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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • mrtipstermrtipster Posts: 1
    My 1999 Frontier makes scraping noise in P & N.The driveplate-converter bolts are tight.What else might cause this?
  • rdb40swrdb40sw Posts: 2
    I had the same problem two days later on my new 05 frontier. The problem turned out to be a bad "gas cap". The original one was not locking tight enough.
  • posted this to the general nissan pu forum:

    Heh Folks,

    Front brakes on my '95 are getting very hot, must be dragging a little. Seems to be both sides but maybe worse on Rt. HOT means after 6 miles to work today at 40-60MPH I had "hot brake smell" and some smoke off the Rt. front brake. This truck looks great but is a NH rust bucket underneath, I haven't popped a wheel yet to see what's there.

    Any chronic experience with stuck brakes on these?

    Saturday now, got the truck (SE Kingcab V6-4WD) up on jack stands in the driveway, brake calibers, everything very rusty. Left brake releases pretty much OK but Rt. really drags. It's 95 degrees out, 90% humidity, no shade, don't think I'll tear into this today.

    Considering this Rt. front brake got hot enough to stink and was smoking a little after 6 miles I'm guessing the hub/bearing should be torn down and relubed. I'm not a 4WD person, not sure I want to tear into all that. Any opinions on whether this should all be torn down, and a fair price for a shop to charge?

    ps-about 5 miles into my 6 mile drive to work this great, rock steady on the hiway truck started to vibrate/buzz a little. I pulled over to check tires, thought it could be a carrier bearing on driveshaft going out. Drove it home at under 40 mph with a couple stops along the way (no more brake smoke) and no buzz/vibration, but that's got me thinking the hot rotor/wheel could have a bearing problem now.

    Thanks, NH rustbucket
  • mch59mch59 Posts: 2
    i am looking to buy a basic small truck for commuting and trips to Home Depot. are other owners satisfied with this basic configuration? any problems to report?
    i will get mine with the air bags and air conditioning. thanks.
  • remoremo Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 Nissan Frontier for my daugher. The drivers side parking lamp appear to be burned out and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to replace it. I am hoping the whole headlight module doesn't have to be replaced.

    The owners manual isn't much help at all.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  • Hello Everybody :
    PLease read on if you are a Nissan Titan owner or at least interested in knowing more about it.
    I bought the car that I thought was the dream for every guy who likes power, performance and all the bells and whistles in a perfect car, and that was a 2005 Nissan Titan LE trim, loaded with all what a truck can ever have. And I Said : this is the one.
    Couple months after that I started having a problem : the steering wheel started shaking when I need to apply the brakes; an immediate turn-off for me towards my car.
    I took my car to the service advisor and told him in the exact word: " Sir, something weird is happening in my brand-new truck, whenever am applying the brake..." he interrupted me and continued " the stirring wheel starts shaking ? " I answered "yes".
    They performed the recall and the car went back to the normal smooth drive and stop.
    Just recently, I had a "close call" a "narrow escape" a "good luck", you name it.
    I was driving back home on the Free-way at a speed of 50 mph and suddenly the car ahead of me came to a sharp stop which made me react quickly by applying the brakes, although it was a nice sunny dar with dry cement.

