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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lol what? use costco? huh? amex? amercian express? im lost. link me if its a website. ya i know that nj dealers are cheaper than ny but i heard if you wanted to get your car serviced, it'd suck cause you'd have to go all the way to jersey. i live in nyc. is that true?
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    Check out Towne Hyundai in Denville NJ, probably within 50 miles of NYC(100 miles from where I am in CT). Haven't bought a car in 5 years, but they had fantastic prices then. Price was $18,189 OTD including all taxes, fees and registration for a Sonata that listed at $22,080. Of course discount were better then. Just comparing MSRP & selling price, we got $5400 off list price.

    No haggling, no BS. Too bad Edmund's doesn't allow us to post contact names. "Our guy" is still there.
  • Hi I was wondering how much do you think I should ask for 2012 Sonata Limited. Excluding taxes and other fees. How much do you think I should get it for
  • I live in NY, please tell me how much you bought yours for, and which dealer please thanks
  • Do you want to pay a fair price or an amazing price?

    I negotiated with multiple dealers who all said they would be the "lowest" and "beat anybody" until all but one told me they couldn't match my offer. Then I took that lowest offer. I also refused to drive to all the dealerships and said that if they wanted my business they would work with me over the phone and email. This saved me a lot of time and allowed me to work several dealerships against each other quickly. Once I have a good deal I just started calling dealerships to see if they would beat it. If they would then I called the previous lowest guy back and said I had a better offer. I was never dishonest

    I bought in Illinois so probably out of the way for you for sure. Figure out the INVOICE price. MSRP doesn't mean anything. Once you know the invoice price get a deal under it. I would go in there telling them a number you need to get to which is $2000 under invoice. If you settle at $1000 under invoice you'll still be in at a
  • thank you so much! I got 20500 but online says lowest prices near nyc area is 19800ish. Ill try to find that also this is going to be a family car so what do you guys reccomend GLS SE LTD?
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    We bought the 2012 Sonata GLS with PEP and I agree with your numbers and also with your comparison with Accord. Honda makes great cars and the engine technology has proven to be bulletproof. I have had good luck with older Nissans and Hondas.Toyota also much better than current trash talk IMO. GM is also improving quickly on certain models.
    We decide on the Hyundai Sonata this time for a number of reasons; Value for the price paid, OUTSTANDING warranty, Hyundai Assurance trade-in guarantee, improving trade in values and perception in the market due to quality improvements, overall MPG esp. highway at 35MPG & no batteries to replace AT $5-$6000 with non-hybrid, great list of features on GLS with PEP that requires more $ on other brands, and a good looking car that is fun to drive.
    The real test will be long term durability and Hyundai's delivery on the warranty and Assurance packages. If they quibble and drag their feet the market will not be kind on new cars sales, trade in values or market perception. They appear to be trying hard for a good overall brand so we felt good with the decision for us at this time.
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    Congratulations! Great car for lot less money and best looking one out there in its class. I preferred the SE steering and suspension were both more firm and precise but dealers were asking way too much (22.4K) in Fall 2011.

    Took the path of least resistance and went with 2012 Altima 2.5SL and it has been very satisfying experience so far! Bumper to bumper warranty of 7yrs/120k was added for 1500 but can get for even less on web. I never buy extended warranty but after my 2003 V-6 Accord's transmission conked out we did not want to take chances, especially since new cars have so much advanced electronics on board.
  • Just purchased a new Sonata Ltd. 2.4L - no navi package. Paid $23,775 with all taxes and fees (a $2800 trade-in included for my 11 year old Camry LE with 125K on it). And they (as they should) put the new snow tires on for free since it was snowing when I picked up the car. Took over one month to find the car between the color, metallic ruby, and the fact that I didn't want navigation package. They found one in Ohio - dealership is in Monroeville (Pittsburgh), PA. (#1 Cochran). Seriously thought about the 2012 Camry - until I saw one - just too boxy and almost ugly. I am a happy camper even if it is snowing today.
  • doks51doks51 Posts: 6
    Congrats'll love the car. I'm surprised the car is holding that kind of price tag even 6 months after launch. I paid almost the same amount for the same exact car in september, 2011. I'm starting to believe that hyundai brand value has definitely improved...

    Folks, what kind of mileage are you getting without the "eco" mode on?

