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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    Aside from being a Heavy Metal Rock Band...


    Stands for Dealer Installed Options :shades:
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    Sonata Limited Standard

    Cars Direct Quote: $19802

    Comments please?

    This is better than any price I got in NYC and Long Island.

    The only question I have is the destination fee of $650.

    This fee is $600 on the Monroney sticker.

    Does Cars Direct play the same dealer games?
  • Sligg, all I can say is that I bought a 2007 Limited with the Ultimate package, carpeted floor mats and mud guards for $20,770 including destination. $650 sounds right for the destination charge. The Ultimate package has a dealer invoice of around $1500 so, to me, the price still sounds over $500 high but may be a good price in NY. I am located in PA near Philly.
  • cableguy06, did you get a rebate?
  • Mcayne - yes I did. On the V6 they were running $1500 which is what I think it is still today. MSRP on my car was $25,600 plus the mats and mudguards.

    If you are unfamiliar with how to get dealer costs, if you tell me what you are looking at, I will be more than happy to help you with your research.

    Every dealer also has on their invoices "hold-back" fees and "advertising" fees. Hold-back can be up to 3% of the vehicle cost and advertising can range from $400 - $800.

    I also negotiated each of these OUT of my deal as well. You can see them in VERY SMALL print on the bottom of the invoice which your dealer should have no problems showing to you if they wish to be upfront.

    I never buy a car without first asking to see THEIR invoice so I can see all of my options regarding keeping more money in my pocket and not theirs.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    Rebate information can always be found at

    The main reason I did so well on my purchase is I collected $3000 in rebates. Is seems $2000 ($1500 plus $500 Loyal Owner) is all you will see on the "Unlimited Limited", as there are no limits to the amount produced.

    As far as "hold-back" fees and "advertising" fees. You can ask to see any invoice, however they print their own, unlike the Federal sticker. And advertising is a legit cost, although inflated. Holdback & Manufacturer Incentives of $1K or more is not for us too?.

    I drove my LX for two weeks before I needed to finalize the Deal.(Known as Spot Delivery). I knew I would be asked for an extra $1000 as the financing kicked. We agreed to $500 on the phone, and then I just said NO. They could have accepted a used Car back, which then can be sold again as new under Federal law. But I had a really good day that day, and dealt with the 'new' Manager. Since I had a signed contract,(which means NOTHING, read the fine print), I somehow walked away with the $24,895 loaded LX for under $18K. And due to the trade (which was a BIG factor in my deal) I only paid $700 in Tax instead of $1500!.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    What dealer in PA and will they give an email quote?

    2007 Sonata Limited Standard

    Were there any dealer fees, doc fees, administrative fees, etc.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    Did you buy the 2006 LX or the 2007 Unlimited Ultimate?

    How did you get $3000 in rebates?
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    2007 Sonata Limited Standard

    It's like asking someone how much do they have in their wallet. Knowing all these numbers, so what: They give you a quote, you counteroffer with your price which includes all the numbers you mention. The salesman looks at you as if you were crazy, the manager laughs and they wish you good luck as you walk out. I have been to 11 dealers (NYC)and offered $18500 (which includes the $1500 rebate)and I didn't get a nod, not even a rebuttal. The negotiation died on the spot.

    Ha! The magic of numbers.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    "Did you buy the 2006 LX or the 2007 Unlimited Ultimate?. Ha! The magic of numbers".

    The Ultimate magic # is your Credit score. I didn't even have a Job, yet drove off with the new Sonata :shades: . While I have the 2006 LX, for 2007 there are only 3 Models available in North America.:confuse:


    My 235 HP LX is now known as the Limited with only 234 HP. :cry:

    Rebates were as follows:

    $1000 V6 Model
    $1000 Hyundai Financing
    $1000 Loyal Owner
  • Sligg, I don't know any other way to say this, and I hope you won't take this wrong way and hold it against me as their is no malicious intent, but have you thought that maybe it's you that's the issue? I don't know you and have never been around you when you have attempted to make a purchase, but I am unaware of anyone having as many problems as you making a good deal on one of these cars:confuse:

    If your polite, nice, and willing to spend at least 30 minutes making a deal, that typically goes a long way. It's when people come in with a chip on their shoulder and act like the price they want is "owed" to them that it becomes an issue. I just happend to witness this same thing the day I bought my car. Guy that came in was a total jerk. Came in with a stop watch...set it for 30 minutes and looked at the salesman and said you have 30 minutes to sell me this car for this price or I'm walking out the door. He walked out the door and I got to hear the inner rumblings of the sales manager and salesman as they discussed what this guy just did. Not the best way to make friends and have them "want" to sell you a car.

    Just my thoughts and I may be totally off on this but things just don't sound right relative to your inability to cut a deal that acceptable to you and the dealer.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    You might be right. My attitude is hostile to these wonderful dealers. As long as the deal is going there way, they are mindful and respectful of you as the customer. Challenge any of the statements (lies) they make and it becomes a different ballgame. I guess one shouldn't mind the games they play especially the one where they keep you waiting and in the showroom for several hours. Or the game where they bounce you around from salesman to salesman and if that doesn't work they hit you with a couple of managers. Or they can't find your driver's license and/or charge card. Or they string you along after you give a deposit and they will find a car from another dealer, or they zap you on your trade in, or the loan percentage, or the sneaky dealer charges or it's okay, I'll pay for the window etching, pin striping, door guards and yes it's okay I'll pay for the rust proofing, protection of the body paint, scotch guard the interior. Did you say the extended warranty costs $1000, that's okay too.

