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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just came back from a hyundai dealer in hampton, va and saw a sonota lx with a moon roof (sun roof), leather interior, climate control, powered seats, mud flaps, car mats and etc..l. and was told that the dealership is a no haggle zone and was offered to pay 19,990 for the car. Is that a fair price?
  • I live in So Central Pa. Haven't bought yet but
    doing my homework. Go to You can
    spec out a car and send request to several dealers.Unless the car u looked at had pkg6 (incl ABS),19990 was sticker price.Not all bad as I think Sonata is good value. A dealer in Balto MD
    quoted 18537, local dealer 750 off MSRP, and a nearby dealer above MSRP. Sonata's are not plentiful on dealer's lots, LX in particular.So
    not much bargaining power. U can check website of
    lg dealers (Fitzgerald Auto Mall in DC area) and
    see what's avail and "internet" price. Their invoice price looks out of whack, but their sell
    prices are good. Unless supply picks up the Sonata
    appears it might be like the Santa Fe where sticker price appears to be common. Do some homework. You live in a good area to have enough dealers to work with. Good luck
  • And I also assume the car you described was an
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    is a great source of pricing and selection info., no matter what car you're looking for. At least with Hyundais, they invariably shoot for Edmunds TMV as their no-haggle price. The only premiums I've ever seen (usually a few hundred $'s) are for very new on lot stock.

    Also, the invoice discrepancies are related to the Ad fees for which even Edmunds buying advice recognizes and makes allowance.
  • You made a good point re advertising
    fees add-on which Edmunds makes clear, although personally I haven't run into that where I live.
  • wystwyst Posts: 9
    Sure glad to help ya.

    We bought ours from Champion Hyundai in Austin. It is the 3rd car we bought from them.

    However.... I would recomend Jay Brinks I believe was the name. They are in Houston. They were tremendously helpful to us, and really were the ones who kept driving all the other dealers to meet or drop out of the race for our money.

    If you do go there, mention my name which is eddie, and you should ask to speak with the salesman who's name is Ed as well.

    Yes, they would give me the quote over the phone. I imagine they knew I was pretty serious, as I had in some cases more info than they did. I knew their floor plan $$ etc. But (I have mentioned this on other forums in more depth) You don't want to just get a quote. I would get Sale Orders with the VIN and stock number, then the sales manager or fleet manager would have to sign it, and fax it back to me. This way everyone knows this is a real car.

    My fax machine was buring up that day lol.

    To be honest, tho I am here... I really don't think Edmunds is that hot a site. It's a good launching pad for buying, but there are other sites that give much more in-depth info that you should have with you, before you buy a car.

    I have purchased 8 new cars now, and you really have to go in with your credit report, know your rating. Know what they paid for the car.(thats not the invoice btw) Everything is negotiable don't believe Edmunds... eg. holdback is DEF negotiable, I have never let a dealer keep it all, or sometimes any. Know how long the car has been on their lot. Do NOT finance through the dealer. etc.. I can go on and on.. but I am boring everyone now. :)

    Good luck!!
  • Thank you very much for the information...
  • Follow-up to prior post. I checked 3 dealers lots in Baltimore Md today. One had 4 Sonata, no GLS or
    LX. Another dealer had (NO EXAGERATION!) at least
    300 Elantra, Accents etc - even about 20 Santa Fe - which I rarely see no more than 1 or 2 of. Not ONE 2002 Sonata anywhere to be seen. The 3rd
    dealer had one base Sonata and was already adding
    his "bonus" above sticker price. With availability
    like this, I just don't see that too many sweet deals are going to be out there. Has anyone bought
    recently ? Where, model, and price pd vs MSRP ??
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    So, essentially you have a few less break-in miles to go and nobody beat up the car in those miles. :D
  • Hi, I lived in Minnesota, and they are charging sticker price for the GLS and LX because there are zero availability, so I settled for the base model, silver color. They only have 5 base sonatas available in the entire Twin Cities area. Here was what I paid for:

    $15600 + TTL = $16876

    MSRP was $16693, options included mug guards, carpet and cargo net.

