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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587

    People are buying the Pure filter. I guess Pure didn't update their web site.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    L35610 (cartridge insert for canister-type motor oil filters)
  • miked57miked57 Posts: 1
    I get that a lot with my `03 Sonata. (50,000 miles) A quick drive through the service bay and it's back out, until the next time. They tend to blame it on the gas cap thing, but I don't really but that one. Other than that, great car, I'll by another one.
  • mikeusamikeusa Posts: 1
    I have 99 sonata GLS (V6). It pretty much like some sensor problem. Probably oxygen sensor and ECM (Electronic Control Module) programming problem. Believe me. You will have much rough time driving this car without fixing it. Sensor and ECM does not cost much (about 40-140~~) Fix it!! Dealers lies!! Especially about ECM!! (Since Hyundai does not pay much about this service and your is for free!) You probably end up paying diagnostic fee and done nothing. ECM must be fixed at dealership. 99-2002 sonata was pretty reliable car except for sensor problems. (Which is minor). Go to another dealership or get diagnose in outside autoshop.
  • togrovetogrove Posts: 24
    This isn't exactly a problem, but I cannot find where is the thermometer on my 2006 Sonata GLS V6. How do I tell the external temperature?
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Sorry to tell you this, but the GLS doesn't have an outside thermometer. It's part of the LX automatic climate control package. The outside thermometer is the only part of the climate control package that I would like to have. :)
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    You gotta luv 'em.
  • falvarezfalvarez Posts: 5
    I've got a 2002 with the auto climate system and it has had problems since I got it...I've had it in 4 times in less than 3 years and they have never fixed it is just out of warranty and now they think they know what is wrong but I have to pay to fix it...anyone out there had the same issues and been able to resolve them...I'm at the point where I'm just going to get rid of it and never buy or recommend a Hyundai to anyone...thanks
  • fk322fk322 Posts: 15
    If you have had this vehicle in for the same issue under warranty and it was not fixed properly, Hyundai should treat this as if the warranty is still in effect. Good luck.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    If you kept the warranty claim service tickets on your previous attempts to have the malady resolved, Hyundai is obligated by law to to take care of your original problem. Without those service tickets (which are proof of good faith on your part, but some dealerships avoid writing anything up to avoid a paper trail if they don't want to bother with what they consider a "nuisance" complaint), you'll have an uphill battle now that the warranty period has passed. Good luck - I have a feeling you're gonna need it.
  • falvarezfalvarez Posts: 5
    I far no luck...if nothing else...I will heartily not recommend any Hyundai or Kia to anyone only based on how poor their dealers are. They already lost one sister purchased a Toyota Camry over the Sonata just because I told her about this...she actually liked the Sonata better...
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    you had your Sister buy a Camry which she spent Thousands of extra Dollars for, when she liked the Sonata better?.

    I just got back from a Service related visit. I am treated like Gold at this brand new Store, and I didn't even purchase my brand new V6 LX Sonata there. I will absolutely reccomend this Dealer, and Hyundai in particular. Why not trade in your old Korean LX, for a new American one?. They're spectacular :shades: !
  • floyd4floyd4 Posts: 1
    Anyone know why a 1998 Sonata with 92K miles on it would read on an OBD inspection NOT READY? Please respond if you have any info
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Hyundai or Kia to anyone only based on how poor their dealers are.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    It's entirely possible there are bad Hyundai/Kia dealers, because every make has bad and good dealers. My Hyundai dealer happens to be great. That's a good thing to know in case I ever need service.

    There are also good and bad customers. The bad ones burst into the delaership spewing venom and making unreasonable demands like spoiled children. I'm sure the dealers would rather take care of their good customers first.

    Also, avoiding a great car for an excellent price because of 1 bad dealer doesn't make sense. There are always other dealers.
  • falvarezfalvarez Posts: 5
    You know you're right...thats why I call, try to make appointments...try to stay in contact and never yelled at them the entire 3 years I've been having this issue...there are good and bad dealers...unfortunately the only one in my area is not good and Hyundai as a company doesn't particularly care either...too bad...they do have good products...they just don't know a thing about customer service...does anyone out there know what a "thermister" is? I probably spelled it wrong...know this is what they say is wrong with it
  • booth99booth99 Posts: 5
    I noticed the EXACT same thing about 30 minutes ago. I don't know if it is normal, but it is going to drive me crazy until I find out.
  • hdsithdsit Posts: 58
    I have the same on my 3.3:
    If the engine warms up at idle - not driving the car there is nothing to hear - either just after the engine is started or 5-10 min after.
    If i drive in the car, then after approx 1-2 km there is a very annoying metallic ticking sound (seems as it comes from left in the engine).
    When i hold at a traffic light, people are turning their head, and think that i'm driving a diesel-car...
    When the engine is warm - it dissapear more or less, but not totaly.

    The nature of it seems not to be valve related (just sounds so).
    Had the car to a dealer a couple of dealers , and they said that it would be very difficult to figure of what is causing this sound. I have also tried another similar 3.3, starting it from very cold, and here there was nothing to hear at all. - Some have it, some dont.
  • I have gone to a dealer and test drove three different Sonata LXs. All three had the clicking sound to some degree. If you don't hear it, it's probably b/c you are in a place with a lot of road noise. If you park it in a garage and rev the engine to 1000 RPMs (in Park of course), you will hear the clicking sound. I know of at least four other Sonata LXs that have this sound as well. I took it to the dealer once a long time ago, and they couldn't hear it themselves (probably because the shop was too noisy). It doesn't seem to affect performance, but I haven't driven a Sonata without the clicking sound, so I don't have a car to compare performance with effectively. Let me know what you find out.
  • booth99booth99 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies. I feel a little better knowing that this may just be a normal operating sound of this engine. I have been a mechanic(Aircraft) for the last 14 years, I tend to nit-pick over little things.
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