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Suzuki Vitara Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fury168fury168 Posts: 2
    Just leased an '06 Black Luxury GV for 256/mo for 30 months. It appears suzuki is trying to give them away. When I was ready to buy @ the end of March the only problems I had were trying to find a dealer and getting the exact model I wanted. 1 dealer I found that had just opened said they wouldn't have a black lux in unitl the end of May. I found another dealer a little further away that said They woul dhave a black lux in at the beginning of May. I decided to go with them. Went down there filled ou tall the paper work and left my deposit the 2nd week of April. On the 18th of April got a call from them stating that they just received a black lux and if I wanted it to get down there ASAP because they already had 3 different dealers calling about it and it hadn't even been taken off the truck yet. The 1 problem I had with this dealership was that they did not open on Saturday. How can a car dealer not be open on the busiest foot traffic day of the week. But anyway picked it up on Sunday and have been happy ever since.
  • upndwnupndwn Posts: 44
    I lament the fact that car man is not running a strictly lease forum any more. There is a paucity of buy & lease info about the GV. The above post, $256/mos leaves out info so I can't assess the deal.

    Here is the best offer I have received:
    GV Luxury 4wd
    - msrp $25,194
    - net cap cost $21,813
    - money factor 0.00182
    - no money down, only the first payment at inception
    - 36 payments of $356 ($298 depreciation + $60 lease cost)plus state sales tax
    - $11,100 buy-out or residual value
    - 3 years, 45,000 miles
    I believe the deal is based on about a $900 dealer discount and $2,500 in lease incentives from Suzuki

    Comments appreciated by any and all. ;)
  • manojmanoj Posts: 4
    I was looking to buying the xSport package. the best quote I got in Florida is $20,000 out-of-door with 2.9% APR with suzuki. Any views on this deal or can the price can be still negotiated ???
  • Hi,
    Could be a good price for xsport.
    I just bought a preimum 06' GV for $18000 + TTL out the door.
  • marnixmarnix Posts: 3
    06 GV Luxury 2WD - $21,000 + TTL

    Had to drive 150 miles to get that deal, the local dealer wouldn't come off MSRP of $23,199. Cost me $20 in gas to save $2200 - not a bad deal, eh? :P
  • pisulinopisulino Posts: 78
    Everything can be further negotiated, even if it's not on the direct cost of the car....for example more options, free service for several months.

    The worst you can do is to be yourself sold before the deal.....dealers can smell that (desperation and anxiety).
    It's your money and you have the right to save as much as ou could..

    Look at the previous post...local dealer will not move from MSRP and got a huge saving for driving to another dealer....

    People normally bit themselves thinking it's the last available car in the world....
    Just look at auto trader or others and check for the car you are trying to purchase, that will give you an indication of depreciation and what actually the car can be sold.

    A friend just bought a Buick Lacrosse/Allure and told them....This is my final number (includes tax, fees, on the rodad) give me that car for that much and you have got a deal....
    There was a few days of silence - that is the period where the dealer believes you will break up and come back to review what went wrong - my friend did nothing.
    Then he got the call, "it's a deal" and he got the car for $7000 under MSRP.
  • Hello. I am in the Chicago area and looking into getting a GV Xsport AWD. I went to the Suzuki dealership in Hoffman Estates, and their MSRP for it is 22,699 + 595 delivery, so 23,294 on the sticker.

    I wanted to know how much others have been able to negotiate down on the same GV configuration, before any rebates, trade-in and financing.

  • Jaygee33, are you talking about Advantage Suzuki in Schaumburg?? I did not know there was one in Hoffman Estates. I bought mine at Advantage Suzuki as a demo from the district service manager, because I had a Lemon Verona. Search me up on the Verona Board and you will see. this is a great car, I have the X-Sport with upgraded Rims, Rain Guards, trim Guards, and The exhaust tip. just a fair warning, depending on what dealer you go to depends on how much they will come down. They want to get these on the road, but still put money in their pockets . :( The #1 Selling dealer of Suzuki Models is Fox Valley Suzuki on New York Street in Aurora, but if you want to visit Advantage, I caould put in a good word for you, I have known the service manager for about 3 years now. I got a sweet deal because of my misfoutune with my Verona, but the rebates are nice, especially if you get in a demo at Fox Valley, because it has never been titled, the price is lower because there is some mileage on it, and you still get all of the rebates, I think I got a total of 1500. That is the 1000 for cash rebate and 500 for loyalty. Well, hope I helped and good luck in the search, it is really a great vehicle from Suzuki.

