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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Freeman irving.
  • i'll give you a dealer where there is no negotiating because their deals are so good you won't believe them. they post the msrp and then give you the actual price which is thousands ( yes thousands ) lower than the msrp. the dealer is in salem, new hampshire. their website is
    i'll be using them next time i buy a hyundai and i have bought three at a dealership in mass. and i intend to use salems price when i negotiate with the mass dealer for my next purchase. and their "price in salem usually does not include the incentives.
    salem new hamp. is only 25 miles from me.
    check it out.
  • Looking for best price for this car after all rebates, live in New York and want car real soon, totally loaded invoice 29980. What should I expect and how do I go about negotiating with dealer? Please help!!
  • jefk56jefk56 Posts: 4
    Just bought '13 Sonata lim pzev w/ premium pkg, mud guards, carpeted and all season mats - blue/camel leather. 24600 +tax +MV+doc(249).sticker was 29980 plus the few extras, in central jersey. Felt it was almost as good as I could get,wanted to buy close to home, family owned dealer.
  • Congrats!
    Where did you get in SFLA?
    Did you purchase? Lease?

    I've been looking and want to get one today..last day of rebates..but no deals as good as yours.

    Happy New Year.
  • roseychicroseychic Posts: 4
    edited January 2013
    i got the car at lehman brothers on countyline rd and 441. i went in with a price of 23,590 and we settled at 23,790. i had to fight hard but i got my price
    and remember that was after they took the $2,000 off in rebates. i love the car it drives so great and looks beautiful in white with the all black leather interior
    good luck oh and yes we bought it!
  • Yes, the RED one is delicious! I had the 2011 SE in Venetian Red... found it on the sales floor. Then, 3 months later heard about the Turbo. Wanted, but didn't see a red one, and was not willing for a dealer to locate me one... I was happy with that car.

    But as luck would have it, a 2012 Red (Sparkling Ruby, I think) Turbo SE was sitting on the showroom floor as I was in for routine service 18 months following my purchase. I drove IT home that very day!

    I live in the Nashville, TN area and did not see another red one on the road for forever, but occasionally do now. I still am yet to see another red Turbo. Trust me, save up for a red... and spend the extra on the Turbo!

    Can you say ZOOOOOOM and BIG FUN to drive?? Love mine well enough to pay the 3 years without changing again... LOL
  • Thanks for your response. :)
    I am happy you like your car!

    Did you go through internet sales?
    Anyone you recommend to deal with?
  • DB,

    I actually just purchased the Sonata Limited 2.0t for $23,100 with Navigation and everything. I am from PA and tags and taxes were included.
  • I just bought the Sonata Limited 2.0T with Navigation for $23,200. Tags and Taxes are included. I got $1600 for my car and put down 2k. Payments are at $307/72m with 3.9 apr. Did I get a good deal? I am from PA. All the input would be very helpful, as I am new to this board. Looked like a site with honest/good responses
  • Sounds good, I am looking for the same except add premium package and a few small goodies. Where did you buy from? I am from Long Island and the prices seem much higher here, they don't negotiate much.
  • Looking for the same package with spoiler deflector and mud guards. Live in New York and willing to travel for a good deal. Can not get one on Long Island. What was the MSRP and where did you get your deal?
  • What did you get the car for? Where are you located and what dealer for that price? I am looking now.
  • Hi all!

    I've been shopping around for a Camry here in LI, New York. I got an OTD price of 2013 Camry SE with Sunroof and Nav, no leather or other options whatsoever. I was upset of how the dealership handled the price because they first offered 25K, then the 'manager' said no, and asked for 25800, we said ok. Then the manager said no to OUR 'ok' and said, ' you know what, we'll give it to you for 26200. We walked out and my father almost berated and cursed out the manager.
    Btw, Taxes in NY is 8.8 percent.

    I've always wanted a Sonata and I've convinced my father that the Sonata is a very good car. I'm interested in the Sonata SE and/or Limited with Nav. I'd prefer the Limited because it HAS rear heated seats! My goodness, am I right or am I wrong?! Anyways, I see that some folks have been achieving an OTD price for the 2013 Limited with Nav for 26K. Is that what I should be aiming for?
    As for the SE, should I suggest 24K OTD?

    I intend to put 8 to 10K down cash and the rest finance over 60 months.
  • What dealer did you use
  • i did have a dealer from kendall call me through internet sales and i got him to send me an email with the 23,590 price. i then told the dealer at lehman that i had an email and that he had to meet that price or beat it and he said he would but i then had him send me an email with his price on it and then and only then did i take a drive down there
  • Cool, we both bought at same dealer (I got slightly worse deal but its all good).
    Are you the buyer who bought the blue one parked right in front as a display car?
    I bought mine on Saturday, Dec 22.
  • Good evening, yall. I need some help here. Buying my first new car. I live in HW Houston. I want to buy the 2013 Sonata Limited (2.4L w/ 198 HP). With Premium Package. Floormats, Mudguards, etc. Total MSRP on the website comes out to $30,150. I have heard your first offer should be 30% or so off the MSRP. And then work from there. I dont know if this is true or not. What should be the highest price I should settle at w/ taxes and Title? Any comments would be much appreciated.
  • To phrase that question a little better, what should my target price be?
  • I recently bought this car in New Orleans.

    MSRP: 27,515 (invoice $26,085)= NAV, Carpet floor mats, Cargo Mat, Cargo Net, Mirror w/homelink. (salesman added window etching/Ipod cord- tried to get window tint but the dealership didn't do window tinting)

    Dealer added "value": $1095 (my est. invoice & $572) Accent package? Paint/fabric protector/splash guards.***words of advice, shopping on websites do not prepare you for the actual dealer added items that you have no idea about until you see the car. The first place I went to, had $1,700 worth of extras. These can catch you off guard as you don't really know how to properly negotiate them. I was thrown off, as $27,515 MSRP was my price I was working with and getting in my head before I went to the dealership. I also went on Fitzmall and found the exact same car(diff color) with options for $27,515 MSRP and printed out the sheet and had it with me. The lowest price on Fitzmall was $23,300 and this included all the current rebates.**** This was the best # I saw in all my research and crunching the invoice/incentive numbers myself.

    Total MSRP of my car @ dealership was $28,606(Invoice~$26,675)

    Final car price $25,657 - $1,500 - $500 = $23,657. Almost 5k below MSRP.
    Add 8.5% tax + $232 doc fee (didn't bother to negotiate any more at such a small cost) total out the door was $25899. I shot the dealer a really low OTD price of $25000 & then $25,500 but he complained about losing $$ on the deal. I had no real bargaining power with no trade in and not putting any money down.

    At the end of the day, I paid just $1018 below invoice without any incentives or $3,000 with them all. I think in the south some of the incentives have expired. I actually gave up the $1,500 in Hyundai incentives to get the 0% for 60months, which saves me ~ $400 over the life of the loan.
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