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Suzuki Vitara Maintenance and Repair



  • vit3vit3 Posts: 1
    Is anyone had trouble with their remote lock? I have a 2002, and I put a new battery in my remote lock transmitter, and it works for about a day. I've done this twice to rule out a bad battery. What battery is everyone else using? Is there something I'm missing here?

  • bajazonabajazona Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Vitara JLX w/auto and have already replaced the condensor because of the bent fins. The car never overheated, but I have driven from Arizona to Cabo 4 times and many other trips down Baja with alot of off-roading and wanted to protect the vehicle from overheating. I purchsed a used condensor from a junkyard for a $100, and had a friend put it in. The mechanic at Suzuki said the damage is from debris entering the fan shroud and not having a way to exit(poor design). He suggested cutting a space at the bottom of the shroud to create this. I do remember getting something in the fan and it sounded like a plastic bag blowing in the wind. After I returned from a long trip, I then noticed the perfectly bent condensor blades in the shape of the fan. The only other problem I had is when I run then the AC on the lowest fan speed and it will shut down because it actually freezes up. Now I just run the AC with the fan on medium or higher, and have not had a problem since. I have 98k thousand miles, change the oil every 5k and the car runs great. My last car was a Toyota with 251k miles on it, and I plan on going 300k with this one. I use medium grade or higher fuel, and don't make jackrabbit starts. Otherwise this car should run for many more years to come. My only other off-road trick is to carry 2 spares when I travel to Baja.
  • luchiluchi Posts: 1
    Recently I have been experiencing starting problems with my 2000 grand vitara 1.6L. I need to find the data link connector so that i can access the ECM. Can anyone help me
  • cheetah1cheetah1 Posts: 1
    I noticed my 2001 XL-7 seemed to get a little hot.. I tuned the a/c off and the temp went down to normal. I got home turned on the A/C and heard an awful noise coming from the compressor. I wa told by my mechanic.. the compressor is about 1100 dollars anyone know where a rebuilt on can be found cheaper. Cheetah1
  • lloyd3lloyd3 Posts: 1
    the whine starts at 30 mph up to 60.have been told that its the pinion.took it to local garage who said that the back axel had been weilded around the filler plug and it could be alot of trouble if disturbed.has any one any ideas please lloyd3
  • giacomo1giacomo1 Posts: 1
    I bought it from a dealer in indy in 2002 ...
    1st the seat air bag light malfuctioned
    Less than three months later the air conditioning compressor went out
    then the altenator $350 dollars at the dealer to replace
    this month both rotors had to be replaced
    this week it threw a rod
    the dealer wants 4600 to rebuild the engine..
    I know there was oil in the car but when the rod punched threw the oil pan it all
    leaked out no warning light came on prior to the rod going
    has any body had these problems
    I can mail order an engine for $1495
  • fritzzfritzz Posts: 1
    Has anyone out there had problems with oil leaks between the oil pump and engine block on a Vitara JX? (1600). We have a problem on ours that seems to be a regular occurence. The spanner man tells us it is a major problem to sort, having to virtually strip the front of the engine, and part-lift the engine to clear the front axle so that he can do the job properly. Is this true? he has already charged us enough to not fix the problem. Any one out there with experience of this problem and how to solve it?
  • john65john65 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Suzuki GV V6 4x4 and the a/c went a couple of days ago. I now hear a hydraulic-pressure-release-like noise coming from the compressor area when I turn on the a/c. The noise lasts for 2-3 seconds. Has anyone had this problem?
  • welshmanwelshman Posts: 1
    Can anyone advise me where i can obtain O/S and N/S outer sills for my 1994 suzuki 5 dr Vitara JLX SE ?

    If they are unobtainable is there a close match with another vehicle so that i can doctor them to fit ?