    Peter :)
  • Peter,

    Yes, I did mean Advantage Suzuki in Schaumburg. It's so close to the border of H.E. that I mistakenly said Hoffman, but you are right. Thanks for the input. They had a few Grand Vitaras on their lot, as well as a few of the new 2007 SX4's.

    I'll keep in mind about Fox Valley Suzuki. I know there are some other locations around.

    There's still the 1,000 cash rebate. Unfortunately I'm not a current Suzuki owner so I won't get the loyalty one. Care to share how much yours cost when you got it after the rebates?

    Thanks, Jaygee
  • Well, I ripped it of at 16,200, then after the negative equity got added back in from the lemon Verona :lemon: , It was bought for just above sticker price with 7,000 miles on it, which I don't mind one bit, just to get out of the GM/Daewoo Produced Verona, that was a nightmare Suzuki did not want from GM, but GM forced it on them anyways with the partnership. Thank god there is no more GM/Suzuki partnership!! :)
  • Wow the price came down a lot. How much mileage was on it when you got it?

    It sounds like you got a great replacement for your lemon car...
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all,

    I have a final offer of $18,555 before TT&L for a 2006 Grand Vitara Luxury in Azure Gray with black leather. Sticker is at $24,500, and I do have to take their balloon cash (which I can refinance in three months with my bank) and do a balloon payment at first to get the final ofer.
    Is this a fair price?
  • Sounds like a good price. What dealer and do they have any more at that price?

  • rxv2562rxv2562 Posts: 3
    Hi All -
    I am planning to buy the 2007 Grand Vitara and i need to get some feedback from people who own this vehicle.

    - How good is the reliability ? Any major issues that owners have face
    - How many mpg in city ?
    - Is it a worthy investment or better to invest in Honda Crv or Toyota Rav 4 ?

    Thanks all
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    The reliability is proving to be better than average. Not stellar or perfect, but given that today's cars are so reliable to begin with, you'd be safe to eliminate this as a criterium for your decision.

    City mpg varies as much as what "city" means. This is not a light car, and unless you get the 2wd version, is always in 4wd. So if you're looking for a fuel miser, this isn't it. The X-Trail may be the best in this regard.

    The Grand Vitara holds resale value well. Yes, resale value is not as high as CRV or Rav4, but an equivalent model costs less to begin with. Keep the difference in cost in the bank and make interest on it. Consumer's Guide rated the '07 GV as the best value in the segment.

    IF you really need the GV's off-road capabilities, which are the best in this segment except for Chrysler's Liberty and Patriot, then choosing the GV is a no-brainer.

    If you don't need those capabilities, then the choice is harder because you pay a price to drag around all that extra metal, put up with stiffer suspension, get less milage due to the weight and full-time AWD, etc.

    Styling could well tip the balance also, if you happen to really like or dislike the GV. Or if you want something that's relatively uncommon to see on the road.
  • Hi All -
    I negotiated the price on a 2007 Grand Vitara XSport model for a final price of $23107 with the following options.

    1. 0% APR for 60 months
    2. 5 year free oil change package

    Is this a good deal ? Please let me know friends ! I love the Vitara!
  • Try this.

    At least in Texas Area, you can get additional $2,500 Ballon Payment "rebate" for going with Suzuk's in-house financing. Most dealers in my area are throwing in $1,000 Suzuki rebate, and about $2,500 in discount before ballonn cash. So you could have up to $6,000 off MSRP even before negotiation. This would make your car about $17,107 before TT&L. All you need to do is when you receive the first paymet coupon, just walk down to your credit union and refinance it-under your own terms. Suzuki balloon payment interest rate is something crazy like 7.9% .By the way, balloon is like a hybrid lease and purchase., and not availabel in all states.

    Is this a good deal? Is it possible to re-fi thru my credit union the next day and pay $12390 for the 2008 Grand Vitara like they advertise? I've never seen anything like this before so I know there must be a catch, right? Thanks for any insight.
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