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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • billingsleybillingsley Posts: 69
    Has anyone heard whether the crew cab Frontier is going to have a sliding rear window available soon? I would like to buy one, but the rear window could be a deal breaker between that and the Toyota.

  • A meticulously maintained truck suddenly shows 3 warning lights at one time: Battery, brake, and A/Transmission fluid temp. I checked the brake fluid and the brake power which are both fine. I checked the transmission fluid, it is also full of pristine colored fluid. This left me suspecting electrical so I pulled the alternator and battery and both tested OK at Napa, although I had noticed the battery had been leaking, so I topped up with distilled water.

    Took it for 1 mile drive to test again and the 3 warning lights came on again. I popped the hood to see if there was anything visible and sure enough the battery was bulging along the sides and acid was oozing out through the caps as fast as it could.

    Any ideas? I towed trailer for the first time in the truck's life recently and I am worried that something bad happened to the electrical system.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Regarding your '05 Frontier CC with the "engine service" light, it usually indicates something with the engine's emission controls. You're in warranty; won't cost you a dime to have it examined.
  • dougqdougq Posts: 2
    I love my pickup, when it is running. My problem is that the distributor has to be replaced every 6 months or so. On the second distributor my mechanic replaced it with a lifetime warranty one. So my third distrubutor did not cost me anything, just very inconvenient. There is no warning and the engine light does not come on, the truck just quits. The mechanic says there is no sign of unusual wear on the teeth of the distributor, and no other electrical problem shows up on their diagnostic equipment. They cannot figure it out. Has anyone seen this problem before, or have a suggestion where to look next? Thanks
  • hard to steer and is all over the road and play inthe wheel at high speeds, anyone else with this problem
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    The 05+ Frontiers have extremely tight steering with almost no "play in the wheel", which takes some getting used to at higher speeds. Your problem reads quite differently than other owners report. The power steering isn't overboosted as on some other brands, hence steering response is very quick - a slight turn of the wheel results in an immediate turn. I've gotten used to it in my '06; some owners report that things improve with some mileage. Others have aired down the tires just a few pounds and found improvement.
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    I had 2 in 90's both broke one at 62k other 89k. It is mentioned as a trouble spot on some webb sites. 4 to 500 to fix dealer parts & labor. only real problem rest normal wear, Had high miles on both when I got rid of them. Good basic small truck 94 XE 4x4 5 speed 4 bangers. :D
  • critter1critter1 Posts: 104
    Look @ MSN for Reliability reports. 94-95 have same speedometer problem. ;)
  • iskchiskch Posts: 4
    I have own Nissan pickups for more than 10 years but the 2002 Frontier 4Cyl, 5 spd manual kingcab w/48K I have found a funny clunk sound. Since I bought it had this clunk that will come once in a while in the suspension. I check and re-check. The dealer didn't have clue. Well, the sound got louder and everytime I turn there was that sound even just seating in the truck. I don't weight more than 180 lbs or more for those of you that think I'm a fat ... I found after several checks that the front bushing nut that holds the sway bar was gone. Nope I don't do Dukes of Hazard jumps nor do I frequent dirt roads with ditches. Most miles are highway miles and the max payload I did with this pick up was 550lbs. My old 1993 king cab have none of this. Be aware. ;)
  • kristokristo Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Nissan pick up its running really rich. It doesn’t have this problem all the time only when it gets hot. It will run rich and miss then snap out of it and be fine then back to missing again. I have already changed the distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, plug wires, tps and the fuel pressure regulator. I pulled the codes and now it says the mass air sensor and the air intake temp sensor are bad. What else could it be????
  • Hi,
    Saw your post and I have a similar problem that started tonight on a '97 XE 4x4. I have the check engine light, battery light and brake light lit up on the dash. If I rev the engine above 2000 rpm, the brake light and battery light go out. Have you found the problem with yours? I just looked under the hood and saw nothing obvious and will troubleshoot more tomorrow. Any insight would be helpful.
  • kszymczykkszymczyk Posts: 1
    same problem with my piece of &*&* frontier. debating wether or not to continue. pretty much replaced whole engine and STILL that light comes on. did you replace the knock sensor and did it work?
  • Purchased 2 months ago. Unit has Fabtech lift, wheels and tires, grill guard, Rancho 9000 shocks, air bags, SUPPOSEDLY set up to work in Alberta oilfield. Since delivery, front tires destroyed due to improper alignment, or "settling in" ($500 EACH!), front fender liners have pulled out due to mud clinging as the liners are held in by plastic push pins, tranfer case seal failed due to mud intrusion into seal, box post at end gate separating from floor, King cab doors rattle on gravel, no adjustment available, cabin filter is ineffective.
    Mileage is 10.5 to 12.8 miles/ US gal.
    Dealer continues to be helpful so far, but downtime and week plus wait for service are souring ownership experience.
    Previous truck was Duramax, had less problems than this in entire life of vehicle.
  • madaketmadaket Posts: 2
    Hi Folks, I have a 2004 LE with Goodyear Wrangler SRA p265-70r18 tires that need to be replaced as they are worn out.
    Any suggestions for alternate companies or products or is everybody happy replacing with the same?
  • lhuanglhuang Posts: 2
    Not sure you have the ignition problem on your 2005 Frontier. I have Frontier for almost one year and put 12,500 miles on this truck. Last week, I filled 89 gas (well, I usually fill 87 gas), after that, the strange thing happened, the frontier truck need the second ignition to start, which the first ignition is failed. By the way, I live in Dallas, Tx; we had very high temperature wheather here. Could hot whether affect ignition?

