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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can you please post the details of the dealer in Harrisburg Region, PA.
  • Best price so far for a new base model Sonata GLS $23,500 OTD
    Best price for used 27,000 miles for $17,900 OTD

    I got $19,500 to spend and looking to buy in the next week has anyone been able to purchase a base model automatic GLS (I dont care what color) Sonata for under $20k?


  • bmichbmich Posts: 2
    What are your thoughts on this deal.

    2012 2.4L GLS, White

    Price $21,940 - (includes mats, bumper guard, cargo net, mud guards & preferred package)

    Trade in $2,250 (2004 Saturn Ion3 with 120k miles on it, one owner, great shape, clean title) KBB & Nada list it Good condition $3500 for trade in.

    Taxes- 7% is about $1,395
    Title- $150
    Doc fee- $250
    Price- OTD (car price minus trade in, plus tax,tags,fees. Price after trade in $21,485 before financing.)

    I live in South Jersey. Please let me know ASAP because I am looking to buy in next 48-72 hours. I thought the dealer was low-balling me at the trade in and high on the price of a 2012 GLS. I went to the dealer b/c they use TRUECAR but then they added all extra fee's for the mats, mudguards, bumber guard etc etc. AM I GETTING HOSED?
  • bluepbluep Posts: 29
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    It sounds like a decent deal at best. Not sure how much you are paying for the floor mats, etc, but more than a couple of hundred dollars is too much. Most dealers would throw them in for free. As for the trade in, one rarely gets Kbb for that. If you really want to check that out, go to carmax and see what they will offer you for your car. That said, it seems like a decent deal and if you wait, you might not get your color, etc. I have the 2012 SE silver, but I wanted white and there were none available. But the deal was too good to pass up (last day of the month and all), as they beat another dealer by $3500.
  • Prepare these before you ready to check out the dealer

    1. How much money you can spend? This will give you options when you test drive the model. I initially wanted an Elantra limited but maximum I can spend on my new car is 25k. So I got to the dealer test drive the Elantra, the sale guy also introduce the Sonata and after I test drive the Sonata I felt in love with it lol. The Sonata have a lot of models so have the maximum amount help me find the best for my budget.

    2. If you think you are ready to buy a new car and finance it, get your loan ready. I started to apply for car loan online about 2 weeks ahead. I apply with BOA, citi, chase, capitol one and so far BOA give me best offer. I also had all three credit score ready. Note that BOA have partnership with Vandergriff so the rate is better and process is faster.

    3. Search for price online for the MSRP, invoice, price of option. There are rumor that dealer can sale a car for a couple hundred less than the invoice price but I think that is very rare, only when they need to get rid of the old model at the end of the year. So the price at or a little bit above invoice should be what you aim for, I think.

    4. At the dealer. I chose the car I want, the color I want and negotiate the price without letting them know I already secure a loan. Just let them knew that I were going to financing my car. They started by making an offer and obtaining a loan for me. It's so funny that they said my credit score is 650 (which is around 730 with all three a couple days ago) and they offer me 15%APR (BOA gave me 2.69). So I decide to forget about the APR and made my first offer at 23k. They didn't accept and I went home. A couple days later still hadn't heard about anything from the dealer. So I went back after work on Friday and made another offer at 23250 and let them know if they accept I would close the deal right on that night. They didn't accept it so I walked out again, the sale manager followed me out the parking lot and offered 23400 and I took the deal. Be strong when you talk to them (talking with the sale manager was tense cause he made me feel that the price I want is way too cheap that they can't make any profit at all lol), know the price (because when they see that you already know about the price there is no way to trick you with higher price, they only have 2 options, either close the deal or let other dealers do that)

    Hopefully this will help. :D
  • was this Sonata, which model/option?, was the price total out of door price?

  • Personal experience, YOU CAN GET PRICES BELOW INVOICE. I got it for 1100$ below Factory invoice.. The best way to tackle is find the lowest price at, which will give you dealers in your area offering the price, without hassles. It looked to good to be true, but it helped me a lot.
  • WOW! That's a great price!
  • Picked up an Indigo Limited (w/o nav pkg) yesterday. Using trueCar, I was able to get the car for $1200 under invoice. If I'd waited 2-4 weeks I could have gotten one for $1350 under, but considering how rare they are (?) in this color I decided to jump on it sooner.

    Feels a lot more expensive than it was, but the car it's replacing is 11 years old (and 243k miles), so I guess it's going to feel like a huge upgrade anyway.
  • Nice price! That's including taxes?
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    edited November 2011
    Buy new due to warranty unless 100k is offered by dealer, its not transfereable between consumers.

    I love Sonata but its price has gone up due to either dealer greed or less incentives. I was getting 2011 GLS with Pop. Equip. Pkg for 19,500 and now its 21,000. That was SE price last year and SE is 22.5k-23k.

    So I got an 2012 Altima 2.5SL fully loaded for 23.5k and it has smoother quiter driving and rates as more reliable than Sonata. You can buy extended bumper to bumper warranty for up 96mths 120k for 1500 cash from Vaden Nissan, Savannah, GA or shorter length for less.

