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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • a1b1c1a1b1c1 Posts: 1
    What dealer in VA is this... i might as well go and buy from them.... as I am being quoted 21500 + TTL for 09 Sonata V6 + Accessory (Bluetooth + Mats, Nets, etc.) no NJ
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    My wife brought our 06 gls in for service the other day and she was approached by a salesman who said they wanted cars like ours for trade-ins. The car has low mileage and is in perfect condition. She told him we would consider a new Sonata if he could do a deal like our car in trade and $3000 for a similar car. His answer was it could be done. I have not spoken to him yet but doubt this is possible. Are they really bargaining this hard these days.
  • bread27bread27 Posts: 5
    Another data point for people who are wondering what others are paying...

    We just purchased a GLS 4 cylinder, with the popular equipment package, cargo mat, and floor mats for $16.2k before doc fee & TTL. That's ~$300 less than the Edmunds TMV for this car, and ~$5,200 under MSRP (pre-$3k rebate).

    The hardest part was finding the car... it was really difficult finding a GLS with the popular equipment package around here. Given that, I assume the dealership didn't really want to give it away for nothing. We feel pretty satisfied with the price.

    And the car is beautiful.
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    Realize that the TMV is just an "average" and includes the purchase prices for all the little old ladies and others, not knowing any better, who paid the full MSRP. So it tends to be overstated for the savvy buyer.

    I paid $16K (including doc and tags) several months ago for the exact same car from Lester Glenn in Toms River, NJ (who, BTW, also claim to be the #1 Hyundai dealer in the country). Today a buyer can get the same car from them for around $15K.

    But, like you, I'm quite happy with my you'll always find someone who paid well as someone who paid more.
  • bread27bread27 Posts: 5
    Agreed & understood. I was hoping to get it for a little bit less, but I didn't have much choice: Within a 100 mile radius, only one dealership -- the one from which we bought -- had GLS's with the equipment package, and they only had 2. There are two other dealers in the area, but in total the two of them have ~20 Sonatas, and none were GLS's with the equipment package.

    I enjoy living in the west, but that's one bad thing: everything is so spaced out that if you can't find exactly what you want in your area, it's not like you can just drive 20-30 minutes to the next large city. :confuse:
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    A reporter from a large newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who is considering purchasing a Hyundai or Kia or have purchased one this year. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Tuesday, June 30, 2009.

    Corporate Communications

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • samir1010samir1010 Posts: 13
    I'm looking at buying a 2009 Hyundai Sonata for my parents this week. To be more specific, I'd like a GLS 4cyl Auto with Popular Equip Package, Cargo and Floor Mats. After building the vehicle online I'm looking at $18425 which includes destination charge and taking the 3k rebate into account. What can I realisticly expect to pay for this vehicle when I'm at the dealership. I'm reading about people who are paying $15k out the door for this vehicle with the same options. Sounds like a great price but doesn't really sound too realistic. Any help or advice can be appreciated before I walk into the lion's den.
    Thanks in advance.
  • mikebztmikebzt Posts: 44
    This really is going to depend on what region you are in but I would estimate between between 15K and 16K
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    If you qualify only for the $3000 rebate, $15k OTD is definitely not realistic. If you have seen $15k OTD it's for a stripped car with lots of rebates and low taxes and fees. IMO $5k off list including rebate for the car is a good deal, if not great deal, and you might set that as a ceiling. You can start lower and go up if you want to. Be sure to check with multiple dealers, even if they are some distance from you.
  • samir1010samir1010 Posts: 13
    I'm in Texas. Does anyone know how low the dealers will go here for the type of Sonata I'm looking for? So, I guess 5k below list is a good OTD price. Does pretty much everyone agree or again am I aiming too low? If I get 5k OTD below msrp wouldn't that mean that I'm really getting the car for about 6300 below MSRP, then adding tax, doc, title? Thanks again...Just a novice here.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    $5000 off MSRP before taxes and fees. Again, you can start lower. You can always come up. Also, make sure they don't hit you with a ridiculously high fee for "documentation" etc. (That may not be legal in TX, I don't know.)

    While in Austin last week I saw an ad for Capitol Hyundai (Kyle) saying they would beat any advertised Hyundai deal by at least $1000 or give you the car. If you are anywhere close to Austin it might be worth checking the ads, then seeing if Capitol will beat the lowest price by $1000. My FIL just bought a 2009 Limited there, is very happy with the car.
  • bread27bread27 Posts: 5
    Please see my posting just 4 posts above yours (#6294).

