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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    I am considering importing a 2006 Frontier to Canada. One of the safety features required is daytime running lights, but they are not available on US sold vehicles. I am looking for suggestions on how to solve this problem.

  • ryanceyryancey Posts: 42
    It is the throw out bearing on your clutch. My father has a 98 Forntier and it does it too. Keep driving it with the knowledge that you will need to replace the through out bearing in the future
  • ryanceyryancey Posts: 42
    I think it was just bad timing. It sounds to me like your break pads just need replaced. They have squeekers to tell you when to replace them. Thats what it sounds like to you. Your gears should be fine. I doubt they are related at all. As for the shimmer your rotors could be a little warped. Take it into midas or something like that and have the breaks checked and replaced, and get the rotors turned.
  • I have a 2005 nissan frontier xe,been looking for wheels over a year. I heard you have to put 17" wheels on at least or adapters would work. I was very disappointed about the wheels you can find for these trucks. It is very hard.
  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    When I start my '06 NISMO (cold engine) it takes a second (or less) for the oil to reach all the internal parts...I hear tapping! I have owned an '05 taco and an '05 Tundra but never had this problem.Am I being paranoid? Do any other NISMO's do this? Your' input please.
  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    When I start my '06 NISMO (cold engine) it takes a second (or less) for the oil to reach all the internal parts...I hear tapping! I have owned an '05 taco and an '05 Tundra but never had this problem.Am I being paranoid? Do any other NISMO's do this? Your' input please.
  • bkaiser1bkaiser1 Posts: 464
    Hello! I have an 01 Frontier XE and I just had to replace a burned out brake light bulb. I took the bulb out of the socket before I drove to the store to buy a replacement and as soon as I started driving, the ABS light came on.

    I replaced the bulb with a new one of the exact same part number, but the ABS light hasn't shut off...I'm sure it related because the ABS light has never come on before, and it would have to be a huge coincidence for there to be an ABS failure at exactly the same time I took the bulb out, but I have no idea how to make the light go off and the ABS function normally.

    Any ideas?

  • Could just have caused a short when you removed the bulb. It isn't very likely that the two are related or connected, but as you pointed out: there isn't much of another explanation.

    If you had the capability I would run some DTCs, but you would need to have access to a shop of the thousands of dollars that the tool would cost.

    Not much I can tell you except check your rear wheels ABS wiring around the ECM or around the rear of the truck. There may be some form of monitering system that, when removing the light, caused some rare damage.

    You can try turning your car to on, then to off, then back to on. If the light begins to flash, then there is a chance that there is something wrong with the system.
  • ryanceyryancey Posts: 42
    The tapping in normal. Nissan has hydrolic lifters in its engine and they tap until the oil reaches them. This is totally normal.
  • ryanceyryancey Posts: 42
    Sometimes the computer just needs to be reset. Undo your battery cable and let it sit for a few minutes. This usually resets the computer.
  • larry10larry10 Posts: 88
    Thanks for your response ryancey..I tend to worry too much!
  • bkaiser1bkaiser1 Posts: 464
    Thanks for your responses, all.

    I drove all day yesterday with the ABS light on (it would be off when I started the truck, then come on at exactly 15mph and stay on until I turned the truck off). Last night I decided to check the lights again and discovered that *both* rear brake lights were out, including the one I had just replaced. This is probably why the ABS light was on...

    The new bulb wasn't seated properly and came loose, and it appears that the brake light on the other side just happened to burn out at exactly the same time. I replaced both lights and they are working again, but I haven't driven the truck yet to confirm that the ABS light is now off (I hope so). I'll drive it today to confirm...

  • tholthol Posts: 5
    Sounds like the clutch throw-out bearing or the bushing.

    Actually, I have a '98 Frontier 4WD and it has done the same thing a couple of times but then it stopped.

    The bad news is that it is a real pain to change because you have to remove the transmission do get to the throw-out bearing. If you get to that change the clutch plate too.
  • With ABS the system basically reboots itself when the car is turned off then back on. When you Start the car it runs through a checksystem that will probably take until your car reaches 15 MPH. When that happens It tells you something Is wrong. I believe that this is just coincidence though... You should check your brake booster fluid level and maybe drain It... there may be air in your brake lines or your fluid could be old. The other option is to check your wheel speed sensors for ABS and make sure they are all connected. It could be anything, but like I said You will need to check everything or use a scan tool to find it. One is easier than the other... but harder to gain access too.