    With 1750 rebates and over 1500 off invoice Altima 2.5S with convenience pkg. for about 20k. Intelligent key, power seat, auto on/off lights. automatic trans., blue tooth, aluminium 16" wheels, keyfob windows down and most other features are std on all mid size car. MPG is 26 vs 27 MPG on Sonata. Best part is most addons are done at factory like most cars come with mats, trunk organizer etc. and are invoiced at fair price. Tinting is offered free by most Nissan dealers.
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  • ytytytyt Posts: 1
    Shimering white and black interior.
    MSRP $31600
    Final base price $28000+tax (3.75%) +tag ($260), no dealer fee, documentation included in tag fee.

    Purchase week before thanks giving, seems that end of the month trick do help.
  • Hi Folks.

    I just wanted to give you the heads up that there is a $500 Prepaid Debit Card offer to folks who attend the LA Auto Show (Sign up at Hyundai kiosk) and purchase a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Hyundai Genesis Sedan, or a Hyundai Equus by (12/24/2011).

    The offer details will be emailed to you shortly after you sign up.

    Hope this helps.
  • Just bought my Sonata SE...... :)

    Base Price: $23,946
    Floor Mats: 80.00
    Dealer fee: 597.00
    VR fee: 24.00
    Waste Tire&.. 6.50
    Sale Tax: 1,529.22
    Lemon law : 2.00
    Florida Title...: 399.00

    Total: 26584.80
    Rebate - 500.00
    OTD 26,084.80 ">

    Did i got a good deal????
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    Not too bad if you got the nav/sunroof version. I bought the same car without the nav.sunroof for the same price with a 4000 negative equity trade in.
  • derekstanggtderekstanggt Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Just bought a new '12 2.0T today, thought I would share and offer some tips.

    Round Rock Hyundai
    Just north of Austin, TX

    2012 Pacific Blue SE Turbo

    Factory options:
    Floor mats
    Cargo net
    Wheel locks

    Dealer installed options:
    Pin strips
    Nitrogen in tires
    Door guards

    After some intense negotiations, paid $23,499 +ttl came out to $25,240 with 2.9% for 72 mos that the dealer found at a local bank, which seemed high considering my 794 credit and my wife's 804.

    So the sales manager showed me the car's "invoice" at $25,100 and tried telling me they were losing $1600 on the deal, but I honestly thought there was more wiggle room. I don't believe those fishy invoices for a second. Theres no way they would show their hand like that. Anyway, I was at my goal price already and didn't want to continue what had already proved to be a brutal fight for another couple hundred or so, so I settled.

    I would advise others that if you want to get the best price possible, or your "goal" price, do NOT be intimidated by their scare tactics. They will push and bully you around, and try to make you feel stupid for offering such a "ridiculously low" offer. Don't fall for the "official, rock bottom offer" just because it's scribbled in sharpie. Also remember that you, they buyer, hold all the leverage in this deal (assuming you don't absolutely need a car today!) and can walk away at any time if you feel they won't budge or are trying to intimidate you. You can always come back later (end of month, or better, end of year) or visit another dealership. Make sure you visit at least a couple anyway, that way you can get the "best offer" from each dealership and play them against each other. Make them compete for your business.

    Great car btw, we're very happy. 36.6 mpg on the highway tonight with cruise control set at 68
  • Just bought a new (5 miles) Sonata GLS Auto with no options in the Washington DC area. Used internet to receive quotes and back and forth emails to gain best price I could get. Final price I received was $19,200 +$10 title fee + $200 processing +$60 tags +$20 misc fees + state taxes. So total price for car and fees (no taxes) was $19,490. Recieved better pricing from MD dealers than VA dealers, internet pricing beat prices from haggling with salesmen by approx $900. Good luck.
  • Just bought a new (8 miles) Sonata GLS Auto with POP package, remote start factory installed (this option is very hard to find factory installed), cargo net, cargo mat, mud guards and all weather floor mats for $19,950 before taxes and fees from Fitzgerald in Gaitherburg, MD. Price includes a Hyundai $500 owner coupon and a Fitzgerald $50 referral coupon (wife car is a 2008 Hyundai Sonata also from Fitzgerald) and destination fee.
    Invoice + destination fee for the above is about $21,860. That makes it about $1900 under invoice. Dealer processing fee (extra) was $199. I believe MD limits it to $200 anyway. Everything else had to do with mandatory Maryland taxes. I got dinged about $200-300 less than what I was expecting on the trade in (this was after heavy negotiation and threatening to leave, the initial appraisal was $500 worse).

    The deal seem to be somehow close with the post #8107 considering all the extra options and coupons. Might be useful for people shoping in the Washington DC area to establish a beseline.

    Car manufactured 11/04 in Alabama, showed on the truck at dealer on 11/23. Seen it myself on 11/25 (Black Friday) but was no prepared yet for showing (still had dust from the transport on the paint) and I could not spend too much time in the delership as my toddler got bored realy quick. Emailed back anf forth with the sales man on 11/25 evening. Pulled a "certificate" from (very important) that was matched over emails. Went back for test drive on 11/26 (now the car was looking very nice, prepared for show). I was the first one that tested it. While comming out of the test drive a different salesmen asked if I am stil interested as he has another client. Was ready to walk away as I do not like this kind of presure sales tactics. However I seen the "real person" with the Internet page open to the exact car I test drove. Aparently the "factory installed remote start" is quite a desirable option. Very litle bumps after that point. They insisted on a "soft credit pull" even I was not intereted in their financing and paid $1000 on a credit card (max allowed) and the rest with a personal check.

    I belive the cetificate saved me at least $800 extra from what I could have done just thru "regular negociations".
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