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Oldsmobile Aurora Owners: Meet the Members



  • Well its # 252, and has I have the Collector's Appreciation package proudly on display. I bought it with 25k miles and it has about 30k now. It has all options except the CD changer and the nav-radio. Its well taken care of and no signifigant problems as of yet. I cant belive that your has only 550 miles on it, what a dream. I live in Michigan but I went to Iowa to get the car as it was the only one I could find for sale at the time. I'm an enigineer for Ford actually but this car gains alot of stares and questions from other car buffs in the employee lot who recognize its signfigance, so it makes it worth while.
    The car is pampered well with premium fuel, regular waxxings, syntheic oils and so on. Owning this car makes me love to drive again.
    A question I would pose to the group is I'm debating purchasing the GM extednted warranty. Any thoughts on the subject?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Depends on how many miles you plan on driving it per year, how long you plan on keeping the car, and your tolerance/ability to pay for unexpected repairs.

    I had a third-party extended warranty on my '98 Aurora. Researching the car here, there were a number of common problems (made me decide to get the warranty). I got hit with almost all of them - my warranty paid out more than 3x what I paid for it. I see fewer issues with the new Auroras, but there are some strange ones (and dealer service expertise does seem to be an issue due to the demise of Olds)...

    If you do decide to get an extended warranty, shop around. I've heard that Capper Auto Center in Iowa, and Black Pontiac Cadillac in Pennsylvania, offer discounted GMPP plans. Might consider checking out their prices and then seeing if your local dealer will match - otherwise buy from the discounters (what I plan to do on my 2004 GTO and my wife's 2004 Envoy)...

  • suekrasuekra Posts: 1
    My dashboard, and outside lights (not headlights) keep blinking. I briefly searched this board and saw mention of multifunction switch. Where is it? I need to turn it off or do something. All my neighbors are calling to tell me my lights are blinking. If this switch needs to be replaced, does an authorized mechanic need to do it or is it something I can have my sun-in-law do. by the way, it is a 1999 Aurora.

    Thank you for any help you can give me. This started yesterday and I don't know how much of this my battery can take.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    It is the turn signal, cruise control, headlight stalk (left side of your steering wheel). There is too much grease, causing the contacts to be intermittent and your headlights to flash.

    If you take this to a dealer, you will pay $500+ to have them replace this switch. If you or anyone else you know is mechanically inclined, you can fix this. There are disassembly instructions posted somewhere here, as well as on other web sites (I cannot post a link without having the post deleted by Edmunds - their policy). Suggest you use Google to search for "Aurora MultiFunction Switch". Or, just send me an email (address in my profile).

    Hope this helps,

  • amglowamglow Posts: 2
    I am new to this group and am glad to see such devotion to this fine automobile. My wife and I just purchased a 1998 Aurora this weekend with 18,900 original miles! It looks like they rolled it out of the showroom. It's the "base" model Aurora, so it doesn't have the moon roof, heated seats, or autobahn, but who's counting. It's the most loaded vehicle I've ever owned. The array of options is dizzying to comprehend.

    It drives great! Very quiet and tight, and she leaps forward with a slightly heavy foot. I used to own a 1970 Cutlass Supreme. That was my favorite car until this one came along. At least they are in the Oldsmobile family. I've always like Oldsmobiles more than any other brand or markee. It's a shame GM shot themselves in the foot by deciding to disband the Olds division.

    The funny thing is we bought the car to replace my wife's 97 Dodge Intrepid (144,000 miles), but she wants to keep it now and still use it as her primary car to keep the miles off of the Aurora. :)

    I look forward to meeting the group.

  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    Welcome aboard amglow,

    What color is your Aurora?

    Image hosted by
  • tjm97tjm97 Posts: 27

    You have miles-o-smiles to go... :shades: :shades:
  • amglowamglow Posts: 2
    Hi Javi,

    It is the dark green metalic color. How do I attach an image? I have one the dealer sent me that I can send. Thanks.

  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    You have to go to a website that can let you host a picture, I use
    they let use post your pictures and then you can post them here.