    Good Luck
  • also brake fluid is agroscopic so It absorbs water, if the cap to your breake fluid has been left off then you have water in your lines and need to replace it.
  • bkaiser1bkaiser1 Posts: 464
    I confirmed last night that it was the missing brake light bulb that caused the ABS light to come on at 15mph. Bulbs are in good now and there's no ABS warning anymore. Apparently, it senses the open circuit caused by the missing bulb and triggers the warning light. Incidentally, the brake fluid was flushed and replaced a few months ago, so I'm sure it's all good.

  • tholthol Posts: 5
    Problems again. My air conditioning compressor has been making several noises. When the weather is wet it sounds like the motor from one of those big industrial refrigerators. That noise is the same regardless of whether the I have the air cond turned on or not. Then at times it makes the noise of a pepper grinder running at 1000rpm. Still at other times it makes a light knocking sound which increases if I actually turn the air conditioning on. Even stranger, my power steering pump also makes some whistling noise and the alternator also makes a similar noise. What is going on? Is this one and the same problem or 3 problems? I have checked the tension on the belts and they are not overtight. Sometimes in the summer, I can hear the air conditioning belt slipping for a split second once every minute or so as the compressor engages and disengages while the air conditioner is on. :(
  • could be a worn belt, or your bearings are going out.
  • belt timing is off. call nissan
  • tholthol Posts: 5
    Today I removed all the belts and indeed without any belts the engine is very quiet. I only run the engine this way for 30seconds though because, of course, without belts the water pump was also not running. Then I added the 3 belts back one by one and the noises also returned one by one. Adding the alternator/water pump belt added a chirping/hissing sound, which seemed to be coming from the alternator. Adding the air conditioner belt added that “old refrigerator” and light knocking sound and finally adding the power steering belt added another chirping sound.?!

    Another strange thing is that with the belts off I inspected the rotation of all the pulleys. There does not seem to be any play in any of the axes and bearings (air cond pump/alternator/power steering pump and pulleys and water pump). Also when I rotate the axles by hand the operation seems very quiet and smooth ???!

    The truck has 72K miles.
  • You could try the spray that quiets loud belts. This can be purchased at any auto parts store. Your belts might be noisy on some of your devices. You could have a few like the air-con that has bad bearings or something
  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    Looking for ways of activating/installing daytime running lights. Looking to import a Frontier to Canada and they are mandatory. All suggestions are welcome.
  • Just always turn you lights on
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    The Canadian law requires the Day Time Running lights to come on when the car is started. The lights come on automatically. The reason is drivers might forget to turn their lights on...
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    Check with your local dealer. Also any automotive electrical repair shop.
  • lax5lax5 Posts: 29
    I spoke with an electrical shop and they reminded me to be cautious with the installation of DRL because the computer can be messed up. I now need to track down the wiring schematics for a 2006 Frontier 4X4. Anyone have links to the wiring that they can post?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,862
    Either call or email Hamsar Diversoco Inc. as it is likely they will be able to provide a drl kit for your Frontier. Any competent auto electronics shop will be able to install this. Caution, Do not confuse audio/video vehicle experts with under the hood electronics experts.
  • Hi all. My frontier CC has 22.5k. Lately, i've noticed that the brake squeaks loudly specially in the morning. It does that for 2-3 stop signs and then stop. I dont think brake pads are worn out. I ask the tech. and they say it is normal because of the humidity that causes oxidation on the disc.(Houston, Tx) I have a 2002 frontier and a new Titan and it does not have this problem. What do you guys think? please help :confuse: :confuse:
  • ehh... Mine does it and I personally resurfaced the brakes, then it stpped for a short time period. It isn't humidity, I ruled that out, but I do have another hypothesis: my brake pads were changed by nissan and it is my belief that the material they use for the pads/shoes is a little harder than most vehicles I have seen or worked on. This isnt necessarilly a bad thing, and the squeek does not mean anything, but it does annoy me, though I am not willing to spend the money to replace working brakes.

    Now the Extra "durability" of the material Isn't 100% what makes them squeel, it is the temperature in combination with the extra density of the pads. When it was 95+ degrees outside, I did not notice a squeek. This therefore makes me believe that the squeeling is from a combonation of type of and weather.

    Hope this helps,

  • Hi Alex! Thank you for your help. I guess i dont have to worry about it then. Happy Holidays to you.
    I really like this forum b/c it is very helpful. Most of time going to dealership serv., they are all about the $$$ :) :)
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