    And on and on and on it goes. I guess I'm just unlucky-I never meet a nice dealer where he is not looking to pluck me. You are a fortunate person cableguy06-you have dealt with a nice, honest dealer. We should all be so fortunate.
  • It's a shame we don't live closer to each other my friend. I would cut the deal and you would cut the check :)

    If interested, the dealership I purchased from is in PA about 45 minutes North of Philly. Do you want me to see if I can work out something for you here? Only draw back is that you pay the tax when you register the car in NY.

    Let me know as these guys were very honest and a gem to deal with.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    The one thing to keep in mind is this is not a Contest on who can get the lowest price. Sales is the second oldest known profession. Car Dealers are out to make as much money as possible, and they do so with most of the tactics you mention. Your job as the consumer is to listen, take notes, and then make an educated decision. I only visited one Dealer, and what they told me just didn't make sense. Yet I left my Car with them, and drove off with a brand new one. Sure I have 3 signed contracts, and I even have the final transaction on tape. Was the floor Manager a likable and trustworthy guy, no. Did my Salesman just talk, & talk faster, yes. I even gave him some Career advice on how a Customer percieves a fast talking Salesman. However the Price was incredible, an incredible mistake on their part. It seems like you know the game. I for one would never allow 11 Hard Inquiries on my Credit. And perhaps by asking to purchase an "Unlimited Standard" they figure anything goes, who knows...
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109

    This purchase is cash with no trade in so there are no credit inquiries involved in my multi-dealer visits.

    I don't understand what you mean by your last sentence. I
    want to buy the Sonata Limited Standard (base) and not the Ultimate Sonata. I have no need for a sun roof so why would this present a problem for me or the dealer-Hyundai does make this car and there is pricing for it.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    I never really understood why someone would put a deposit down on a readily available Car (If that was you?). Also when they hold your DL & Charge card, they probably ran a Credit Check. You would think they need your SSN too, which you might have provided when you gave the inital deposit paperwork. Even if you didn't, they take your ID to disorientate you, along with all the other tricks you mentioned. I spent 3 two hour sessions with my Dealer. They did all the talking. In fact they talked too much. And at no time did I make them the offer. While they were going to charge me full MSRP plus a $499 Dealer fee', they also were going to give me $4000 more for my trade. Along with $3000 in rebates the offer sounded too good, and it was, as they couldn't get the Color specific Car back from the body shop. They couldn't even tell me why it was there in the first place?. That is how I wound up with the loaded LX, instead of the loaded GLS. Strangest Car deal ever!.

    In a few of your posts you called the base Limited the Unlimited Ultimate. While there is no such animal, if you don't want the Sun roof, your price should be even that much lower. If you can afford it, you should be happy with the Sonata, its that good.

    Perhaps they charge more because people make more Money in your area?. I know it costs a lot more to live in your area. And an all cash deal is great, but not for Car Dealers. Usually they get a piece of the financing, especially when they divert you to one of their preferred lenders (where allowed by Law). Of course this wasn't the case with your anticipated purchase. I wish you the best in your quest for the Sonata. I would be so mad now, that I would probably buy a different Make, but always have regrets.
  • dudenjdudenj Posts: 14
    cableguy - Can you pls let us know the name of the dealer you bought the car from in PA.

    Since you have nothing but good words to say about the dealer it would help people in this forum, to consider this dealer if they plan to buy a car in PA.

  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    I have always referred to the car as:

    2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited Standard (base model)

    I've said this before, a different make solves nothing. It's the same dealers who sell multi-brands of cars so you would be dealing with the same management.

    Remember, selling cars in America is a unique experience. It's the only product you buy with a special set of rules created by the industry to manipulate the deal.

    I just bought an HDTV LCD. Called 3 discount dealers in the NYC area, chose the one with the lowest price and viola, it was delivered the next day.

    Ha...buying a car is not that simple, deliberately so, how else can the auto buying public be fleeced. It's a conspiracy. I'm amazed how quickly the Japanese and Koreans learned the way of marketing American Style. I'm curious if cars are marketed the same way in their respective countries.

    I bought my first new car in 1952 and 54 years later it's the same game-nothing changed other than we have access to more data but so do the dealers. The status quo-chalk one up for the dealers, it's still their game and they still control THE DEAL.

    I have spent weeks on these forums and I still don't know who got the best deal or what the best price is. Maybe there is no such thing as a best deal. I realize that ego's are involved and for every supposedly good deal, how many of our forum readers have been ripped off in spite of all this new found knowledge. And once abused, difficult to admit.

    I've been around the block a few times and I'm convinced that buying a car is a colossal scam. Doesn't it strike you as odd that dealer cost is so readily available and it's jammed down your throat as the "holy bible" to buying a car.

    Name one other product where the dealer cost is one. When is the last time you bought a major appliance and the salesman whipped out the dealer cost sheet. But buy a car and they plaster you with this number.

    Kind of makes you wonder, just how smart are we that as consumers, we have allowed ourselves to be so manipulated.

    Long live the automobile dealer-he truly represents the American Dream...FLEECE AND BE FLEECED!

    Sal Liggieri
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,631
    Maybe there is no such thing as a best deal.


    Someone else can always get a better deal than you got due to different circumstances based on timing, location etc. So my advice is, stop trying to get the best deal ever on a Sonata and work to get the best deal possible for you, right now, in your area, for the car you want, with the rebates that are available to you. Then be happy you got a great deal, if not the best-ever deal, and enjoy your new Sonata.
  • sliggsligg Posts: 109
    You are so right.

    I got a quote of $18765 from Pugi near Chicago (mentioned on the forum). You won't know what the real deal is until they write up the order. But assuming that is the price you can buy for. You have to add in the time and cost of getting there and the time and cost of driving back-a distance of about 1000 miles. Even if you saved $800-1000 which I doubt, is it worth it? I don't think so. Will a dealer in NYC match this price? They would tell you to go to Chicago and buy the car and maybe wish you a safe trip.

    Sal Liggieri
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