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better to buy where you intend to get it serviced?



  • dglozmandglozman Posts: 177
    My CR-V was washed inside and outside as well. All the mats were protected too. and I got satisfactory form in the mail in 2 or 3 days. Gave them highest marks. And again I didn't buy my car there...
  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    In my area there is not a service department that has so much business that they can afford to turn away business from people that didn't buy there. However, where it will make a difference is in the extraordinary circumstances that require the service manager to make a judgement call. For instance, Ford allows a dealer to only do so many dollars worth of after-warranty adjustments each month. So if your car has 61,000 km and needs warranty work, the first thing that they check is where the car was bought. If we sold it, then we will be happy to use our AWA budget to get it fixed. If you bought it elsewhere, then you may have to go elsewhere to try and get the warranty work done.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    After rereading some of these posts, I think some of the confusion may be coming from different definitions of "service". I think you are refering to warranty work that the customer does not pay for. I think others, myself included, are refering to all service work, including routine maint., etc that the customer does pay for.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I think this thread is hugely important, as most people are concerned about their ability to get good service at dealers other than where they purchased.

    My overriding question is that I always understood that warranty work was very profiable, and in fact most dealers maker far more money in the repair bays than the selling floor. If this is true, I would think it would be in a dealers self-interest to accept as much warranty work as they can. Some edealers actually advertise that they will serivce your car even if you did not buy it there, so there must be profit in it.

    I can understand that a dealer will give priority in appointments to people who bought there, but there is no reason why other epople should be treated poorly. Obviously there could be many reaons why the car was not bought there; sometimes due to price/availability, and sometimes because they just moved 1000 miles. The buyer should not be penalized for this.

    Obviously manufactures have different policies that the dealers follow. For example, I own an Infiniti (never again), and they give loaners to anyone who is in warranty. I have a friend would bought a used Caddy Deville, and goes to another dealer for service and he loves them..loaner and all.

    Ive been thinking about buying a new Ford, and there is a dealer who is quite close to me, and another one 10 miles away. THe latter dealer has the car I want, and I will probalbe get a better price from them, as this particular car has sat on their lot since last Im hoping they will want to dump it. But since its a Ford, I know I will have to bring it in for service a lot (ive owned two fords already), so the closer dealer works for me. I am trying to figure out how to get the best servoce from them, even thinking of going to the owner (who I know), and seeing if can get me the car cheap (which I doubt). I may buy an ESP warranty maybe that will help!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    warranty work for the dealership is barely profitable...The profitable part of parts and service is customer pay service work.

  • abtsellerabtseller Posts: 291
    is usually a loser, in the end. The techs don't get paid as well on warranty work, either, so they're less motivated.

  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    and depending on the manufacturer (DCC, for instance), it's a guaranteed loser.

    mass - you're right - I was never talking about oil changes and a vacuum - I'm talking about warranty work only.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I am totally surprised that it is not a money maker. See, you learn something new every day! If its true, I would guess that dealerships of American cars would be less profitable, as the cars usually require more repairs than Toyota, Honda, etc.

    Some dealers, including carmax i believe, advertise that they will do work on any car. Why bother to promote it?
  • landru2landru2 Posts: 638
    Remember, the topic of discussion is warranty work. There is plenty of work to do on a car that is not covered by a warranty.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    "working" on a car, anyone can do. Doing warranty work, and getting reimbursed by the manufacturer, only authorized dealers can do.

    Carmax doesn't do warranty work, except for their own in-house warranties.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    Which infiniti do you have and what do you not like about it so much?

    zues- I guess mine and other buyers mind set is more on routine maint service than warranty work. I, as a buyer, am hoping my brand new car does not need any waranty work. I am sure you have seen otherwise in your experience.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Posts: 2,353
    most definitely on your statement. The people I deal with, and throwing myself into that group, wish that maintenance was all we had to deal with. I've dealt with more breakdowns and problems in 7,000 miles than most people see in 100,000 miles, if ever.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I have a G35. It is an overall great car, but the driver seat is painful due to the seat controls being on the right side next to your leg. There are discussions about this on Edmunds, and a big one on Freshalloy. THere is a tsb on it, but Ive had it done and it doesnt work. The pain is so bad my foot was going numb after my drive today. This should not be happening in a 30K car.

    In addition, my dealer has been generally rude and unhelpful. Im not going to go through the details here, but I had an expectation, perhaps incorrect, that a "premium" dealer should provide "premium" service. Frankly my old Honda dealer Curry Honda in Yorktown Heights NY was fantastic and worlds above these guys.

    Even Infiniti consumer affairs took over a month to respond to my inquiry. "Sorry for the inconvenience" was all that I got.
  • masspectormasspector Posts: 509
    Sorry for the bad experience. I like the G35 alot, but not crazy about the interior look. Just curious because I have a QX4. I have not had a lot of service visits but the ones I have done have been fine.

    As far as premium dealers go, just ask my friend about his 99 lexus rx300 that had the oil sludge problem that toyota fought admitting to. They're car dealers. Yeah they have a more expensive product, but I have heard of just as bad or worse experiences from premium dealers as the regular ones.

    Thats funny we have a Curry Honda in my area too.
  • peeetepeeete Posts: 136
    I know Curry has a few stores outside of Westchester. They are headquartered near me. Most of their stores are guilty of "highway store syndrome" ie they are horrible. The Honda delaership, for some reason, is a huge exception. Their service is really great; they are very friendly, and their general manager is nice too. So their are always exceptions.

    You are correct regarding the variations in dealer quality regardless of price point. Many Infiniti dealers appear to go the extra mile for their customers, based on what I have read. Mine unfortunatly has an attitude.
  • brady_bunchbrady_bunch Posts: 21
    Sorry guys... I've been out of town for a few days. Man... look at all the commotion I caused with (what I thought) was a simple question. :)


    >How much of a savings are we talking about???
    About $2000 (plus the interest financed over 4 years)

    >What is the service reputation of the dealer you intend to service your new car?
    Dunno... I don't even know anyone that owns a Subaru. :/

    >What kind of grief do you have to go through to save some $$$ at the other dealers to buy the car??
    Nothing so far. I spent a few minutes via email to one of the dealers in Austin and that's it. I haven't been in the actual store so I don't know if there are any specific hoops I would have to jump through.

    >How long do you plan on keeping your car?
    I've had my Miata for about 9 years so I would anticipate having the WRX for longer if it holds up (which I expect it will). The only reason I'm getting a new vehicle is the Miata is no longer practical with 2 kids. :)

    Thanks for all the input guys!
  • rivertownrivertown Posts: 928
    Good luck, Brady!

    (I hope your kids knwo how lucky they are to do the WRX carpool thing!)
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    from our local 5* DC dealership for our JGC and we did not purchase it there. We drove about an hour to a smaller town for a better price.

    I wouldn't have even considered purchasing
    there especially based on the way I was ignored for 30 minutes as I was searching the lot and office for a salesman. Perhaps it's because I'm female. In any case, they also sell VW, Audi, Lexus, BMW and have a reputation of being uppity not negotiating on sales prices.

    On the other hand, my boss purchased her Jetta there and has had MAJOR electrical problems with her to the point that it's undrivable. She has run into nothing but dead ends in getting them to help. (The car IS out of the warranty by time, but barely out of warranty by mileage.)
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    for $2000 savings I would buy from the "other" dealer.....but since dealers pay the same for new cars I'm always suspicious of a big difference like $2000....either something is different on the car or the potentially servicing dealer is only quoting MSRP until you get ready to haggle.

    Once you go down to the two dealerships we really don't know if they are working for your business or not.

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