    Sounds like a decent deal to me because they showed me the dealer's cost was $15641.

  • Blinkerfluid,

    No haggle means they give you their best price. If you don't like it you just go on down the road. If one dealer won't give it for the price you want another probable will. Best advice is don't be in love with the car and be willing to walk away from the. From Personal experience with Arrow the price is not sticker. As I stated in previous post, they came in a a price that I felt was good. You need to do your homework and check out the whole sale price. I added $300 to that price, the dealer has to make some profit but not excessive. It gets trickier if you are trading in a car. Again do your homework. Edmunds has all the information you need. Also be realistic about the condition of your trade-in. Arrow was right on the money as far as I was concerned.
  • I am about to give up on buying a Hyundai! After doing much research and test driving an LX, I signed an agreement with a dealer in Quincy, MA. on Oct 11 for a pearl white LX with moonroof. They said at the time it would take 2 days to get that color. They had 2 blue LX's at that time and they have not gotten any other LX's sinse. Am I the worlds biggest chump, or is there anyone else out there that has been waiting 7 weeks for a Sonata?
  • d1girl is your car an automatic for that price?
  • 2002 GLS V6/AUTO SILVER WITH SUNROOF Paid $16544.00 --None of the 5 San Diego Dealers had an LX as of 11/29/2001.
  • Test drove a 2002 Sonata GLS in Ruby Red with moonroof. In addition, it had mud flaps, mats and cargo net that I really didn't want. Offered $17,000 to start and he claimed invoice was $17,462. Offered that and was still turned down, so we walked away. Edmunds claimed invoice was $16833 on the GLS with sunroof. Even adding $200 in options at MSRP doesn't bring the car up to The $17462 the Queensbury dealer was claiming. I'm suspicious of his claim because though he waved and shuffled a lot of paper, he wouldn't actually show us his invoice. Was I smart to walk away or did I miss out on one of the few remaining GLS's in NY?
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    The difference may have been due to any # of things but most likely the ad fees. If a dealership will not show you true invoice, walk away. Most dealers final invoice sheets will always be higher than what we calculate on Edmunds because our #'s don't include any ad fees which Edmunds states is a fair fee subject to haggling. Most dealers try to get the same flat fee for every car they sell which is BS.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    go find another dealer. I took delivery about 2 weeks ago (in Mass) of a 2002 sonata gls (slate grey), moonroof, cargo net, and paid $17k with 10yr/100k bumper to bumper warranty. (sticker was 18,8 + $1200 for bump-bump warranty). Trade was '94 honda accord ($3k). ($20k-$3k(honda)-$3k negotiated=$14K)
    Rumor has it that the cars are in port, but are being checked by the feds. So it may take a while to get them to the dealers.
  • Let me know if this is a good deal.

    Silver LX w/ABS and TCS, Moonroof w/deflector, floor mats, cargo net for 19595 + tax and title. It will be $20500 out the door w/tax and title. The dealer is a friend and had to pull some strings to get the car to Ohio for me.
  • I was wondering what would be fair for this vehicle. My dealer located one so we sat down to try and do sone bussiness. KBB and Edmonds give 14599 as dealer invoice, which includes dest. chrg. I offered 15000 and was told that was below dealer cost. Anyone with a 5 speed base care to offer up what they paid?? Would love to know. Thanks
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    In Mass I had a iron clad deal for $14,6 for a base sonata with the v6/auto upgrade. I opted to get the gls/package 5 (sunroof) for $17k plus the 10yr/100k bump to bump. You should be able to get mid to high 13's.
    Keep shopping. When I told them the names of the other dealerships I was going to, (and I told them where I was going and that I don't buy a car on the first walk through) they took off 3k from the sticker. Time is on your side right now. They want to clear as many as they can by the end of the year. Make them sweat!!
    If you are in New England, Try Rt2 Hyundai in Leominster Ma.
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