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Oldsmobile Aurora: Modifications



  • I would not ride in an Aurora rolling on those tires!

    First -- I checked TireRack for load index for 225/40-18 tires; the range was 88 to 92. Load index for stock 235/60-16 tires is 100, meaning your proposed tires are seriously under size for Aurora's weight.

    Second -- outer diameter of 225/40-18 tires is 7.1% smaller than stock tires. The usual guideline is to keep difference in replacement tires less than 1%. The effect would be speedo reading ~64 mph when the car is actually going 60 mph. I do not know if the 7% difference can be detected by the PCM or anti-lock brakes; I suspect no.

    A much better choice would be 255/45-18, which will give you diameter within 0.2% of stock and load index of 99 to 103.

    Hope this helps.

  • gitchgitch Posts: 1
    Jim I recently had a stereo installed at a shop and my air conditioning controls still work on the wheel but the volume does not because i did not want to buy the adapter.

    I cant answer your question on how to fix it, but it is possible.

    How did you get the radio out, i am trying to take out mine.

    i have a 2002 aurora 3.5
  • johnnyo4johnnyo4 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had the problem of noise from the blower and also vibration in the gas peddle when turned to more then half way up? If so how did you fix it???
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    johnnyo4......this is the Modifications thread. You might have better luck posting your issue in the Maintenace and Repair thread. You may also want to do a Forum search on the words "blower motor", etc. Lots of folks have posted problems/solutions on the heating and air conditioning fans/blowers. Try "climate control" also.
  • greasmunkygreasmunky Posts: 5
    Have you considered just converting to a passive system? The compressors and air ride systems altogether are very poorly designed systems. They work great WHEN they work, then can be pretty expensive to repair. offers a conversion kit that custom built to fit the car. Its all made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty. its a much more reliable system than the air ride and is DESIGNED to last the lifetime of the vehicle. The steel is not shipped from China or reheated and reshaped to fit the need. Its definately more of a permanent fix if that is the direction you were wanting to go.
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