  • Hi I know Ive asked this before, well sort of but my question is that if you are from the northeast areas, anywhere around ny. please tell me for how much you bought your car for, where did you buy it what dealership and all the details. what year and what model. Even if you didn't buy it from around here Id appreciate it if you put the price you got up. If you didn't yet and are going to tell me what price you're thinking of. xD Im looking around 19800 for a 2012 GLS with popular package. I live in ny. thanks, here's to hoping i get some replies =]
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    Congrats on the new Sonata. We also looked at the Camry SE vs. the Sonata GLS with PEP. Camry is atough choice due to a poor local dealer and the new Sonata offers a much more updated style and feature packed car in one person's opinion. Our dealer also had to relocate a car since we wanted black with grey interior and the $750 PEP option. Car has been great so far. City/highway MPG right on the EPA #'s. If you drive at 65, the MPG is maximized at 36-38 with thwe computer being overstated by ~2 MPG on ours. Car uses regular grade fuel and has the non low profile tires that we wanted so we air them at 33#. Bluetooth works fine and car has lots of current features. Great value for the cost. #1 Cochran is a good dealer. Enjoy
  • hi if you don't mind me asking how much did you buy it for? excluding all the fees and including? please it'll help me in asking a price to my dealer.
  • bretebrete Posts: 8
    Just bought a 2012 GLS, auto with POP, also has mats and mud flaps. MSRP $22,400, paid $19,360 plus tax and tags in the NYC area. The final price was after the $1,500 incentive.

