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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • I'd like to get some suggestions before I start tearing things apart. My 2001 Catera worked perfectly fine last Thursday evening when I came home from dinner, and then the next morning it would not start. The engine turns over when I try and start it, so it is not a starter, battery, or typical electrical problem. My initial feeling is some sort of fuel delivery (fuel pump?) or ignition problem. If anyone has seen this problem and has a suggestion, let me know. Thanks.
  • In my vehicle it would have a strong turn over but it wouldn't crank. I also thought it would be the fuel pump, but when I came back to it like a few hrs later it would start no problem.
    Then it got to the point ater a few months that i could only drive like 3 min before the car would shut off.
    It was my crank shaft position senor (cps) withc are nortories for going bad.
    I went onlie to and checked it out the part cost me 75.00 and my husband put it on. every year is diffrent mine is a 99. but if you just type in the (cps) on the internet it will tell you were it is located, you can save alot of money this way.
    I'm not really sure what your vehicle is doing. But maybe this will help you.
    Good luck!!!!
  • Scan the ECM for codes before throwing parts at it. We had a similar problem with my friend's '99 Catera. Because it was sitting for 2 months with a bad battery, it took a few tries for the code to show up, but pointed straight to the crankshaft position sensor, located down near the oil filter. We tested it for signals, and got nothing. Replaced it, and it cranked right up.
  • Hey there Look bye the parts yourself find a neighberhood shop to install parts go to car quest they :blush: are pretty cheap. as far as the relay bye the part from them ;) look in your manual for fuses and relays and put it in yourself it pulgs in just like a fuse take the bad one out put the good one in and if that don't solve the the problem you have a short in wire harness.
  • Thanks a ton. After reading some posts I figured a good place to start would be the CPS, and that seems to be the consensus. I tried starting it up a few hours and days later, and still no go. It cranks fine, but no firing. I'll change the CPS and see if that helps. Thanks again.
  • Glad to here another story that ends well To all you guys that drive civics......You go girl!! :P
  • Look guys All IN All this is a great car with good handling and performace .Sure it's a pain to service but what car isn't . some guys put an L S 3 in them some turbo or NOS thats all good but you have to admit it's a fun car to drive. To all you guys that drive Civics go girl ! ;)
  • Thanks a lot mate and you are right the manual don't say much I'm going to take my chance and take it apart by heat then reseal it and drill a very small hole for mosture and heat to escape. And to all you guys that drive Civics..... you go girl :blush:
  • Anybody HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    I have a 2001 Catera with already 162000 miles in it and I love it. I have recently rebuilt the transmission on it and is working great. The only problem is that the vehicle won't start after I turn it off. I have checked the battery and is good. When I turn the key, it's DEAD! The battery gets drained or something. I have to carry a battery booster with me all the time. The car has been to the dealer in two dirrefent states on three different times and nothing. I have taken it to several mechanics but they can seem to pin point the problem. I think that it might be a relay or something. If anyone has had this problem, please help me.
  • Hey there Catera lover..... Nice car and you have 160,000 + miles wow.. just for my information have you had any other problems with your Cat. ? thanks Lee.... also for anyone else out there... Does anyone have an idea about how many Cateras are still around? Just wondering. want to keep mine "forever" just wanted to know how they hold up. Mine is still good.. had the heater thing... the cps sensor and water tank done... ( did it all my self) so did not cost me an arm and a let..... but I do not hold it against the car.......I wonder what else I could expect (S) .. have a good day ya'all.. Lee
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Hey Lee - I don't think anyone (except maybe God) could tell you how many Cateras are still up, alive and running. However, I can tell you that during it's five year life span (1997 - 2001) there were approximately 95,000 Cateras sold in the US. And anyone that gotten 160K miles on one without having to rebuild the entire car is very lucky. Hope yours is doing okay. We're coming up on 60K miles but I kind of say a little prayer every time I turn the key on... LOL Take care. Rick
  • I changed the CPS, and still nothing. The car will crank strong, and all interior electricals work. It just will not fire. Any other ideas?
  • Hello
    I read your posting, I am having the same problem with my car, started a few weeks back, got taken in for a new battery that i don;t think i even needed. The car started fine for about a week and then the same thing, turn the key everything comes on, but will not turn over. Then i let it sit for a few minutes try a couple more times and it starts up fine. I had the fuel filter changed last week to start with had no problem for a couple of days and then the same thing today. How did you do with yours? Any ideas or help would be appreciated, Also does anyone ever get a burnt smell from there front end on the Catera????
  • A question if you please... please distinguish between "won't crank and won't start.... IE.... the engine will crank freely but will not fire..... or the engine will not even "turn over" if the engine will "crank" but not fire, the problem could be the cps, and easy fix.
  • Thank you, it will crank but not fire up, i will offer the information to the guy that works on it, He was thinking the fuel pump which looks like it would be a very expensive job,
  • podrespodres Posts: 58
    I am the original owner of a 1997 Cat with 115,000 miles on it. Mechanically good, a little rust starting to appear. I give it two more years before the rust makes it ready for the scrapyard. It's been a really nice car to own.
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    Before you replace the fuel pump, I would replace the CKP which is the Crankshaft Position Sensor. Alot of people call it a CPS but it is a CKP not to be confused with the CMP which is the Camshaft Postion Sensor. The CKP is about a $50 part and about 30 to 45 minutes labor to change out and is more likely to be your problem than the fuel pump. Good luck.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I bought a 2001 new for my wife.....Under warranty,we had a stack of repair tickets that you wouldn't believe...
    Twice it was towed out of our we had twin babies then,my wife was furious...Gm gave us a two two year extended warranty and a $2,000 off cupon for a GM car. i just bought her a 2008 Lucerne last June. I was offerd only $3,500 for the Catera in trade,so I've kept it as a third car.
    It only has 54,000 mils on it...We're a little afraid of it still,but it's been fine the last two years....Except fot the washer tank empty light stays on...

    I still ove to drive has the same German goodness as Mercedes and BMW.....But if certainally has a storied past...
  • Hey leevandam, just to let u know I had to replace the a/c compressor once about a year ago. I have replaced the headlights and repaired the radiator. So far the car is still in great shape. Hope ur car last you for a long time.
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