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Oldsmobile Aurora Owners: Photo Gallery

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
edited April 5 in Oldsmobile
You cannot upload photos directly from your computer into a message within a discussion. Your photo must reside elsewhere. Some have used free photo hosting sites (,, to load their photos into a private folder and then post them within a message.

Here's how:

To get this:


Use this coding, but replace the ( and ) with < and >:

(img src="")

Or: (img src="Photo URL address")

To make your photo a link like this:


do this:

(a href="Page URL address")(img src="Photo URL address")(/a)

Remember, posting copyrighted photos is a no-no. Unless, of course, you own the copyright.

Hope this helps! If you need more assistance, please let me know.

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  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    Here are some picts of my car. This is when I first got it. I had just washed it and applied some Gold Class wax. Actually, you can see some haze where it didn't wipe off all the way. This is mostly on the lower body parts where it is hard to see when standing. I've noticed it can be a hard product to remove.

    You can see what the chromed exhaust tips look like. The inside looks sort of crappy because of the rust color around where the pipe joins the tip on the inside. I think the flash of the camera and the low angle made this more noticeable because it isn't usually noticeable.

  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    Picture of my Aurora soon.
  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    How did you manage to post the picture of your Aurora, getting a good size to fit in here? The Town Hall HOST said that if you put a up a picture to make sure is not that big, your picture seems of a good size, how did you do that? Oh by the way nice looking ride.
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Posts: 134
    The picture's source is already that size. The "img src" code doesn't do any resizing, just reads the picture from where ever you specify and displays it. If you pointed it to a huge 800x600 bitmap, it would display the picture at that size, but then anyone using a dial-up connection would take a couple of minutes to download the image. (and be rather annoyed with you!)
    My pics are Jpegs at 320x240 pixels and are 30k and 25k respectively.

    And, Thanks -- I like it, definitely was a steal last year at <$9,000.
  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    Here is my Ride what you all think? Sorry for being all big and all, I will work on that, this is my first picture that I post.

  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    That's a sweet red X you drive. Where are the wheels?
  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    It's weird how every time I log in here, I'm able to see the picture of my ride. I got to fix this thing, may be I'll shrink down the pic a bit.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Your picture project sounds like a very involved process. I hope that you finally get the pictures to work.

    Beep beep
  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    I gave up posting pictures here, I finally signed up at, I'm under Javidogg if you like to see my Aurora rollin' hard. It's a lot easier to create a profile for your ride with a web page setup, all for free there. I like to see you all there, as of now there is only 12 Auroras listed with me, I invite you to check it out, tell me what you think? You have an Aurora? Show it off there.
  • Finally got some pics up. won't let me up-load any pics today, error city.

    Anyways here's some pics anyway


  • shucknetshucknet Posts: 98
    I don't see any pics.
  • Yesterday cardomain gave me error codes, Today pics up-loaded!!

    Still some sorting/adding to do over the next couple of days


  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    Not bad dude, man that's a sweet pearl white. Nice Alpine too.
  • Nice ride, tell me what the wheel chroming process cost and what was involved. Thanks.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I think you should take a look at the black Classic with the 2001 chrome wheels. THAT is HOT HOT HOTT

    By the way, you know that the 800 watts is really closer to maybe 35-60 watts RMS into 8 ohms.

    But WATTman you still got a nice ride and system. I am sure if I listen late at night I can hear it here in NJ.
  • Thanks guys for checking out my ride,

    musclecar97-The wheels are from First they send you thechrome plated rims, Charge $1,000. After you put them on, send back your old alloys in the same boxes, they refund you $450. They will deduct extra for major nicks and stuff. Very happy with the quality of them. They look brand new.

    Henry-I'm not one of those guys who claim their PEAK power, because it's higher #, like you think I'm doing. My peak power is 1,600 Watts.
    I KNOW MY CAR STEREOS!!! In the CAR AUDIO WORLD, most speakers are 2-ohm or 4-ohm, subs could come 8-ohm thru 1-ohm and wired many ways. Anyways, ALL of MY speakers are 4-ohm speakers, I know, I bought them.

    House speakers are mostly 8-ohms.

    My JL AUDIO AMPS put out 800 WATTS RMS @ 4-ohms

    75x4+500X1=800watts RMS @ 4-ohms

    peak power is double @ 2-ohms=1,600 watts.

    More pics coming soon, entering in my first stereo competion this Sunday. I don't really care what I score, just going for fun. I'm at a disadvantage as far as stereo competion go. Since I'm rated at 800 watts RMS( IASCA rates @ 4-ohms), I'm in the 601-unlimited class. I'll be against guys with unlimited wattage. I have no chance, but It'll be fun.

    My stereo sounds unbeliveably CLEAR. It's set-up for sound quality, there's plenty of mids-highs with the bass, actually more highs than bass. Any kind of music sounds great in my car, it's not a BASS HEAVY set-up. Every-one that I've taking for a test ride/listen says my stereo is the most clear system they've heard. JAMS ANYTHING. Next comment is nice dash. Thank you



    ps. I'm NOT the guy bumping down the block.

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I used 8 ohms because I am a house audio person. Though you are correct that most car speakers are 4 ohms. When I got rid of my car, I kept my Polk car speakers from 1984 and used them in my house. I had to put a 4 ohm resister in the cabinet with them to make sure my Pioneer amp was properly loaded. Yes, I still remember Ohms triangle.

  • Finally got more pictures up. Can you say heatshield?


  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    You said you wanted to see us with our cars, so here I am with my Aurora! Ok, it didn't work. So go here to see it. Man, it's hard to find a free place to host pictures that will allow you to link to them (probably because there's no money in it).
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Hmm, you are a true reflection of your car.
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