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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • nogm4menogm4me Posts: 13
    Howdy,I use an allen wrench, 3/16 or 1/4 I believe to undo the oil plug for an oil change. That worked until I got the
    appropo torx bit as spenny suggests. The plug takes an "o"
    ring bye the way. Which may have been nicked by the Wal-mart
    space technicians. Hence the oil leak. Also I have found that the larger ( Fram part no. ) 3980 oil filter cartridge
    works in that tight space. The small filter is 3387A I think.By that method I can extend my oil change interval to beyond 6,000 miles with the extra capacity(6 qt.) crankcase level. If you want sumtin' done right, it yoself .
  • Hey Gnguru, Great Job.....Proud of you and you are rig ;) ht ...DO IT YOURSELF!! Well my catera is dead and gone and I felt so much relief. Now looking for a good cas mini van or suv as I still owe six months on the catera. I just refuse to put an engine in the car. Anyway glad you got her fix.
  • I have a 2000 Catera. I have tons of problems with it. The latest is my radio losses power intermittently. When this occurs, I cannot open the trunk. I tried to fix this last summer. They repaired the radio and the control box in the back but the problem came back. HELP? :sick:
  • I have the same problem with my radio. Did you get this fixed? How did you fix it?
  • Hello......
    Don't have my catera anymore but that happen to me once, then the lights. My mechanic always fixed it free of charge by resetting the computor. After we did that about three times I experienced no more problems. Hope this helps.

    Good Luck
  • Did you have to have the part programed?
  • Trinella, from my understanding the computor controlled a lot on the Catera. Each time he reset the computor I had no more problems. In my car the clock, radio and gauges would just stop for no reason but he said the computor was off. Sorry I can't be of more help. Also I researched Catera recalls and did find the radio as having known problems. Let me know if I can assist you in anyway. Good Luck
  • The radio and control box is not the problem, it's a multi function relay. They replaced relay part #90494163 and sensor part #90528435. The relay cost $90.32 and the sensor $230.57 total with labor 450.79. In your case the sensor may not need to be replaced. Cadillac service should have known about this problem.
  • thank you so much. will try that.
  • Have a 98 catera. the a/c compresser will not come on. Fuses are good as well as the relays. Not that summer is over, If you want heat to come out It will blow warm for about 30 seconds then gets cold. They is plenty of antifreeze, Would the heater control valve do this & if so where would it be located. thanks
  • i have a 2000 catera i have put much money in it now im having this problem plus abs light tc light level light and power stearing problems when these lights come on took it to one shop they told too many codes needs togot the dealer but im now looking for another cadillac and this catera is almost paid off but ive already put plenty of money into it and now its really getting old
  • where in the car is the multi-function relay located? Is it under the hood or under the dash? Close to what? This is the relay that controls the radio, gas cap and trunk. :confuse:
  • Superior Cadillac of Kansas City replaced the relay. Their service department # is 800-549-6531 give them a call and the part #. They should be able to help you out.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    If you're happy (or not) with your dealer service give 'em a review on our new Dealer REview service!

    Here's the link:


  • I need some body parts for a 2000 catera I love this car and it has being very hard to find parts for it I neeed a hood and front bumper it is a 2000 catera.
  • Hey....I would suggest going tp . For parts email me at
  • kyrawkyraw Posts: 1
    I have 98 catera I just got it out the shop and I tried to play my cd but it will not play it keep telling me cd error what does that mean is my memory off or what.
  • acurryacurry Posts: 27
    i have a 2000 catera and this happened to me twice on your break there is two switches one is the cruise control switch and aslo the break light stop switch i think there are both next together replace both of them at the same time and you should be ok all they are is safety switches. you can also bypass them with a jumper wire i had to just toget my car back to my house.
  • Your advise worked. Finally after 2 years of trying to figure this heating problem out I'm in the heat. Thanks
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