol GTX. Dealer advised me to stick with recommended viscosity.
  • neonitisneonitis Posts: 11
    Rivets? I look at the strut tower assy on my sebring, and there are four "bolts" about 16-18mm socket size.This being viewed from the top with hood open.Are you talking about down under the front,by strut assys? Or do you know?Do you have specific service bulletin information?And will you post on here?Like bulletin number, date of issue, etc.Have you had this done to yours?Were there other service bulletins for the '05 chrysler sebring convertible?and what did they entail? Sorry for the million ?'s but we are here to help each other. right?
  • nlt81nlt81 Posts: 1
    Hey everyone I'm new here.I have a 2003 Sebring LX and at night when I turn on the lights sometimes the windshield wipers come on out of no where. Its been doing this more and more over time and I have no idea why. Has anyone had this problem or know what I can do to fix it.

  • kyfrankkyfrank Posts: 3
    I live in a state that requires a front license plate. My 1997 Sebring has no bracket or place for one. Can anyone give me help about this problem? :confuse:
  • ghost82ghost82 Posts: 4
    Hello, I have a 1996 Sebring LX 2.5L VIN "N" 75K mi. I am having similar problems as you. I have replaced cap, also the PCM. I see the resistors you are talking about, but had a couple questions. I dont have the key fob, but when I lock the door with the key, the alarm arms and the green light comes on. I have to unhook the battery. Does that mean it isn't that relay? The car had died while driving on the previous owner so I picked it up cheap. They had complained of a rough idle when it did start, then no start after dying. They recommended PCM, so thats the first place I started, no change. I ended up checking distributor cap and replacing after. Rotor didn't look bad, so I checked resistance on distributor(ignition coil). Primary is at 5.3ohm on Chiltons 6-8ohm range. Secondary is at 18.3ohm on a 12-18 range. Is that too far out? I am getting weak spark on the secondary spark test for cylinders 2,4,& 6. Looks red, not blue. Plugs are wet and you can smell gas when I pull them after trying to start. I checked the wire that I think carries power from PCM to the coil, it is R/G. Chilton calls it the ignition coil driver. It is reading 1.0 mV key on, then 2.29V while cranking. Checked at the PCM, plugged in. That isnt enough supply is it? That is where I am so far. Any thoughts would be GREAT!! I am a week into it so far. Were these the same symptoms you had?
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    The Chrysler dealer didn't give me a service bulletin number. I know they had to take out the plastic fender liners to get to the rivets they replaced. Don't know about service bulletins for convertibles - my car is a 4 door Signature Series. Unfortunately its in the shop again - pucked its tranny at 30k miles.

  • I have a 04 sebring sedan ....2.7 V6 I have taken it back to the dealership 2-3 times. The ran computer test all times and could find nothing. My car sporadically idles up whenever I go to slow down or park. It also has the tendency to idle down and cut off at odd times. INCLUDING when i'm in the middle of an intersecton. :mad: NO CHECK ENGINE lights are on! COULD someone please tell me what it could be?????
  • erniedj5erniedj5 Posts: 1
    i had the same problem with my brothers ford probe. same symptoms as yours and it was a distributor. Check that out once. good luck
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