    This past weekend I just purchased the exact same car you described - GLS, 4 cylinder automatic, popular equipment package, and cargo & floor mats -- for $16,200 before doc fees & TTL, or about $5,200 under MSRP. Like you, I only qualified for the $3k rebate. And it was a very tough negotiation to get it to that level -- we spent 3-4 hours at the dealership on the first day, ended the negotiation when we couldn't come to an agreement, and then they called us back with the $16.2k offer the next day.

    But reading these forums, I agree with the above poster that it seems to depend heavily on your location. I'm in a relatively isolated area, so I assume someone who has more dealers with the car available nearby may be able to get a better deal than we did.

    Nevertheless, the car is beautiful and I'm very happy with the deal. With the popular equipment package, the interior truly looks like that of a luxury car.

    Let me know if I can be of any other assistance, since we just went through this same process last weekend.
  • mikebztmikebzt Posts: 44
    Here in the North East (NY/NJ/CT area) there are more dealers so you have a better chance of getting the car at the price you want. Myself I want a Sonata SE 4cyl
    The price I am offered is $17100 before doc fees & TTL and I only qualify for the 3K off.
    When looking for price I always suggest looking at Fitzmall and see the price for the car that you are looking for. That should be a good ballpark guide.
  • mikebztmikebzt Posts: 44
    $17,300 +tax & title
    Came with Popular Equipment (mats, mud guard, cargo net, etc) Just no bluetooth

    Pretty happy with the price. Sure I could have worked a little bit better deal but it was not worth the extra time and effort. Picking up the car Friday and can't wait
  • jbm4jbm4 Posts: 5
    Bought in Northern Virginia this week - 4cyl GLS 5 speed, 20 miles on the odo.

    $18,790 + $695 freight = $19,485 MSRP
    $12,710 + $695 freight + $395 doc/profit + $600 tax/tags/registration
    $14,400 OTD with 4.39% financing over 60 months
    $3,000 rebate but no loyalty, military etc.

    Very happy with the car and the value... the 5 speeds are clearly not in demand.
  • lppenglppeng Posts: 5
    Hi mrukz,

    I'm a little confused about how much you really paid for 09 Sonata GLS i4 Auto w. pep. You said $17700 at first and then $16700 later. Is it because that the CB increase from $2000 to $3000?

    I am also looking for a Sonata GLS i4 Auto w. pep recently, and I am also in MA. Can you tell me from which dealer you bought your car? Thanks a lot :P
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    I'm looking at buying a 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS this week. Price will drive it all, so I may need to drop back down.

    I started out at the dealership looking for a 4-door auto Accent. He, of course, worked us up to Elantra GLS because it got the "Consumer Reports top recommendation due to electronic stability control". We got him down to a price of $1772 for Elantra GLS with power options and moonroof. He was nearly dancing with delight, so I was really hesitant to sign anything although he wasn't very happy about not getting a signature.

    Anyway, after going home to research the Elantra GLS Auto , I discovered the GLS does NOT have electronic stability control and $17,722 definitely was pretty high. That explained his ear to ear grin!

    To get to electronic stability control in Elantra - I need to get a Elantra SE. Today I've been able to find one each at three different dealers. The second dealer went to $17,500 on a Elantra SE without any hesitation whatsoever - which really made me wonder if that price was pretty much in line with the Sonata why go with the smaller car.

    Anyhow, just thought I'd see where I should really negotiate on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS (ESC is standard). I'll probably toss on mudguards and floor mats but stay with the base from there as the Sonata has a lot to offer..

    I know there is a $3000 rebate on Sonata, $2000 on Elantra and $1500 on Accent - so please let me know if the $$$ you recommend for negotiating a high and low is before or after any rebate.

    Thanks in advance - I'm heading back out tomorrow and hope to have a few responses.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    You can probably get a Sonata GLS with moonroof for less than what they are asking for the Elantra SE. There was a recent sales report of a Sonata SE for around $17,500. $17,500 seems high for the Elantra SE. Also keep in mind that if your local dealers won't deal, there's lots of other dealers within a day's drive of you. I'd check more than 3 dealers if I were you.

    Also, other cars in this same general price range with standard ESC are the Jetta S, Impreza, Corolla LE (2010), Forte (2010), and Mazda3i (2010). All are smaller than the Sonata though. Another car worth checking out and probably a little less expensive than the Sonata is the Optima. Even if you like the Sonata best, the Hyundai dealer doesn't have to know that and you can use the pricing on the other cars as leverage.
  • cstewart27cstewart27 Posts: 23
    I'm a newbie to this forum and it a real eye opener. We haven't bought new since 1997 so I'm totally clueless as what is realistic

    We're very willing to go a day's drive to get the best price. If anyone has a dealer they're willing to recommend, please post it.

    Also, please let me know if there is already a posting of recommended dealers on the forum somewhere. I haven't found one.
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