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  • Troy - I think you will need to visit your local Nissan dealership to have it reprogrammed. I have a '99 Dodge Stratus & my wifes grandfather had the remotes de-activated. The dealer only charged me $35 & did it while I waited. I searched all repair manuals & websites and came up empty handed. You can also purchase another remote at the same time if needed. Good luck!
  • I have a 2003 Frontier CC LB 4x4 XE with the 3.3 V6. As in most vehicles when I turn on the defroster, the AC compressor kicks on to help clear the windows. However in this model the the AC compressor will NOT turn off when switched back to vent. The only solution is to turn the fan off, thereby all ventilation, or turn off the engine and turn it back on. Only then will the system return to vent without the AC compressor running. Thinking it was a problem I took to a dealer for service, and he replaced the activator, only to find out this is how the system is intended to work. The TSB says it is to assist keeping the windows clear. That may be OK in the tropics, but it doesn't help in heating the cab during a Nor'easter in January. Does anyone know of a fix to solve this? From the TSB it seems like a problem with 2003 models only. If it is why doesn't Nissan replace it with the 2002 or 2004 actuator? For anybody getting disappointing gas mileage or lack of power, this may be the culprit. Any suggestions would be helpful. Otherwise I have enjoyed the vehicle and look to many years of ownership.
  • jablonka1jablonka1 Posts: 8
    I just installed a K & N air filter on my truck. I also put a 5W-30 weight synthetic AMSOIL in the engine. WOW! more power and I'm sure the engine will last much longer with the AMSOIL. Have any of you did the same? Gas mileage also improved.
  • abpelch1abpelch1 Posts: 48
    Just switched to Amsoil 5W30 & Mobil-1 filter in my 2000 Desert Runner a couple thousand miles ago. I did this more for reliability standpoint, so I'm still using the stock air filter which will filter particles better than K&N. The Amsoil seems to have smoothed the idle even more & added a bit more power. I haven't noticed any increased mileage yet...maybe I will after the synthetic cleans out the engine a bit more.
  • u22uu22u Posts: 3
    just bought a 2004 4cyl with 5speed. never had a truck before, or a nissan for that matter. really searched high and low for small trucks for a bout six months. this one finally won me over. tell me about yours, the MPG i can expect, any quality aftermarket items that really have proven themselves to be worthwhile, and any thing else that you think improtant. i'd liek to stay in touch with some frontier owners about our trucks. mine has 74 miles on it. keep in touch through : keep on truckin
  • u22uu22u Posts: 3
    found any useful ways to make the front bucket seats ride less like a pickup on a washboard road.
  • Check this for auto have a data base of vehicle defects of all makes....please spread the word about this site.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Hey frank,I owned a 1989&1993,they were the best trucks I ever owned,thoe I can't say too much about your Isuzu,I know they crush like tin foil when in a accident.I own a 2001 chevy s-10,biggest peace of crap I ever bought,stupid me should of bought another Nissan.They say buy american but our countrys truck suck I hate too say.the seats sit so dam low you don't get much room.
  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    I just purchased this truck 6 weeks ago and I am in the process of modifying it to
    suit me. I love the truck and the power although I have to be very careful or my gas
    mileage goes down the tubes.

    I have ordered a Fold a Cover bed cover for it and I am awaiting its arrival They are
    just now putting the '05 model production on the line.

    I would like to add a nice slightly louder than stock, mellow sounding exhaust on it next, but I cannot find anyone locally that has changed theirs out to judge the sound level.

    I had a '00 Frontier XE that I sold to buy the '05. The only reason I traded was that
    the 4 cylinder just did not have the power I needed. Boy, do I have the power now.
    I did put a Flowmaster exhaust on it and it had a much deeper sound, but it was too loud
    for long trips.

    Before the '00 XE I had a 1977 Datsun Kingcab tha tI drove for 24 years and 175,000
    miles. It was a 5 speed with no air conditioning or anything else for that matter.