    Image hosted by
  • Hello, I have had a rough weekend. I have a Chevy Venture Van, and I HAD a Dodge Intrepid. Where is this going you ask? Well, this weekend after our van broke down (blown head gasket)I let my wife borrow my baby (the Intrepid). She got in an accident with or kids in the car and totalled the car. No one was hurt but the Fearless car was gone. With that I have an uncle who has an Aurora 4.0 L with all the extras. It only has 50,000 miles on it. At first I thought I want a car I can modify and one that can move, and I have always though Olds where for the older generation (I am 34). Well when I looked at it, I was impressed, then I drove it! I really thin I like it. I guess I just want to see what any ones opinion of the 2000 Aurora is and if it can be modified (i.e. body, engine, etc). I think I could really like it. The intrepid had 2.7L which was not enough for me. I think I will like the 4.0 L. What fun stuff can I do with this Aurora at stop lights and such??
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I assume you are talking about the 2001 Aurora (there was no 2000 model - it's the second-generation car, which came either with a 3.5L V6 or the 4.0L V8 your uncle's got).

    I don't believe there are a lot of performance mods for these cars - probably the best thing you can do is replace the exhaust system with something like a Corsa. With the older Aurora, the airbox can be gutted for better intake flow and sound, but I don't believe this works on the newer gen.

    There is/was a web site ( promising upgrades for the Auroras and other Northstar-powered cars. Unfortunately, there is little demand, so I don't know if any of their ideas have come to fruition.

    If you want to modify the car to go faster, the Aurora is probably not for you. If you want to go fast with style, maybe it is.

    Just my 2 cents,

  • akitaakita Posts: 1
    Hello everybody? Me and my wife just recenly paid off our 98 Arr. Unfortunately, it's starting to give us a problem regarding acce. I started to work on it and I noticed that several of my hoses is not hook up right/or missing hoses. Went to the dealer to buy a service man. book but they told me they need to order it. Is there anybody have a vacuum / emission / fuel diagram that can share to me so that I can fix the car? Especially the gas prices now adays is not a big help ;especially i'm unemployed and looking for a job..I appreciate It much.
  • blk97aurorablk97aurora Posts: 573

    What does "acce" mean? Acceleration? Air conditioning" Or something else?

    Factory service manuals are available from; they are fairly expensive (>$100). You may be able to find one on eBay for less money.

    Can you describe the hoses involved? If I know what to look for, I may be able to copy pages from my '97 manual and mail them to you. '97s and '98s are very similar.

  • blk97aurorablk97aurora Posts: 573

    Your reply to me (#143 I think) seems to have disappeared, so I do not have your email address. The sketches in the service manual are not very good, so I took photos myself. I can email the files to you if if I can get your email address.

    Les Young
  • pl390pl390 Posts: 7
    Hi all,

    Well my wife needs a new Mini van to haul kids and hockey bags around town. Last year my company provided a car for me so my 1997 Aurora has been used very little. I took it with me to see about a trade in and he told me $ 6200. Its in very good shape with only 74K . The guy called me three time not about the van but on the trade in of my car. Is this a fair price? I was going to keep or give the car to a family member that needs one. Thank you in advance for you response.

  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    There's a "Real World Trade-in Values" thread over in the Smart Shopper discussion. Terry (rroyce10) can tell you, based on an accurate description of your vehicle, what it's worth.

    who thinks that sounds great for an 8+ year old car, but doesn't know what options, etc. it has.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Here's a link that topic:

    Real World Trade-In Values

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  • I have a 97 Aurora bought from an estate sale last November. Snapped it up when I saw it had less than 45,00 miles. Owned by the proverbial little ole lady from a N. Texas outpost. I drove 75 miles to look at it and bought it (for about 20% of the sticker price I guess). The granddaughter cried when I baught it. Beautiful car, light blue with dark blue leather.
    Should have bought the extended warranty though. Had to replace A/C, belt pullys, but we still like it. Still less $$ than a new car, and it GOES!
  • That's a nice find, now was it a 45,000 or 4,500 miles?

    Also I have question for you is there any way to PM you.
  • Hello,
    I just purchased a 2001 black Aurora. I love this car! It has almost everything including the cd changer. Only 54000 miles and I got it for $14000.
    Just wanted to say hi.
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