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Hyundai Sonata Accessories and Modifications



  • Thank you for the fast reply, however in my case I have had so many problems trying to get Ebay to correct their errors with my account (I never had any unpaid balance) I have not been able to deal in any way with them. I was sort of hoping there would be some other source I might use.
    Thanks again, van
  • I own the Sonata from SEMA 2007. I have pics if anyone is interested. I am looking to sell it before the end of the year. Let me know if you want any information.
  • My wife's car is an 09 Sonata Limited and we are looking to install a remote starter in it before the winter weather hits here in Pennsylvania. Anyone install one yet or have any recommendations as to brands? Any problems with any brand or the installation? We had one installed in her previous car, an 04 Sonata LX, and it worked fine for the most part although there was an small issue with the integration with the built-in security system. The new remote would not arm the factory system so it was a two step process to lock the car. I would like to avoid that this time around. TIA. :)
  • tkumpftkumpf Posts: 27
    Starting in its 18th month, the fuse that manages the interior lights blew. Replaced it and yesterday (3 weeks later) it blew again.

    Symptoms while the fuse is out is also interesting. As soon as you put the key in the ignition, it acts as if the doors are open and the "ding" starts playing.

    Also, each time you put the key in, it resets the MPG readout on the odometer display.

    Just wondering if others have experienced this. I'm going to bring it in for a short-circuit examination.
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