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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think you are answering your own questions. I would be leery of that OTD price. Is there a trade involved? Is it a demo? I'd buy one at that price!
  • Hi mtndew!

    What are your prices before tax and title since each state and county are different? And what dealers did you get those pricings from? It is really hard to tell by OTD when we don't know the state tax.
  • Hello pegasus17,

    yea that was the first price which I didn't even expect to offer. No, trade-in is not involved nor any other things. It's just buying a new car. I'm not sure if it's demo or not, but people say it could be demo, I guess I should check it.
  • Hello maureen14,

    Thank you for your answer. Actually, I don't know the price before tax and stuff, because that was the price he offered me at the first time as a OTD. I live in Greenville, SC, and I think tax is $300 flat.
  • Wow. $300 in taxes is awesome. I am in NY and we pay something like 8.6% which comes out to a lot! If you do the numbers that Steve has written about with taking 3% of MSRP, subtracting that from the invoice price and then taking off all incentives or between 1500 and 2000- then that seems to be what a lot of people are able to get the sonata at. Although, I have seen people getting even better than that. Does the car have any extras? If your tax is only $300, you might even be able to get lower than that if you figure it out.
  • Hello, maureen14

    Yea, I didn't realize the tax $300 that we have is really good.
    And here is the detail price they offered me.

    internet sale price: $20,280 (with MSRP $24,370)
    this price includes freight handling fee $775
    +closing fee $349 (what is closing fee, btw? is it doc fee?)
    +SC sales tax $300
    +SC tag fee $39
    total: 20,968 OTD

    It seems to be great deal to me as long as they are not demo.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Yea, I didn't realize the tax $300 that we have is really good.

    But, you get all that snow.... uh.... wait a minute... Hey! This isn't fair!! ;)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • That closing fee is really just another way of adding money to the price. If you go back to like September-October posts from last year, Steve explains a lot of things about purchasing. They are on like page 423 or so. They are really helpful. Good Luck with your purchase.
  • with Premium Package
    MSRP = 31,745
    Dealer Quote = 27,790
    minus 1000 HFMC cash
    minus 500 competitive

    brings final price to 26,290
    plus tax,title,plates.

    Look like a fair deal?
  • rayabgrayabg Posts: 4
    Invoice for 20,527 with everything included, out the door. Car only has 11 miles on it.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    what was the final negotiated price before TTT and fees??
  • raghu_nyraghu_ny Posts: 1
    hey buddy

    I am trying to buy a sonota 2.0 turbo limited with premium package. you have got a good deal . can you please email me details as the dealers in NJ would want to see a proof . thank you in advance

  • rayabgrayabg Posts: 4
    hey there,
    I got the GLS, not the limited turbo. if you give me your emila, I can provide you with details
  • spunwpaspunwpa Posts: 1
    Limited PZEV with basic options plus mud guards, cargo mat, cargo net, all-weather floor mat
    Edmunds TMV: $25,219
    Posted MSRP: $26,940
    Final deal: $23,000 (-$1,800 trade-in)
    OTD: $22,941

    Looks like a fair deal? Thank you all for helpful tips and discussions.

    PS. Just found that in my signed sheet, they made a critical mistake!! I said 10k down and initially deposited 3k and have 7k due on delivery. The sheet says I deposited 7k and due 3k on delivery. It would be interesting to see how they react when I show this sheet with only 3k instead of 7k. (Of course, I will pay 7k on delivery; but 3k first with the sheet, then 4k after teasing the salesperson:)
  • Hi there. I have been visiting the boards and learning as much as I can over the past few weeks. I am looking for a 2012 Sonata Hybrid. This Sunday, my husband and I went to the dealership that had offered us the best prices online. They have over 20 hybrids on the lot. I wanted to look at them in person without any pressure before we went in later this week.

    When we arrived, the sales manager was working some extra hours at the office and offered to help us. The car I had my eye on (a silver 2012 hybrid --ultimate pkg,demo, with 5,000 miles) was nowhere to be found. I noticed that not all of the cars on the internet were on the lot. He told me that they store some at a second location. He then notified me that they had sold that particular car. It was the only hybrid with ultimate package they had. I was disappointed, but was okay to look at non-ultimate hybrids.

    He told me that he personally owned a 2012 white with black leather interior hybrid that he was going to sell in the next month or so. It is fully-loaded with every single available option. It has 7,200 miles on it. He offered 26,000 even for it. He said that if we wanted to get the extended platinum warranty on it he would purchase it under the employee discount at 1,500 making the total $27,500 plus TTL.

    I am concerned that a second-hand Hyundai loses the 10/100,000 warranty as it is downgraded. I haven't been able to call the warranty company to ask them about coverage (transfer fees, etc.) because they are closed.

    Does anyone have any advice for me? Good deal? Crap deal? The car is fabulous and I would love to have it, but not at the expense of common-sense.

    Thanks for reading and responding. I appreciate it.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    You are right-once a Hyundai has been registered, it loses the 100K warranty. If he buys the warranty-you need to pay the transfer fee.

    JMHO-but this "deal" smells to me. Purhase a car through a dealer, not a private party even though he is the sales manager.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    That seems slimy...

    It's either not exactly true... or, he would lose his job if his boss found out...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    I would have to agree...I would not go for this deal. Reminbds me of a saleman who said that my trade was not worth more than $500 and he'd be happy to buy it for that. When I told other dealers the tail they said that what he did was way out of line and that the original dealer should be very unhappy if he knew his employees were working for themselves on his time.

    I'd steer clear!
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