  • minitigerminitiger Posts: 4

    I just got a 1986 4cyl 4x4 Nissan Truck with the same problem as you mentioned. It "stutter" when it starts from standing still mostly in first gear, and sometimes after shifting to 2nd gear and applying gas. And the truck could jerk significantly. At times when coasting on the 5th gear, the engine could occasionaly loss of power for a quarter second resulting in some unsmoothness or jerking a bit. Otherwise, it's a solid truck with 130,000 miles on it.

    I would replace the throttle position sensor as you mentioned. What's more to do??? Thank you the post.

  • the same has happened to me on my 1986 hardbody....both lights work on high beam but only the right works on low beam..I replaced left lamp but that does not fix the problem. Anyone know how?
  • colourscolours Posts: 1
    Hi. I have been hearing a spark-like noise coming from under my 92 Nissan truck. It's automatic, 4 cylindar, has a converter. I've had the brakes, muffler, left tie rod end, and the bushings on both sway bars in the front replaced, and a wheel alignment done 2 weeks ago. this sound is new since the alignment. It only happens when I step on the gas pedal. As soon as I release my foot from the pedal, the sounds disappears. The sound does not happen every time I step on the gas but 90% of the time. This spark like sound is becoming louder as time goes on, and it does not appear to be a body caused sound.

    Can you help?

  • 2003 SE crew cab. Replaced the stock tires with Bridgestone Dueler A/Ts. Excellent tire, great traction in any weather. They look great (like an off-road tire), but ride and noise is not bad. i would definitely buy them again.
  • Hi all.
    I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier XE manual transmission pickup.

    Its been a pretty reliable truck so far.
    Earlier today while driving in San Francisco with its hilly streets, i accidentally accellerated the gas before i had the gear fully into gear. I think i was going from 5th to 4th or 3rd. Speed was @ 35mph.?

    Now suddenly whenever i brake, even lightely, my truck is sqealing.
    Its usually a thin, long scratchy squealing sound. But it does it mostly when braking. There is sometimes a very faint squeal when driving (not braking) but barely - its pretty much just when i brake.
    About 75% of the time i brake now today, since the gear shifting mishap - the gear very loudly made a metallic griding sound for @ 3/4 of a second as i accidently accellarated before the gear was fully shifted into place - the truck make a type of sqealing sound.

    I hope i havent totally messed up my clutch or transmission or something else very expensive?
    Also, about an hour before the gear mishap, while going @ 60mph on slight downhill street, the brakes shimmied when i applied them like they were hesitant to grip fully. I was told by a mechanic once that brakes just do that on occasion as they are warming up or something? But now with the squealing - Im wondering what has happened to my truck.
    Do i just suddenly need to replace the brakes as it has been probably close to 9 months since theyve been replaced, and i drive everyday, alot. Well, maybe on an average 35 miles a day every day.

    Any suggestion, ideas of what might be causing the sudden thin long scratchy squealing sound?
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