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Oldsmobile Aurora Prices Paid and Buying Experience

hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
edited March 29 in Oldsmobile
2001 4.0L Cherry & Neutral w/OnStar (built 07AUG2000 - purchased 24AUG2000)
U1F (Bose), N94 (chrome wheels), U1S (12-CD changer), BA5 (gold), KA1 (heated seats).

Sticker $37,594 - negotiated price $35,700

2002 4.0L Cherry & Neutral w/OnStar (not here yet)
UM8 (navigation radio), N94 (chrome wheels), U1S (12-CD changer), BA5 (gold), KA1 (heated seats), K05 (block heater).

Sticker $38,405 - GMO price $33472 - $1500 loyalty - $1000 rebate = $30,972

Third party interest rates are good enough right now to take the rebate over GMAC rates (5.9% 60mo)


  • 1998 Evergreen(I think) Aurora
    Sunroof, heated seats, and gold package
    paid $13,000 even
  • 1997 Aurora

    Black with gold pinstriping

    Gold Package (emblems)

    16" Michelin Wheels (Standard)

    Sunroof, Heated Seats

    Wood Trim upgrade

    38,000 miles (in 1999)

    Paid $18,000 for it (in 1999)

    Worth EVERY single penny....

    I do suggest getting the factory warranty extended though. The car is unique and weird to fix should something go wrong. I paid $1,400 for my extended warranty and already got the money back in repairs.

    There you go

  • $18,500...32,600 miles, sunroof, excellent condition. Denver area. It had been auctioned (a leased vehicle in Michigan) a couple of times. I was surprised to find such a good car not being much in demand. Lack of advertising?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Purchased my loaded black/graphite '98 w/Autobahn, moonroof, heated seats, chrome wheels, Bose, CD changer, with 27,200 miles on it, for $17k back in early April.

    The car was a one-driver Michigan lease (registered to Leo Burnett, i.e. Olds' ad agency), purchased in an auction my dealer in late May of 2000, put on the lot in early July (at $24,245!), and sat there until early March, when they dropped it to $19,900. From there, it went to $18,900 in mid-March (they still wouldn't negotiate with me), and, after running ads in the paper for 2 weeks, finally came down to $17k when it was apparent I was the only one interested in the car :-)

    I think the only option I don't have is the gold package...


    p.s. pics at
  • Purchased of Ebay in March for ~15,400.

    36,000 miles, two owner car from Nevade via California. Needed nothing :).

    None were for sale privately in my area, and the dealers just wanted too much.

    Just put 2 new tires on due to a nasty incident with a culvert. The OEM Michiline were only $85 per at Sears. Figured that they would be more, but I won't complain.
  • Purchased a 95 with 60K miles in July for $ 9,100. Local one owner trade on a 2001 at original selling/servicing dealer. Excellent condition all the way around.

    Shopped hard for a newer model but couldn't find another that matched the condition of the 95. Every other available Aurora either looked or drove like it had been thrashed around pretty hard.
  • My father previously had 2 Aurora's-

    1995 Black/Neutral w/ Gold package and sunroof

    1997 Light Beige/Neutral w/ gold package, sunroof and heated seats.

    Payments(lease) for the '95: $635 per month, $0 down, 55,000 miles for 2 1/2 yrs.

    Payments(lease) for the '97: $600 per month, $0 down, 55,000 miles for 2 1/2 yrs. Total vehicle price for the '97 was $37,860
  • larryfllarryfl Posts: 214
    '95 Classic purchased in May, 2001 with 50,500 miles for $ 11,000.
    Champagne metalic
    Bose, Heated seats, sunroof
    Bought at local Buick dealer. Dealer installed New tires, replaced tilt wheel lever and console shifter. Car is immaculate otherwise.

    Due to a bad experience I had with a 3rd party warranty on my last car I opted for the GM 24 month bumper-to-bumper warranty at $1800. That's alot but EVERYTHING is covered for $ 50.
  • 98 Aurora - Arctic White - Purchased Mar 2001
    42,000 miles
    Heated Seats - (Great for North Dakota winters)
    New tires - (Dealer installed)
    Excellent condition - Purchase price $17,900
  • What does "GMO" represent?
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    GM employee Order price. You might also see GMS GM employee Stock price. The GMS price is on every dealer invoice for in stock cars. The price is generally below "holdback" price, but varies by model and can change over time. If you see a real dealer invoice, the GMS price should be on it. The GMS price is the GMO price plus regional advertizing charges (typically 1% of MSRP).
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Actually, I believe the GMS price is the GMO price plus 4%. GM suppliers pay 4% more than actual GM employees.
  • 2001 silver 3.5 27,000 miles
    No options....former rental car
    Bought Nov. 2001
    I Paid $17,900

  • Purchased a 2001 4.0 fully equipped except for the multiple CD changer, White, 9100 miles--a "program car" (what ever that is). I paid $25,500. I am in the Intermountain West and there doesn't seem to be alot of these cars around here which was one of the motivations that I had in buying the car. The purchase was on the 15th of December 2001. I orginally wanted a De Ville but to get the Caddy equipped the same way, I would have been in the mid $35k range and I had rented a DeVille in May and while it drove out well and does have more room, it was a bit of a boring drive after a week's use. Don't ask me why, it was great on the road but it didn't have any personality.
  • kemo444kemo444 Posts: 15
    1997 silver-teal, autobahn, moonroof, with 59,000 miles. it was a one owner in great shape. in central Texas i paid $10,990 in oct. 2001. No rattles or squeekes.
  • Ordered a 2001 4.0, through the Military sales program. Only option I did not get is the CD changer. Ordered the Aurora in August 2001, and picked it up in January 2002. Have been participating in Operation Enduring Freedom. Purchase price was $ 25,400. The Aurora is an excellent vehicle. However, I do miss my 1978 Toranodo. This is my 15th Oldsmobile.
  • $34,341 with everything except for heated seats or the gold package in California.

    Invoice was $36,043 and MSRP $39,000.

    Factory Order, 4 weeks 4 days from order to delivery.

    Good work, GM.
  • carlo8carlo8 Posts: 5
    I'm a new owner as of 2/28/02. Bought a former rental as follows:
    3.5 V6 (didn't want the 4.0)
    Dual Power Seats (why build it without them?)
    Dual Zone HVAC
    Convenience package/Memory mirrors,seats/auto
    dimming mirror(cooler than I thought) etc.
    Whish it had traction control and Bose.

    $19,900 with 18,000 miles.
    Sage green (kind of unusual color, wife loves it I'm not sure yet.)

    The finance manager at the dealer said they lost $459 on it, a likely story?

    I have never owned a nice car like this, 80mph feels like 60mph, must pay attention or pay up!
    THANKS, Carl C. Alameda

    P.S. a question: The Dual Zone HVAC looks like it's only available in package T2C, does this mean I have TC & PCS?, there are no buttons to turn TC off like in most cars?
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    If you have traction control, you should have a little button on the floor console to turn it off. The build sheet (underside of the spare tire cover) should also list T2C. I don't believe the dual-zone requires traction control, rather the All-Weather Package (T2C) requires the Passenger Comfort Package (T1U). You can't get traction without dual-zone, but you can get dual-zone without traction. The Passenger Comfort Package includes the power passenger seat, dual-zone HVAC, and the rear-seat storage armrest.

    Glad you like the car. I think they are great!
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