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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience

astrolastrol Posts: 312
edited February 18 in Hyundai
'00 Silver GLS w/auto and pkg. 13. Also equipped with Mats, Guards, Cargo Net and Deflector.

MSRP $21247
Paid $18685 w/$1000 Loyalty rebate and elected for 4.9%/60...$336/mo.

Just didn't want to pay $530+ a mo. with the 0.9%/36 but now wish I had. The '02's are just too darn tempting. 'Guess I wasn't thinking'. :-(
Anyway, the deal was rated a 5 (1-5) by Edmunds so I don't feel bad.

The dealer was Fitzgerald Automall in Gaithersburg, Md., a no dicker sticker kind of shop where they shoot for Edmunds TMV. Mine was under.


  • Slate gray with black leather, nothing else ( not even mats ) I paid 18,400 (includes shipmeant charge). The total with TTR etc. was approx 19,750.
  • jc58jc58 Posts: 48
    Paid $16,112 which included Tax, Title and License. Sticker was $19,442.

    Have seen new 2001 GLS with auto for $13,799 to $13,999.

    What have they been discounting the 2002's?
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    Slate grey with black leather bought it a week ago sticker $20,569 was looking for 1,500 off paid $19,069
  • Just purchased a 2002 Sonata 4-cylinder automatic, charcoal gray metallic, with moonroof.

    MSRP = $17,044 (including destination charge), our price was a flat $16k. This was the best price I could find on this package anywhere, after doing a _lot_ of hard shopping.

    Edmunds says invoice on this package is $15,556 (not figuring in the 2% holdback), but two different dealers both indicated it was $15,990. In NY State we're required to get the California emissions pkg, which would account for only about $100 of the discrepancy -- who knows.
  • I got mine at a dealer in Hampton, VA 16,990 + TTL
    came to 18,000 out the door. No keyless entry though. Dealers locally in Fl were nowhere near that price; wanted to sell me GLS w/cloth and keyless entry only for 17,700. Oh, by the way, dealer in VA was no haggle. Actually called from Fl to get price quote, payed exactly what I was quoted when I got there. No hard sell, though did try to get me to bite on extended warranty. I guess I may have to drive back up there for Santa Fe when in the market.
  • We just bought a new 4 cylinder automatic 2002 Sonata with moonroof,emissions,mudguards,and carpeted floor mats. The MSRP was $17,205. We paid $15,460.28 plus got $600 for trade in that was probably only worth about $400. We got 6.2 financing for 5 years. They definitely have some leeway on the financing and this was the lowest rate we could get. We feel we got a pretty good deal (at least we hope so). Hope this helps someone.
  • mp1011mp1011 Posts: 2
    Got the '02 Sonata, 4cyl, Auto, Floor Mats, Moonroof, Mud Flaps. Paid $14,223 + Tax.. Destination and MV Fees were INCLUDED!
    Plus I didn't pay for any of that vehicle etching BS.... (they wanted $200)- Never pay for vehicle etching... you can get a kit for under $10... anyway the dealer was excellent, I couln't believe he went below invoice!
    He was fair with me, gave me exactly what and I wanted for my trade, I was in and out of the dealer within 1 1/2 hrs. Plus he gave me my First and Second oil changes free. I have delt with some crappy dealers, but this place was pretty decent.
  • d1girld1girl Posts: 4
    V6, Leather Interior, Option 5, Sunroof, Wind Deflector, Floor Mats. Came up to 17,520 + tax, through Carsdirect. I pick it up tomorrow.
  • ti23ti23 Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. Yesterday I got a 2002 Sonata 4cyl with only 2 miles on it. Luckily mine came with the floor mats! Sticker was $16665 got it for $13,995. Dealer was excellent! Drive over 25k miles per year so the 10yr/100k mile warranty will have me covered longer than any other price comparable Toyota, Honda or Nissan could. With gas, insurance and monthly payment I'll be saving over $400 a month as compared to the 2001 Chevy Tahoe I traded in. Excellent Mid-Size car!!!
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    I did it through cars direct 2 days ago, and it gives me a price of 18,428 for the LX with package 5.