    My vehicle started unbelievably shaking, the more I was applying the brakes the more my car was trembling. In less of a second I had to decide to release the brake to stop the shaking car and wheels , but had to choose either to hit the car ahead of me or a better decision is to go offroad and avoid the crash.
    Eventually I did swerve off-road and avoided the crash. It happened so fast that I could NOT remember whether the ABS did kick in or NOT, and IF it did I would NOT be able to feel it because how my car was behaving. After that , all I wanted was to get back home safe and never to drive my car anymore.
    There is no kind of trust in this car from my side anymore .And I hope that none of you ( Titan Owners) will ever experience an incident like this. The brakes problem just came back again suddenly without a prior notice, all of a sudden I felt I am experiencing a 9.00 earthquake, and the more I had to push on the Brake Pedal the more the car was shaking.
    If this would be any concern for anybody then I am sure I would see some kind of reactions .
    More and more, please drive safe and watch out how your vehicle performs and be prepared for the unexpected. My car suprised me in the most negative way, but I am NOT going to give it a second chance.
  • dander1dander1 Posts: 7
    I've read previous posts about a transmission/drivetrain noise when acclerating/decelerating. I have a Nismo 4x4 Crew Cab and noticed an audible "thunk" when shifting from reverse to drive, or vice versa. Is this a normal noise?
  • Had the ses light come on with code 0400, egr system problem. Had all parts of the egr system replaced with new except the egr valve. The light has come on again at 122 miles, question is this? Does our local mechanic or Nissan dealer required to install a repair code to remove the history code? This is the second time for the SES light to come on and now my mechanics is shaking his head and say's this never happened to him since he has been in business. Any suggestion on how to get this light to stay out? Also, has anyone replaced the EGR valve itself, the nissan dealer on Long Island insist that they have never sold on and told my mechanic that they never replaced this particular valve.
  • I have about had it with customer service raping me with service charges...I need to replace the driver side mirror with a new one that I have bought...they wanted to charge me 200!!!!!! dollars for just doing there anyone out there who can tell me how to do it myself? Don't really want to pay the 60 bucks for the up-to-date manual....but I will never use the service dept again...sigh....
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Shop around for a good body shop or local garage. If the mirror is not electric, it won't take but a few long minutes.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • I am experiencing the same thing in my truck, appearanlty this problem is comen, I have heard the same issue arrise many times. I don't know what the problem is but I hope Nissan people's will catch the news and do something about it.. Maybe it's allready in the works, does anybody know different?

    I've posted me issue's numerous times, and have gotten no response, my Titan's differential has failed twice in twenty one thousand miles, anyone ever heard of this problem? I own the LE trim titan, 4x4, 6" lift, 35x18x12.5 tires and wheels. yada yada yada
  • I'm wondering if there are any headers available for my '99 3.3L extended cab frontier. I'm also having a hard time finding any exhaust manufacturers for aftermarket parts. Canadian distributers would be great but I'm doubtful there are any.
  • i have a 2005 frontier c/c and about 5 months into the ownership i startled to get white spots on the bed .went to the dealer he said its only water spots thats normal so i went to a sprayed on bed shop and i asked him he said it should not fade at all called the dealer back he said he will let me know .. he called tonight their is a bulliten on it they are gonna fix it so check out your bed guys if its got white spots tell them and they will spray it again .......... have a great day!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Can someone please help me? I need to find a drivers side mirror (heated, electric, with all the goods) for a 2004 Nissan Titan? I knocked my boyfriend's drivers side mirror off and cannot find a replacement for a reasonable amount. Please help!
  • They will fix the breaks for free and put you on a waiting list for the new breaks. I have had my Titan for 8 mth and had it in 7 times in that time now the cat converter is out which was told is a new problem with these trucks so have them check the est system out.,
  • check your ujoints... that is a common noise when the shaft has some pay in it due to the ujoint failure.... if not the ujoints then check the amount of play that your drive shaft has.
  • I have a 2001, and have been rather happy with it. Gets around 28 MPG, rides reasonably well and has only required minor maintenance over the last 66K miles. I'm replacing the factory tires this week and will have the front end aligned. Watch out for the lower idler pulley, it hangs low and tends to get wet, which washes the grease out and makes it noisy (though I've lived with it for 40K miles, I will probably replace it soon). My check engine light has been on intermittently for a few weeks, and need to get that investigated, though it seems to be a common, yet not serious issue. Otherwise, it's a great little truck.
  • Man, I got the same problem in my 87. If you find out what the problem is please post it here because I sure would like to know what the cause is.
  • Good thing they know the front brakes where a problem.. Next is to find out why my rear end is failing.
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