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Oldsmobile Aurora Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dmunckdmunck Posts: 1
    Last October I purchased a black on black 1995 Aurora with 3:171 gear ratio and Vrated tires for $6500. The car only had 55,905 miles on it. For an additional $1000 I purchased a four year or 48,000 mile warranty. You can't go wrong with the luxary plus performance of the Aurora.

    This car is my 4 door loaded luxury hot rod!

  • kayaman420kayaman420 Posts: 207
    you got a hell of a deal on that. Plus the warranty. Man, you made out like a bandit on that purchase. Congratulations!!!
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    You may want to take a look at this discussion in FWI, "Warranty Gold" Claims.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I bought my wife (girlfriend at the time) a 1997 Aurora (Sep 2001). It cost 17.5 with 33K on the odometer. It was a great car for about 3months subsequent failures of the AC, BCM x 2, rubber muffler hanger, fuel gauge . . . you get the picture. Anyway, the Lincoln dealer offered $4K as a trade-in last summer (Aug 2002). Three weeks ago he offered $5500 for a troubled car with 94K miles. He made his offer 'sight unseen' so I felt compelled to bring the car in for an inspection before we drove off in an LS.
  • Bought a 1995 Aurora with 150k miles on Ebay for $3100. Flew from Dayton, Ohio to Greenboro, NC for $54.00 on Labor Day and drove it home. So far I love it. I was looking for a cheap third car to drive to work and would much rather drive an Aurora than some econo-beater. This car has been really well cared for so I'm not to worried about the miles. The only thing I plan on doing right away is have a set of front struts installed. No sign of oil anywhere on the engine or under the car.
  • I found a used lot with a 96 w/ 137k for $3200.
    Is this a good price? Known problems: needs a battery and an A/C compressor. The lot owner doesn't seem too knowledgeable with the car itself. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to cross-post this into our general Oldsmobile Aurora discussion. There are very knowledgeable folks hanging out there and I'm not sure whether they check this discussion or not.

    Good luck.
  • mg11mg11 Posts: 29
    Got my 97 Classic w/86,000 miles on it for $6,000.00 almost 18 months ago. Runs like a charm, only needed tune up, new wires, and new rubber. Dealer that sold it never tuned it, and it was a little rough. Once tuned, you couldn't even hear the engine running from outside the car. I think he was afraid of the bad rep of some of the lemons and their cost of repair. His loss, my good fortune! I was a fan of the car beforehand, and the choice came down to the Aurora and a Mark VIII. I was previously a Mark VII owner, but the Aurora stole my heart. I've been in heaven ever since!
  • lando2,

    I own a '97 with 101k miles. I don't know if the '96 for $3200 is a good price, as the bottom has really fallen out of the Aurora market because of Olds' demise. If you shop around, you can probably find an AC-Delco replacement battery for ~$110; you can replace it yourself, but it is heavy -- 56 pounds. AC compressors are expensive to replace; I have not had to do that yet. I would expect to have to pay ~$1000 for parts and labor. Other problems with Classics at that mileage are water pumps and fuel pumps. At 137k miles it should be long past the first round of changes for spark plugs and ignition wires.
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  • jerugjerug Posts: 5
    After 2 months of hunting online and off I just picked up my Aurora on Friday at a nearby dealer for $6995 + T&T with 49k miles. The only options missing were the Gold & Autobahn packages, Bose & CD changer. Dealer checked the car out before delivery & found a small leak so they replaced the water pump at no charge. Thanks to all you members whose postings helped me decide on the Aurora. I absolutely love driving this car.
  • I bought my Aurora in May of 2003 with 111,000 miles. It has a champagne exterior with a beige interior with every option ever imaginable in a car. I fell in love with it the first time I test drove it. What makes it even better is that I only paid $4200 for it. I love the car and hope to have it for a long time to come.
  • harleyharley Posts: 8
    I have had this 1997 Aurora for about 4 years with no problems until now. I blew a head gasket and had it repaired. I asked the mechanic if I should sell it or keep it (it has 95000 miles). He said sell it before it hits 100,000 miles since that engine will never see 150,000 miles. It is the 32 valve north star engine. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks in advance.
  • stickking1stickking1 Posts: 247
    I have 165,000 on mine right now. Tell the mechanic to take a hike! ;-)
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    There's one on eBay now that's at around 250k (or was it 265k). Properly-maintained, the Northstar should hit 150k-200k. Not properly maintained, any engine may not make it to 100k.

    Re: your head gasket issue, did you have the coolant flushed (not just drained and filled) every 2 years or 30k mi? Used DexCool (orange stuff)? Let them put in the sealant tabs? For an aluminum engine, this preventative maintenance is important...
  • mike98cmike98c Posts: 293
    The only way I see that as a problem is if head bolt or bolts pulled from the block in which case it should have been timeserted to permanently repair the threads while the head was off. Does your mechanic know somwthing he hasen't told you, like not being able to tighten down one or more of the bolts? Otherwise I'd drive it and not worry about it. It is very rare that the head and block would warp with the Northstars aluminum alloy construction.

    How much did he charge you for the repair?
  • harleyharley Posts: 8
    It was the GM dealer and it cost $1487. The parts list was about $480 with all the gaskets that needed to be replaced putting it back together--so the labor was about $960 and it was about 15 hours--a big job. I will call the dealer and ask about the head bolts, however, and thanks for your input.
  • harleyharley Posts: 8
    Thanks for your input--I have maintained the car well and far as oil changes and the like. I had not had the coolant flushed until about six months ago when I first noticed a small leak--I thought it was a hose or something like that. I took it to a radiator shop and they flushed it but did not find anything wrong and, buy the way, they changed the coolant to the green stuff at that time which I found out from GM was a bad idea. The radiator guy said that dexcool was bad for the engine. Anyway it has dexcool in it again. I kind of think that the head gasket was blown at that time but not a bad as it got a couple of weeks ago when the fluid was streaming out. I always thought that the north star engine was a real good engine.
  • harleyharley Posts: 8
    Thanks for the input!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mike98cmike98c Posts: 293
    Switching back to Dex-cool after the green stuff was in there, the system has to be flushed out until there is no more green coolant. The orange will need to be replaced as if it was the green stuff because the silicates that the green stuff plates on to the metal surfaces inside the block interferes with part of the inhibitor package included with the orange acid based coolant.

    For any more questions about repairs the discussion should move over to the maintenance and repair thread. You might get more responses over there where other members with possibly more knowledge of questions than me read those threads.

    That's a decent price for a head gasket repair on an Aurora.
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