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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • midas69midas69 Posts: 118
    Not even much of a problem to get them off. Heat the bolts with a torch and they'll come right off.
  • That rust is very normal; unless a car has stainless steel exhaust, which is more expensive, so it's rarely used.
  • schumiaschumia Posts: 6
    HI all,

    Thanks for the response.

    I showed the photos to a mechanic I typically go to and he seconded most of what you said - that it's just normal wear. Although he did comment for a 1 1/2 yr old car, the coupling does seem to be a bit more rusted than normal, but of course it all depends on the environment.

  • tomk17tomk17 Posts: 135
    Follow up: just completed the drain and fill with 50/50 Prestone. Drain plug for coolant is on passenger side of radiator. About 1 gal came out. PS: to get at the drain plug for the coolant AND the transmission fluid, you need to remove 3 plastic covers under the car. Easy stuff.

    The transmission fluid drain plug is on the driver's side and a big ~1" plug bolt. Had to use an adjustable wrench, socket set would not fit but would have made it easier. About 4.5 Quarts of tranny fluid came out. I poured what came out from the drain pan into 2 milk containers to determine the qty that came out and therefore how much needs to be replaced. Refilled with Castrol Multi-Vehicle ATF from AutoZone for $4.50 per Qt. It's a replacement for the Hyundai fluid and was recommended by knowledgeable transmission folks on another Sonata forum. Since the tranny holds at least 9 quarts, I'll do another drain and fill in about 30K miles (have 66K miles now).

    Maint schedule in manual says drain / fill ATF at 105K miles but dealer suggested earlier as a precaution even after he knew I was going to do it myself.
  • cooldesakcooldesak Posts: 15
    edited April 2010
    Hi does anyone feel that shifting from P to R feels hard and stiff when the car (2011 Sonata Limited) is parked uphill?

    Please reply.

  • To me every car feels hard to take out of park when on a hill.

    So I always apply the parking brake, put the car in neutral and slowly let off the brake pedal making sure the parking brake is holding the car. Last I put the car into Park.

    When I get back into the car. I press the brake pedal, take the car out of park, and then release the parking brake. With this process I have never had any effort in getting a car out of park when on a hill.

    I was brought up that not using the parking brake will break the parking pin on the transmission. That may not be true, but I figured better safe than sorry.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    I'm the same way....old school stuff. I even change my oil every 3K. LOL :D
  • cooldesakcooldesak Posts: 15
    Thanks tmorrow411 for your tips. That's useful. I thought it felt softer using your tips.

    And I havent heard about "not using the parking brake will break the parking pin on the transmission", but you're right, better safe than sorry.
  • i am making a trip and have to go through airport security-is it safe to let the intelligent key go through the detector wihtout messing it up and also-the 2011 Sonata i just bought says it has six speakers yet I can only find five-two in the front and one in the rear shelf package except that one is covered so could there be two in there? Also, does nayone know where the transmission dispstick is??I couldn;t find it in the book and it doesn't even ,mention it thanks
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    edited April 2010
    REF: 3070
    The new 6-speed Hyundai developed auto transmission is maintenance-free, i.e., no dipstick.

    "For the customer, the new six-speed promises a performance edge. The transaxle will first arrive in the new Hyundai Grandeur/Azera equipped with a 3.3-liter V-6 Lambda engine. In this application, it delivers a 12.2 percent gain in fuel economy (10.1km/l versus 9.0km/l) and is 2.5 percent quicker in zero to 100km/h acceleration times (7.8sec versus 8.0 sec). It also delivers an 11 percent improvement in 60km/h to 100km/h passing performance (4.0 sec versus 4.5 sec).

    The unit also is maintenance-free: The gearbox is not equipped with a dipstick as it is filled with an automatic transmission fluid that is good for the life of the vehicle thereby reducing maintenance costs." ts-azera-first
  • quebec10quebec10 Posts: 2
    I'm waiting for my new 2011 Sonata Limited with nav (venetian red exterior with camel interior) expected for the 20th of April. My question for you -- is it possible to see a music video on the nav screen using my iPod Touch or even to see photos from my Sony camera using the USB port?

  • tommtomm Posts: 31
    Has anyone had a 2011 in the snow? Was thinking about Subaru Legacy - but saw a Sonata and...
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    It will most likely be no better or worse than any modern FWD car equipped with traction control (it is able to be switched "OFF"). Subaru = AWD which is always a + in snow. For most people with a lick of common sense a FWD car is sufficient in most conditions. If there is 3 feet of snow wait until the road crews clear the bulk of it. So, I wouldn't worry overly much unless your job absolutely requires you to "be there" regardless of weather.
  • For a brand new 2010 Sonata, 87 or 89?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    whatever it says on the inside of your fuel tank cover.


  • I have a 2004 Hyundia Sonata LX with 74,000 miles on it and my gas mileage runs around 15mpg in city. My wife has the exact same car and averages 22-24 city. I know I drive a little heavy on the foot, but I can not believe it makes that much difference. I recently replaced the plugs and wires and did see an emprovement which took the mileage from 13-14 upto 15-16 mpg, and I am planning on changing gas stations to see if that would help. I have had the car in to check the computer to see if anything would come up to point me in the right direction, but there was nothing out of the normal. The car seems to run smooth and has no problem with pick up, it just is getting low mileage per gallon. I had my wife switch cars for a couple of weeks and only saw a difference of 1-2 miles per gallon in our driving. The fuel filter does not seem to be the problem because I am getting no sluggest responce when I step on the pedal and the car starts fine and runs smooth. Does anyone have an idea on what I could do to get a improvement in my gas mileage?
  • midas69midas69 Posts: 118
    Does anyone have an idea on what I could do to get a improvement in my gas mileage?

    Swap cars with your wife for a tank or two and see if it's your driving or the car.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    It sounds like your driving and I'll tell you why. You say that your wife, when driving your car, gets 1-2 miles more MPG. Okay, so if you were getting 15-16 in the city, that means she could be getting 17-18 in the city, which is exactly what a 2004 Sonata V-6 is supposed to get in city driving.


  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    edited April 2010
    Also, the type of "city driving" can have an effect. Does one route have more stop signs/traffic lights? Does one route have hills or steeper hills than the other?

    My previous car had a trip computer. The higher MPG for an downhill trip did NOT offset the lower MPG for the same trip going uphill. i.e. 3 miles to work, mostly uphill, reduced the average round trip MPG by more than the 3 miles, mostly downhill, return trip. (This involved a reset to go to work and a reset to come home. Then another trip, starting with a reset before starting out and not resetting it until the round trip was completed.)

    The length of your respective trips, even only 1 or 2 miles each way, can also make a difference in your MPG.
  • tisbletisble Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 SE with 71000 miles. when the car is cold, during the first 15 min of driving i get a vibration at 50 mph. after 15 min it goes away. this happens in the morning after the car been sitting all night and after work. When it does happen i have shifted the into neutral and the vibration is still their. any thoughts would be great.... :confuse:
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