  • reamsreams Posts: 2
    I had the same issue. The heat sheild on the exhaust had to be fixed multiple times. I had a hard time getting it fixed. I'm not happy with the warranty coverage. It is like you have to prove everything. If you don't know a little bit about a car so that you can explain what the problem is I don't think they would every fix it.
  • reamsreams Posts: 2
    My transmission was repaired twice when brand new and was replaced with a rebuilt one around 13,000 miles. I have had problems with the rebuilt unit since.
    2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara
  • tomw4tomw4 Posts: 2
    I have a Vitera (Escudo)2L V6 with 55miles and there was a rattle noise coming from the top I remove the rocker cover and the timing chain is loose and I looks like the engine was striped before, found on the web this could be the tensioner any ideas welcomed
    tomw4 :sick:
  • yesyesyesyesyesyes Posts: 5
    Hey all - I've got a 2001 Vitara with a factory CD - radio - clock. The manuel came with an extra part concerning the "new" clock-radio. But it has been lost. I've pushed and held every button in every combination I can think of.

    It has a column on the left with an eject button then the pwr/vol knob and then the rcl/tune knob. The main portion has four rows. #1 is the CD entry/exit space.
    #2 is the am/fm button, then the cd button, then the lcd screen.
    #3 has three button/switches 1-2 is prv/nxt, 3-4 is rev/fwd and 4-5 is rdm/apt.
    Final row #4 is a button/switch, seek left or right, then and audio button, then a up or down button switch.

    Anyone know how to set this clock? Thank You.
  • tomw4tomw4 Posts: 2
    I had the well documented timing chain problem and I have found out
    1.My Japanese import 1996 v6 2l escudo same engine as 2.5 vitara 2.5 x7
    2. change oil regularly with 5w30 to avoid problem
    3..Tension no 1 is the week link
    I now have a tuning problem since changing the chain the electronic tuning had to be adjusted a lot I should not of had to go near this as the Engine was perfect before changing the timing chain any ideas
  • Press the "DISP" button on the right side of the unit.
    Under the "track/tune" there are two buttons, one pointing right, the other left.
    Hiolding DISP, press the left button to change the hour, the right button to change the minute.
  • yesyesyesyesyesyes Posts: 5
    Thanks HowardKY but I don't have a DISP button that I can find.
  • If the baldes are very delicate it would be no surprise that they might be bent from highway air flow etc....My 2000 GV 4x4 is having an issue with the condenser not turning; which the mechanic told me Suzuki posted a bulletin on the AC unit. I guess they are not making the AC units the same becasue of probs with the intake hoses and clamps. They are now using a two hose system? I haven't found the bulletin yet to read up on it but at this point I am hestitant to bring it to the dealership. I took it in last year for probs with the AC and they said that it needed a recharge ($120) then afte that still not working, they said it was a blown fuse....
    Now this year - the hoses/clamps are bad because of poor design.
    So it going to be approx. $1000 to be cool...In CT, I do a lot a driving for my job and sometime have to take it on dirt roads....Summers get pretty hot here.
    So I guess I will have to replace it. Anyone else with similar AC probs?

    By the way - for tires - I recommend Falkin ZE-512.....
  • hi fritzz,

    I too have a Vitara with similar oil leaks, the Vitara i have is a 92' 1600cc, i have dropped the entire front axle to replace the sump gasket (which is the liquid type) thinking that was the issue... but the oil leak slowly came back... so i took it to a shop where they took out the engine and changed all the seals. It has now been back to the mechanic three times, and he is stumped. All i basically wanted to know was if you have had any luck since this post. I will endevour to search the web for people who have had similar issues and i will inform you on any progress,

  • fayebellfayebell Posts: 2
    I have an '01 Grand Vitara and when I start it smoke billows out of the exhaust pipe. I took it to a Vitara dealer. They said the seals needed changing and it was a big job removing the top of the motor. I took it to an independent repairman, he told me the same thing. He replaced the seals cheaper than the dealer and it is still smoking. I took it back and he replaced the guides. It is still smoking. Does anyone have a clue as to how this problem can be fixed????
  • fayebellfayebell Posts: 2
    did you ever get your clock set?
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