    We are currently having 10 dealers try to beat eachothers price.
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    We just picked up our 2002 Sonata LX with package 5. All the goodies.. leather, keyless remote power moonroof, wood interior, automatic climate control etc...

    Sticker was 20,030.00 I spent about 3 hours today getting bids from dealers all over my state within a 6 hour circle.

    I had gone to my local dealer last night, and told them all the research i had done, and the numbers I had come up with, and they at first told me no way they can do that.

    Then I had all the dealers fax me their invoice, stock number, vin number, their best price, and had them sign it.

    I then took those down to local dealer tonite, who came out to 100 more than the one in Houston, but Houston is 300 miles one way away, so I felt it was ok to pay the extra 100.

    We paid...17,400.00 :)
  • sreyemsreyem Posts: 9
    Just picked it up last Saturday. Brilliant Silver, V6, moon roof, keyless entry, mud guards, though no floor mats. We payed $16,800 plus tax/license. That's under invoice, which makes me wonder if Hyundai gives bonuses for quantities of cars sold. We drove out to the middle of nowhere to get it, but man, was it worth it.

    $5000 down, $850 for trade in, 6.9% financing over 48 months = $298/mo.

    Our budget for a car was $330/mo. over 36 months, which we couldn't quite get, so we went 48 months and will pay $330/mo anyway, to pay it off a few months early.
  • Bought my Sonata October 24, 2001. Very happy so far. Great car, lots of extras and great price. Got a base auto transmission Sonata. Only extra was floor mats and mud guards. Plenty of pick up with the 4 cylinder. MSRP with freight was $16,655. Traded a 1993 Grand AM GT, 107,000 miles. I became interested in Hyundai because of the warranty. Did my home work at Edmunds on value of new car and old. Bottom line, paid $14017 after trade. This was within $17 of what I figured was a fair price. Nice no haggle negotiations. Bought it a Arrow Hyundai in Milwaukee, WI. I'd recommend them and the car to anyone.
  • Glad you got a good price. I guess my quote on Carsdirect was different from yours because I'm in California. What color did you get???
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    Yes, we did get a much higher price when we did it. We even got a higher price when i did it just two days later ( maybe the price is going up?)

    Anyway, we got an awesomeee deal we are very pleased with, and we choose the Desert Sand Colour with the beige leather int.

    So many people have stopped us in parking lots in this past week, commenting on the car, and who makes it.

    Good Luck with yours!!!

  • I have Desert Sand too!! I love this color, which is one of the main reasons I bought the 02. When I was finally ready to buy the 01, I saw that the 02's were out, and checked the colors...when I saw this beauty, I was sold.

    Good luck to you too.
  • dudedude Posts: 123
    Anybody purchased 2002 GLS in Colorado? Where and how much?
  • Looking to buy a base model or gls in Milwaukee,
    I've seen the post re: Arrow. "no haggle" conjures up bad conotaions for me, since seems to suggest you must pay sticker price or leave. Is that right?

    Any other buyers in WI, or why Arrow over the other Milwaukee area dealers?
  • pvillapvilla Posts: 12
    Hello, i would just like to get some insight on good reputable car dealers
    and the ones maybe to stay away from.I'm interested in either buying or leasing
    the 02 Sonata GLS. Car dealers in this area can be snakes. I guess I just want
    to know I'll get a fair price. I bought a 01Honda Civic for my wife @ Paragon Honda,
    They gave such a runaround before buying the car probably, for the same price I could get for a
    Sonata GLS now.I'm was kicking myself in the butt after i test drove the Sonata, but i couldn't wait at the time.Any advise would be great,thanks
  • I was wondering if you would share the dealer names who were giving such great prices? I live in Texas also and would really appreciate any information you could provide. Also, when you were getting bids from around the state, did you just call them and they gave you a quote over the phone? I've called a couple and they were not willing to quote a price.

    Thanks for any information...
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