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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks for the info jml1.
    When I first bought the truck one month ago,(at my local Nissan/Cadillac dealer) the body guy said just to paint the fender mouldings would be in the $700 range. That did not include the front bumper. I plan to get an estimate at an actual body shop...thought the $700 seemed a little high. I just like the monochrome look better, so will let you know what I find out.
    So far the truck runs real good. Has just over 39,000 miles. Seems a little bumpy compared to my car, but it seems to have a real solid feel to it. (and no rattles!) I hate rattles.
    thanks for your info.
    mitsurob (formerly pontiacrick).
  • I have a 2000 frontier XE 80K miles auto, my AC is not cooling, the fan seems to be working just like normal but no cool air, the on/off switch works and so does the compressor,i lifted the hood and checked,do I need a recharge? has anybody had this type of problem before? normally I would say a recharge but Nissans have a reputation for better reliability in this area,so if any body has had this type of problem any info would help thanks.
  • My 2004 does the same thing. While in cruise it will down shift on a flat road or a hill and will not upshift. It will climb steep hills and not downshift so I don't think it is a power issue. Then at other times it will downshift on a flat road or a slight incline. When it downshifts it will not upshift unless I press one of the cruise buttons. My dealer acknowledges that there is a problem and is looking at Nissan for help. I have driven identical trucks that do not do this. Comments are welcome.
  • My 02 XE 4X4 seems to have an annoying resonating or vibration sound at idle when at a stop light for example. If the transmission is shifted to neutral, the engine revs a little higher and the sound goes away or when I accelerate the sound goes away. Almost acts like it is idling too low. Has any one else had this problem and if so wonder what was done to fix it. I've only had the vehicle for a little over a month so not sure if this is normal or not.?
  • I have a 2001 frontier that developed similar AC problems,but mine developed at 51k miles. Have the dealer or an AC repair shop first run a diagnostic to check for leaks and the switch, before recharging. The problem with mine is the low end hose leaked. I agree that this is too soon for the AC to develop this kind of problem and should have lasted longer, and with a Nissan, this should have had better reliability.
  • I love this truck, pretty much perfect for my needs. Only one thing that has been annoying me since I bought it and that is the stereo.

    This truck has the Rockford system and sounds great with CD's. When I listen to the radio it's almost like the subwoofer is completely non-functional. Even cranking the bass only results in a little life from the sub, and then a LOT of rumble when I play a CD.

    Anyone know of any tricks to get the sub working with FM radio?
  • Nissan sent a "specialist" to check it out and it seems that there is a problem with the speed sensors. My sensor was replaced with another style and that has taken care of the problem. My dealer worked with me on this however it took a long time to get it fixed. Stay with it- they know that there is a problem. Good Luck
  • Have 2004 Frontier 4 cyl automatic, 5500 miles. When cold, i.e. outside overnight at 30 degrees, does not shift out of low gear until have driven serveral blocks at 35 to 30 mph, RPM 3000. Once shifted, no problems until cold again. Dealer test drove, contacted Nissan Technical Hot Line, said this is normal operation for this vehicle. Would like the opinion of other Frontier 4cyl auto owners if this is normal. I have never experienced this in 45 years of driving other automatics.
  • I have a 2001 frontier, with 51,000 miles...recently had trouble with the was only blowing hot air...brought it to the dealer, they did a diagnostic on it...first, the low end hose was leaking and this was replaced...after a few days, same problem again...further checking showed the evaporative coil behind the dash was also leaking...isn't this very early in the vehicle's life for this to occur? I had to bear the cost of repair...complained to Nissan, have not heard back...i do not expect a reply from them. There goes Nissan Quality..and customer service.
  • Check this for auto with all makes of vehicles are can put any vehicle problems in their data base.Please spread the word around about this site.
  • Mine: 2005 Frontier CC V-6, 6 sp manual with 1500 miles.


    Noticed what I thought was gasoline pinging, knocking coming from the truck during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shifts. Sounds like a rapping almost. Took to the dealer who said they were 99.9% sure wasn't the engine, but rather something coming from the exhaust. Wanted to wait another 1000 miles before pushing up the Nissan chain since no history has been built up. Anybody else having the same issues with their new 2005 Frontier? Last note, once in 5th gear you don't hear anything, and you don't hear anything revving the engine while sitting still. Thanks in advance.
  • jasong2jasong2 Posts: 18
    Don't now if this helps, but thought I'd add it . . I have had a similar problem with a 1991 Nissan Pickup and a 2004 Xterra. On both, the problem was before the first oil change.


    On the 1991 Pickup, the problem was a loose bolt on one of the skid plates.


    On the 2004 Xterra, the rear bolts on the plate covering the underside of the engine compartment were loose.


    On the '91, the dealer couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I lived with it for 3000 miles until my local garage figured it out. When it happened with the Xterra, loose bolts were the first thing I check.


  • I think I put my post about this on the wrong page. See #452 in the Nissan 2005+. I have what sounds like the same issue except I have an automatic. But it comes during acceleration and goes away at about 45-50 mph. Have not taken it in as I just started noticing it yesterday.
  • Absolutely. Your description is right on target with mine. It is a knocking/rattling of sorts that happens then goes away once I'm in 5th gear which is usually once I hit around 40+ MPH. Sounds like it's coming from the front passender side under the hood. I took to my dealer and he didn't want to start tearing it down yet. Thought it might be something in the exhaust as opposed to the engine itself. I"m frustrated because they want to wait until some other history builds up on the truck. For now driving my truck has become frustrating because I hear this sound and I keep thinking maybe I should have waited before purcashing, or worse maybe I should have bought the Tacoma. Anyway, let me know what you find out at your dealer.
  • ^^ If you check the Tacoma forums available on the net, you'll find that the Toyota is having it's share of "freshman jitters" with loose cab mounts, mysterious noises at highway speeds and other small issues. I think so far, many of these problems are minor and will be fixed with a TSB. Regarding the Frontier though, I suppose some minor issues are to be expected with a first year production vehicle just like the Tacoma.


    Makes me a little nervous though, I was planning on purchasing my Crew Cab 4x2 Nismo Automatic this weekend. Hmm, maybe I should hold off for a little while.
  • As an update, it was particularly cold here the two days I had this issue with mine. Today I let the truck warm up briefly and I didn't have the knock/rattle at all. Sounds weird, but I can say I have heard it 2 days out of the two weeks I have driven it - now has about 1000 miles. I can also say that is the only real problem I have noted so far - and there are lots of things to like!!
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Hey witch truck do you have?I'm looking to buy the king cab le 4wd. can you tell me alittle about you truck make and modle

  • Taylor35,


    As a prospective '05 Frontier buyer I'd like any more impressions you may have about the new Nissan. Looked the Titan over with a fine-tooth comb before deciding that I wanted to down-size from my current full-size domestic. New Frontier feels great but I have reservations about anyones "first year" model. Sounds like you did your research ??
  • I have the CC LE 4x4. I was all but in a Titan. In fact I was sitting in the sales office on New Year's Eve with a contract on a Titan in front of me and I pulled out. I have a Yukon Denali XL and decided I just didn't need another giant vehicle. But I did want another vehicle that I could tow a boat with.


    I looked very hard at the Tacoma as well, even drove one for a day, but I decided on the Frontier - they both had good things going for them and I have owned Toyotas before with great success. For some reason the Frontier just felt right to me. I love the engine in the Frontier, the ride is great, RF stereo is very cool and I just like the way it looks.


    Despite the engine noise issue, I would stick with my choice (of course that could change if it turns out to be a real problem).
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