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Suzuki Vitara Maintenance and Repair



  • We placed a new crankshaft in the Grand Vitara jeep, and rebuilt the complete engine. Now the engine starts, works fine, but idles way too low. When it starts it idles fine, but it keeps dropping until the engine shuts off. There's no check engine light warning of a problem. Is there a way to turn up the idle manually? I noticed there's an electronic box at the throttle pedal and one at the throttle body, but there's no throttle cable, so how can we adjust this fully electronic system? Perhaps we have the timing set wrong?
  • beny1beny1 Posts: 2
    General: G.V 1600 ,2004, Automate.

    I'm in positiion of disassembling the SOLONOID.

    I findout that there are 2 screws in the bacck of the SOLO.,
    BUT i'M AFFRAID that this screws are for seperating the SOLO.[b] front-case [/b] from
    the starter.
    If this is the situation:
    1/ does it mean that unscrewing this 2 screws
    will leave the SOLO. back-case attached to the STARTER ?
    2. If so, isn't it reasky to unscrew this screws (may cause inner Solon. parts to dismantale)?

    What about disassemling the STARTER?(iF THE SOLO. is attached to it,isn't this step more usefull??)

    By the way: with what type of key can I open the 2 SOLO. screws ??

    If it's necessary to disassemble the Starter, pls' let me know
  • I have a very different year and engine but same symptom. My '01 w/2.0L would not idle after warm up. Started fine with a normal high idle then instead of a warm idle of about 700 rpm it would go to 0 rpm and die. There is no idle adjustment. Idle is controlled by the idle air control motor/valve which allows some air to bypass the throttle plate. If this valve isn't working/opening the engine will die. I replaced mine, easy to do, but expensive and only at the dealer for an outrageous $230~. But it works fine now. Tried cleaning the valve to no avail. Good luck.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2002 Suzuki Vitara and I can have the heat on full, and all I get is luke warm air. Its been this way forever. Have been noticing the temperature going up. And now It almost goes into the red at stoplights. Recently changed the thermometer, water pump and today the rad. Well, It did not make one bit of difference. Am waiting for appt. to check rad pressure, or something to tell me if it is the head gaskets.

    Anyone have similar problems?

    Thanx for your time
  • Have you replaced the radiator cap? If this fails to hold at specified pressure it could overheat. If you are losing coolant and it is not visibly leaking anywhere it certainly could be a bad head gasket. With no coolant loss, it could be a faulty temp guage (unlikely) or a faulty fan clutch which looks like it's working but actually isn't pulling enough air through the rad to cool it. As far as cabin heat, have you ever changed the cabin air filters? There are 2 behind the glove box. Is the temp low or the volume of air flow low? If it is the volume, it most likely is clogged cabin filters. If the temp is low it may be a faulty control valve not allowing enough hot coolant into the heater core. Good luck!
  • fd5fd5 Posts: 1
    A link to look up vehicle info. Gives all info you asked about and more.
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