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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • This truck has been amazing until recently. It has developed a surge and hesitation problem that occurs at idle and during driving (any speed). I have had it to two mechanics, the second a Nissan certified mechanic, and still no luck determining the problem. The fuel system has been ruled out and the problem may exist within the ignition system. Can anyone offer other solutions?
  • disengage the clutch and keep it disengaged all the way to the light/stop..? Clutches are for shifting. Aamco is right. How many miles do you get on a clutch? Personally, I got 170,000 on one. I suggest that when you see the stop coming, pop it into neutral without even touching the clutch, or disengage the clutch long enough to put it in neutral, then coast to the light and keep you foot on the brake...(notice you are still not touching the clutch). When the light changes, disengage the clutch, put it in 1st gear and continue as normal. Why would you want to disengage a clutch, at any speed, and go through the gears..?
  • I pretty much agree with the post on top of this one, but i should add that I just hit 206,000 miles today on my 02 frontier, and I still have the original clutch. With that said, at approx 130,000 miles, I had a similar problem with my clutch, If I was in first gear traveling at approx 10-15 mph and depressed my clutch for more than a few seconds,for example to coast in bumper to bumper traffic, it sounded like the demons from hell were wrestling each other under my truck. If I popped it in neutral, it stopped. It was also about this time I noticed that I could no longer "short shift" (which is my term to shift without the clutch,I dont know if that is the official term or not)from first to second. Even now, I cant shift from first to second if my RPMs are even remotely over 2000.When I asked my mechanic about the problem, he said it could be the clutch, or the synchronization (gear?)-Its been a good year and a half ago, working on memory here-and he told me to drive it until the clutch started slipping. The last gear I now downshift to is 3rd gear, and so far, so good.
  • Hello,

    has anyone ever heard of knocking from the front left suspension, only when turning to the right. And if you get under the truck and look it is obvious where the suspension has been hitting and causing a mark on the back of the front left tire.
  • I have a 2003 SVE KingCab. I am planning to replace the factory bulb with sylvania silver star bulbs. Anyone tried these bulbs here? I head good things about them, but would like to know if someone has any problem with them. Also, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to replace bulbs (headlight) on this truck?
  • Let me know how you situation unfolds. I have a smell coming from my front wheel wells. It smells hot or as if something is burning. It is very subtle though. I just had a 2" body lift put on my truck and I'm worried that the shop that did it may have messed something up. The dealership had my truck for an entire day and could not find anything.
  • I have a 2001 king cab 4x4 SE with the v6. I have owned the truck for a year. I love it. This past month I decided to have a 2" body lift put on it at a local shop. It looks great, here's the problem. Recently I have noticed a "hot" or "burning smell" coming from both front wheel wells, but primarily the driver side. There is no noise, there is no smoke and the truck drives great like always. This smell goes away very quickly also, it only happens after you have been driving, not while idle. It appears to be more strong when the distance traveled increases. My local Nissan dealer had my truck for an entire day, and notice the smell, but absolutely could not find anything wrong!!! Does anyone have any suggestions. The dealer said they could re-pack the front wheel bearings, but said they thought that would be a waste of my money. The truck is out of warranty, so it would have been at no cost to them to do any work. The shop that did the lift had to adjust my linkage to my transfer case, could they had done something to make the 4-wheel drive not disengage properly? Thanks for any suggestions!
  • 97 pickup the dealer computer says it's this valve that keeps the check engine light on. Has any replaced theirs? it looks like it is hard to get too. Someone told me you can disassemble and sometimes clean and replace. Anyone have any suggestions. .How does this valve work ?

  • I have a similiar problem, I took it in twice with no resolution. The 3rd time I had someone look at it he told me he thought it was a loose wire on the carb, We didn't do anything, the light went away byitself. Every once in a while when I drive the truck hard it will come back on, but so far no problems.
    Good Luck!
  • thanks Caplan, did you replace the valve ? my dealer said the part was over a 100.00 bucks plus labor. Once the light came on it hasn't gone off, but i will check the wire.
  • Hello, This truck has 220,000 miles on it Alot of highway driving and still has the original rear brake shoes REplace front brake pads every 50,000 miles and rotors once I don't think the load compensating valve is working correctly any suggestions
  • About 7 months me and my brother went to look for a new pickup. While looking we came past a 2005 Nissan Titan. Brand new. We asked the dealership for a deal. When I was test driving the truck I noticed how weak the breaks were. So I turned them down. Then I got me a Tacoma PreRunner. Best truck Ive ever owned. :)
  • I'm researching to see if I should buy a 2005 Titan and I've read alot about brake problems. Do the 2006 models have the same problem. I really liked this truck. Should I buy one?
  • mseramsera Posts: 23
    I have a 2003 Frontier pickup and need to replace the tail light bulb. I see no screws removing the lens from the side or the rear of the housing. :confuse:
    Has anyone actually done this and can assist I would appreciate it.
  • remove the 2 screws from inside the bed(if you have a bedliner you may have to pull up on the bedliner to see them) once you have those out, it should just pop out, and the lights unscrew from the back of the assembly.
  • I have a 2005 Frontier 4x4 Extended Cab, when I bought the truck the window sticker indicated 17 MPG City and 25 MPG Highway. After putting 13000 miles on the truck I have hit 17 mpg only two times on the highway, my average is about 16.5 and it has dropped to 15.0 mpg. Has anyone got over 17 mpg on the highway?

    By the way I also have the knock in the engine at about 2000 rpm. Wonder if this might have something to do with the bad milage.
  • You should buy one. I have one and I think a lot of people who are hard core chevy and ford lovers would put down any truck that is not domestic. The Titan now comes with Bosch ABS Disc Brakes on all four tires standard and they work very good. Before this, I owned a 2004 Chevy 4X4 Quad Cab and it was nice, but not as powerful, fast, or roomy as my Titan. Nissan is very reliable too. There are a lot of old Nissan cars and trucks on the road with well over 200,000 miles. Nissan also has very good axles, Highest torque and horse power than any domestic and will lose any chevy or dodge or ford in a race.
    It is a truck that a true truck lover can appreciate.
  • :confuse: I can not find a place to remove the taillight assembly to get access to the tail lights. I have taken the bed lined off and removed the screws that hold on the tailgate. Help? Thanks. Brian
  • I am considering the purchase of an older Nissan Frontier (2000 or 2002 model, due in part to financial situation, I can't afford brand new vehicle. I am looking at 4 door model with around 60000 to 85000 miles on them. I have never owned a Nissan, and do not know what to expect, what I mean is what are the normal things to "go out". Also what are some of the miles on "like models" from owners registered in these forums. I drive 30 miles each direction for work so alot of the miles will be highway miles. I just do not know what to expect from a reliability standpoint. I am looking at models with automatic transmissions, but I am scared of potential for problem with these type transmissions. ANY and all information would be of great assistance in making my decision of purchase or not.
  • I own a 2002 Frontier SE, 4X4, 4-door. I bought it used about a year ago, and I love it (my first truck), but:

    The brake caliper, passenger front, seized up the other day. I called NAPA, and they had to order it, but only 1 day to deliver. The guy said quick ship time indicates a common problem (lots of people order calipers for this vehicle).
    Also, I have had a slow coolant leak for a couple of months, and I should really get it tested. Could just be a hose, but could be the water pump.
    Otherwise, no problems. Don't expect a lot of power (I don't have the supercharger), but better than a lot of other light trucks.
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