    I look forward to a lot of fun miles in my new ride.

  • dfaltdfalt Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Nissan King Cab that I bought about 18 months ago and I really like the truck. The only problem I have is that the truck gets blown all all over the road in the wind. I replaced the stabilizer bar links which were worn out but even after that I have to fight the truck to keep it straight in the wind. Anybody had a similar problem. The rest of the linkage is tight and my mechanic says that there is nothing he can do.
  • Just picked up my 2005 Titan CC last week, it was a Texas Titan only avaiable in Texas. Got big tow package (I love them big mirrors) plus a few other options.
  • mondomondo Posts: 6
    PLease give my info on the live chats, I'm not on much but when I am I love to talk to others about the related topics.

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    At this time, we do not have any chats specific to Nissan, but you might enjoy the All Member chat. Here is the schedule:

    # Weekly Mazda Mania Chat
    Tuesdays, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET

    # Weekly Subaru Crew Chat
    Thursdays, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET

    # Monthly Forums Member Chat
    3rd Wednesdays, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • diko617diko617 Posts: 3
    I just traded my 04 Nissan Frontier KC XE to a 05 Nissan FRONTIER CC LE. I test drive the Ridgeline, Tacoma, and Dakota. You know what guys nothing come close to a Frontier when it comes to power of the engine. I even like the quiet interior it got, im driving at 80 mph and all i here is the whistle that comes from the roof rack. I dont want to make any comment about the Tacoma & ridgeline, see it for yourselves. Believe me after you tried to the test drive the Trucks ive mentioned, you will agree with me that I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE in choosing a NISSAN FRONTIER! :)
  • I replaced my 98 frontier clutch plate and release bearing. When depressing the clutch I hear a whining noise, so I replaced the release bearing again, with assistance from a ase cert mech. i still have the problem , what is going on??? I trust the mech, he is my brother in law and did not charge me either time for the work.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    buy the wind gard for the sunroof, and the whistle in no more,it works great up thier.
    hope this helps you.
    ps this truck is so much fun to drive!
  • I own the 2005 nismo and really have had a great time with it for the past 5 months. Have checked all other pickups and found nothing that compares with the interior design or the exterior lines. I get nothing but good comments. I hope there is a solution for cutting the outside air. Normally in my other vehicles the reciculate button cuts the outside air off and there is no outside coming in. Dealer told me that there is allways air coming in on the small vents by the window for defogging but I notice it from the other vents when I turn up the fan. I would like to cut all outside air when in high traffic due to excessive emissions from other vehicles. Nissan puts a cabin air filter in the truck but it just collects larger particles only. Anyone have any ideas or solutions?
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    Hello baseballfanz, Mick here. G'Day mate!!!! :)
  • The titan is a beautiful truck. A month ago I picked up a Silver 05 XE KING CAB with 19kmi, with power windows, with an A.R.E. hard toneau cover(color matching), factory drop in bed liner, excellent condition for $16,500 (with tax, registration and fees came to $18,227) which included a 7yr/100kmi extended warranty.
    I was originally shopping for a Frontier 05 or better but after test driving a few titans. I fell in love.
    I like everything about the truck except for gas mileage and engine noise. If anyone knows of any mods which would mitigate both I would appreciate some advise.

    I didn't do much research, I went with my gut and reputation of the NISSAN brand; then I found out it was US built. I still love the tuck but I gave up on US built vehicles long ago.

    Hopping for the best
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    My wife and I just returned from a month long trip into the American Southwest. It was our first long road trip with the new truck, enjoyed it immensely. We had no issues, changed the oil/filter once, and had a good time exploring the back roads.
    While we were driving on some rough single track primitive roads, I noticed a sound
    (like a castanet) coming from the rear. I swear it was coming from the box (not the interior of the box) and all our gear was secure. I'm wondering if this should be considered normal, or is there something that can remedy this. I checked under the carriage and all appears to be tight. Anyone?
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