    Leased the car for 36 months , 12K per yr. No money down. Paying $267 per month with FL tax in the payment. Solid deal
  • hi did you buy or lease, what is the second info you are talking about, also im getting 20,500 Popular package auto truecar is saying price should be 20,100ish how are you getting less than 19500 excluding taxes and fees? mind telling me the dealer? also what incentive did you get i didnt know there was any hyundai incentive? my dealer is star hyundai. i live in nyc too thankss so much
  • Just purchased my Sonata 2 weeks ago in NY and Edmunds was very helpful to me so thought I'd share my experience. I HATE negotiating at dealerships so I try to avoid that. I started by doing one of those online car services where I thought multiple dealers would email me with their best prices. Instead, 1 dealer called me. (That dealer then lied about the price to get me to go to the dealership. I immediately walked out.) Waste of time. Next I emailed 4-5 dealerships and told them I was going to buy a car in the next couple days and asked for their best price on the car I wanted. I told them I would buy from whomever gave the best price and would not be shopping prices. I believe 3 responded and 1 wanted me to come to the dealership and wouldn't give a price online or on the phone. I don't know if you are allowed to mention dealerships on here, but if you search for hyundai in Bath or Big Flats, NY you will likely get a place that I found puts a good price right on their website. That is the same price they emailed me as their best price. I didn't end up buying from them because they didn't have the exact one I wanted, but that is the kind of dealership I like. I ended up with a 2012 SE turbo. Extras: Navigation, white paint, mud flaps, cargo net, ipod cord, wind deflector, and floor mats for $27,431 OTD including 8% NYS tax. It had a sticker price of 28,930. Also got .9% for 3 years. It would have been 250 less, but the dealer didn't want to "harass" me to call and tell me that I had to buy that day to get the $500 financing rebate. They ended up "splitting" it with me and taking 250 off. I had no rebates. So far I have about 600 miles on it in two weeks. (Mostly Highway) I've been getting just under 30 mpg and always have it in eco mode. I am very happy with the car. It is beautiful inside and out. Some things I didn't know prior to purchasing: It doesn't have heated seats. I knew that but was very worried as I love heated seats. The SE has cloth/leather seats which I think look better than the leather and I don't miss the heated seats at all. Blue Link. As far as I'm concerned it is a piece of garbage. I briefly considered using the Blue link navigation instead of getting navigation installed. I watched a youtube video and realized that would be a huge mistake. It is waaaay to slow. I am very happy with the installed navigation system. You can use the navigation while driving.....VERY important to me and not an option with some brands. The touch screen works very well. I probably like the one in my Honda Pilot a little better, but might be just because I know where everything is and have to get used to this one. I was very worried about the upcharge for navigation because I saw very few reviews. So far I have been very happy. One thing I don't like is I don't know if you can put in the town first and then the street like my Honda. I think this one wants the street first so it comes up with way too many hits. Again, I might just be using it wrong. I was also ready to pay for the mid level Blue Link just to get the text messaging. I found out just after getting it that it is only good for sending messages!! What is the point? Every time I send a message the person is going to text back and then I can't read it? Bad job. The only other thing that I thought might be worth the blue link cost was the car starter. It doesn't even work yet so my free trial will likely be up before that gets going and I'm not paying for any of the other things it does. The thing that upsets me most about Blue Link is, from what I understand, they have to remove the Homelink mirror to put the Blue Link one on. The Homelink mirror has the garage door opener. I would MUCH rather have had that. All these features and it doesn't open the garage door? I had to turn the house upside down to find the remote for the garage door opener. The clip is too tight for the sun visor so I can't push it all the way on. FAIL. Other items: I don't care for the steering wheel buttons. I believe they were poorly thought out. My Honda has buttons in easy reach of my thumbs right where my hands naturally rest. They are too high on the Sonata and were not well thought out. For example, the volume button is closer to the outside of the steering wheel than the channel changer. I'd think most people change the channel way more than the volume. The cruise buttons are also not logically placed and I spend as much time looking on the steering wheel for what to push as I would using regular dials on the radio. I wish they were as easy to reach as the paddle shifters which I am never going to use. Visibility is not as good as my Pilot. (I didn't expect it to be) but it is worse than I thought it would be. The side view mirrors are small and the non-window parts of the car seem more obstructive than they should be. Finally, there is a little more road noise than I would like. I can hear the rocks hitting the bottom of the car sometimes. It could have been a little better insulated. Thats all I can think of right now. I know it seems like I said a lot of bad things, but I really like the car and am thrilled just walking to it after work. It is a pleasure to drive. I just wanted to point out the things that I didn't notice before buying. I highly recommend the Sonata (after 600 miles) and at this point would definitely buy it again.
  • thetrumanatorthetrumanator Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    So i won a car in the showcase on Price is Right, and in it included a Hyundai. Out of all the cars i could've chosen, I was really leaning toward the Sonata, with a chance of looking at the genesis coupe. I had a 17000 credit to whatever I wanted, and i drove the sonata down the street and was sold! I read so much up on the sonata and it was all it looks good, great for the price, but Im 18 years old, 6'4", and needed a high quality car to get me through college, and of course something I could fit in! I was driving a honda civic and i looked like a clown climbing out!! I wanted black exterior, gray interior se with turbo and nav, i was contracted by the show to go to one dealership and pick what i wanted from their inventory. I ended up with a black limited with nav with tan interior. I really liked the black exterior and the touch screen that came with the nav package, those were most important to me. I also had to pay full msrp, which really hurt my wallet! but hey, I'm 18, haven't even graduated high school, have a sizable car loan on my credit, and hopefully will buy a house before my freshman year in college is over! Back to the car, I LOVE IT!!! it handles really well, i get up to highway speeds very quickly, even with the standard engine, and passing speeds are awesome. i haven't floored it yet, but i will, probably when the boys golf season starts back up, good ole golf course out on a mountain road, got my honda over 100 on that road, wander where my sonata will get me. But i would prefer more protection from the sudden road noises like running over rocks, it startles me because i feel like my car was about to fall apart. also, the car is pretty easy to keep the inside clean, except for that dastardly tan leather! my car has a thousand miles on it and i already need to take leather cleaner to it, and i had clean clothes on every time i drive it. I also felt bad for my salesmen because apparently my review came back as a fail, and he didn't get paid full commission, but he did a really good job. I just did so much research on the cars myself, i only needed him to open the cars that peaked my interest. i only looked at the inventory, sizable i must say, for about 15 minustes before i knew the car i wanted. But overall, if i hadn't won it, i would have never bought a hyundai, but now i say great things about them, but only time will tell on the overall quality, well see if it can get me through college. I bought the car at Keyes Hyundai in Van Nuys, CA. great place to go if they have what your looking for, the finance guy i dealt with just was the greatest guy, and made for a great finance experience.
  • 2012 Wht 21670 out the door tax and fee included , deakership in the sticks of Columbus Ohio but worth the drive , picking up on Mon.
  • what does wht? mean what trim are you getting? and packages? details please =]
  • Shimmering white tan interior base pkg, they threw in mats , cargo ect
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