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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • I brought a 97 Catera Jan.2008, fairly new to me. I've had to change the coil pack once I got the car and now I had a timing belt replaced but it still wont start. Any suggestions ??? (The timing belt I was told is set right).
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Well, obviously either the switch for the ALC (automatic level control) system has malfunctioned or you have some sort of problem with the ALC system, and most likely it is the later. There are several components involved in the system and about the only way to get it properly diagnosed would be to take it to a Cadillac dealer and let them hook it up to a diagnostics machine to determine the problem. You could watch the car after you start it to see if it actually does level and if not, most likely (and hopefully) you will have a leak in one of the air lines and the air compressor is not bad. Good luck.
  • According to the owners manual, I quote " The leveling light comes on steady when the rear load level in your vehicle changes. Do not drive your vehicle when this light is on. The rear of your vehicle is too low and part of the body or the rear axle may be damaged when driving over bumpy roads. When the light goes out, leveling is complete. If the light comes on flashing, there may be a problem with the leveling system. You should reduce your vehicle speed and have your vehicle serviced soon"
    Unquote. In my experience with the light, my trunk was full of items and I had to adjust things around, to even it out. The light went off. The light also comes on when I first start my car for about a minute, but after it goes right off, I always wait till it goes off completely, and about a minute or less it does go off. I hope this helps. Wouldn't help to try rearranging your trunk contents.
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Was the car able to start up and run when you bought it or have you been trying to get it running after you bought it? If it was running when you bought it, why did you have the timing belt replaced?
  • ld3303ld3303 Posts: 3
    Im Lester...i just purchased a 2000 catera.The radio will not work when the car is turned on,but will work with it off.What did you do to fix your problem with the radio?Please help me im desperate to hear this fabulous bose system when im rolling....
  • ld3303ld3303 Posts: 3
    Whatts up with this one has been for 3 days....i sure need some input on the radio problems im plays with car turned off,but goes dead with car running....
  • bradcadbradcad Posts: 9
    I own a 2000 Catera also... it's a great sound system, when it's working. I've had several on and off problems with the radio. Every once in a while the radio just turns off... no warning... nothing... I suspect a breaker or similiar is the problem since it often resets itself after a while and comes back on... very frustrating. I have had it checked by the dealership... while it was in for repair of yet something else... but since it's an intermittent deal, they say they can't find the problem. Sorry to not be more help... but I can sure relate to the frustration... good luck.(bradcad2000)
  • Hi,

    Had to get rid of my 2000 but if i were you I would have the computor reset. I had to do this three times once with my catera but it evenually worked. Good luck soor I don't have more advice.
  • weaz08weaz08 Posts: 5
    I recently purchased a 1997 Catera with only 84000 miles on it but I have had some problems with it already. I have had the ignition coil replaced $750 and now the check engine light is on again and the shop check it out and it is giving a code for some type of emission problem possibly the EGR valve. Has anyone had this problem? Can you shed some light on my situation before I drop another $750 that I can't afford.

    Cadi Owner
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Did they happen to tell you the DTC code? If they did, tell me what it is and I'll tell you what the problem is??
  • weaz08weaz08 Posts: 5
    Thanks for your response. I will call the shop to get the code because they did not write it on the invoice it just says that the code is "emissions system flowing backwards"
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    That's a tough one. The DTC code would be a big help in pinpointing the problem. However, if in fact the EGR valve is stuck open or closed or not functioning correctly, your car should be experiencing a rough idle and/or kind of "bucking" during acceleration and possibly "knocking" to some extent. Just some thoughts but anyway, holler back when you get the code.
  • A pulley broke which caused the timing belt to "jump" I have now found that I need a new head gasket, which in all of this is another problem. Im getting it fixed now, so hopefully I'll be up and driving again soon
  • Good Luck Stephanie, I had a 2000 put timing belt, electrical parts then engine went out I got rid of the car and bought a 2002 cash van with 78000 miles I'm less stressful and NO CARNOTE Oh i bought sensors
  • ld3303ld3303 Posts: 3
    Thanks#525 and #526 for your input.i will try them both and let you know whatts up!!
  • votage is reading low battery light comes on, replaced battery alternator tesys strong light still comes on new battery dies should replace alternator
  • weaz08weaz08 Posts: 5
    It actually drives pretty good except for now the cooling fans are not kicking on and it gets hot. I need to check that out too. I called the shop this morning and the manager is not in today but I talked to one of the mechanics and he thinks it was P411 but I would have to call tomorrow when the manager is in so he can pull it form the data base. Is P411 a good code for emissions?
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    DTC PO411 is "AIR System No Flow Detected" so yes, it definitely has to do with emissions. The diagnostics to repair the problem are very extensive and involve many steps, 32 to be exact. Of course you would hope that it wouldn't take all 32 actions to solve the problem. If you are working with a Cadillac garage, they would have the diagnostics sheets. If you're working with an independent mechanic and he doesn't have the sheets, I will be more than happy to scan them and send them to your email address. Unless you have an extensive mechanical background and garage I really don't think this is something you would want to try to fix yourself but that is up to you. As for the cooling fans not coming on, there are 17 diagnostic steps to troubleshoot that and I would put that problem at a higher priority than the check engine light being on. Hope this helps and let me know what you think. Thanks
  • weaz08weaz08 Posts: 5
    I actually pulled it out of the Cadillac shop and have it at home. I have a mechanic that is a friend of the family taking a look at it. If you can send me the diagnostic steps to try and fix both problems that would be very much appreciated. I just couldn't leave it at the shop it was at because they were going to charge me $95hr just to try and find the problem and he said it could take 2-3hrs. You can send it to the email address here or to

    thank you very much,
  • bev6bev6 Posts: 1
    Please son was working on his Cadillac Catera and a big gust of wind came up and slammed down the hood. Now he can't get it open. It appears that the latch is not holding it down, so is there other latches that we don't know about.
    He is really frustrated with this car, as he ran into something and poked a hole in the radiator, and now the battery is dead, so he can't even push it, as the steering wheel is locked and when he had the hood open to jump the car, it slammed down and now its STUCK!! We even tried to jack it open with my husbands jack and it started to bend the hood. PLEASE HELP US!!
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