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Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair



  • my 98 is doing the same thing did u solve the problem???
  • Is it ok to use E85 in my 2000 Catara. They say that it is 111 octane rating. Will it hurt the hoses
  • no body want to chime in on this one so, Yes it will run on E85 gas but not sure of the ?? of will it harm the hoses, a rubber hose guy says "that the hose shuld be fine but that some of the O rings may degrade over time and leak. If you use it keep real good track of anything with a O ring for leakage"
  • lou89lou89 Posts: 27
    I would not use E85 unless your 2000 is stipulated as a FLEX FUEL VEHICLE BY THE MANUFACTURER. Gasoline sold commonly is E10 and is safe for older cars. Otherwise, costly damage can result. E10 is 10% ethanol-90% gasoline. Forget the octane claimed. E fuel is less efficient than pure gasoline. Tests(CA) by Edmonds on a 2007 Flex Fuel Tahoe indicated 20 t0 26 % less efficient miles per gallon.(google " thanol fuel "; for other links as well. Fewer MPG and thus more costly per mile of vehicle operation. The 667 miles tests resulted in a 36,5 gal reg gas use ( 18.3 mpg) and E85 required 50 gal(13.5mpg), $30 more fuel cost. They computed the carbon effect with gasoline @706 lbs., E85 @703.1 which rreally a tie; a scant o.5% difference. Also go, I believe it is. I do not think you Catera is RATED FLEX FUEL by GM, check the manual or Dealer.Donor use E85 in your fuel system. Ethanol is a solvent whic will destroy components not yet engineered by mfr to wirhstand E85.
  • YA thats what every body says. the MPG I cant find as my speedometer is currently not working but it does run hotter at the cats. e85 does not have as many BTU's as gasoline does. The chemist f rends I have say the fuel lines may not be rated for this to go though them. It also doesn't start well in cold weather. dont have much invested in the car. The fuel line probliom may br solved soon with some help from my chemist friends and some sort of braded and lined hose. the injectors and seals are a problim yet to be thought out. Im guessing that the O2 sensors are going nuts trying to read the ourput they are geting also. I havent got a meter on the temps or the O2 reading yet to see how much differnt it is from gas eather
  • lou89lou89 Posts: 27
    Curious as to how many tank fillups you did with F 85 fuel.
  • ybscorpybscorp Posts: 5
    edited January 2012
    about three weeks ago i did a complete from empty fill up and ran till it was empty. i have done three E10 fill ups since then and was running fl gas that was around E10 for about 10 fill up before that. I then did about 4 fill ups of Fl E10 gas and filled it up from empty. It got to about 38 deg and the thing would barely start. I got it to start and the only way it would stay running was to keep the rpms to about 2k till the heat gage started to move then it settled down and ran fine, at that point I started puting in 1/4 th tank of E10 at a time for about 4 times. It has been runing E10 fl gas ever since.
    I didnt find the link they sent but there is a intersting comment at about its use in an Mg with carbs and problims it may have. It also give a link to site: that says page no longer found
  • lou89lou89 Posts: 27
    Ethanol is a solvent and can destroy fuel lines and O rings that are not yet engineered by GM to tolerate E85. Also, ethanol absorbs water and if the vehicle is not driven regularly, the ethanol and water can separate with the water settling to the bottom of your gas tank and accumulating in the fuel filter, suggesting that you probably should replace the fuel filter and drain any water from the tqnk. If those two conditions are present, your starting and rough running problems can occur. If you used e83 long enough to break down a fuel hose, etc, there could be that reidue in the fuel filter and tank. Call gasoline distributor(s) in your area to see if they have an outlet for non ethanol fuel that you could use for a while in your car, is another thought. I wish you well, I know this situation is frustrating; a real pain in your get along.
  • the original posting is from 2007, but hope this can help others out.

    if the battery dies or is replaced, the sunroof switch doesn't work unless it is reset by depressing it for 5 seconds. i found this out by reading the owners manual.
  • Mechanic says it is the high side a/c pipe with muffler and port for charging. He can't find a replacement part. Any help?
  • lisle95lisle95 Posts: 1
    I have a 99 catera, and had oil cooler go bad. Changed it out and now when the car starts it runs for 20-30 secs and dies. it will restart right away, but again dies. Note computer gives me a code for loss com with vss. Can loss of vss signal result in engine shut down? If not any other suggestions?
  • Desperate in Ashford wa. Engine turns over but no spark. Sprayed starter did not work. I know very little about cars and desperately needing advice. Live 30 miles out of any town with car repair services. thanks in advance!
  • gngurugnguru Posts: 108
    What in the world do you mean by "sprayed starter"? First thing I would do is to replace the camshaft position sensor. You can get one online or at your local auto parts dealer. Online is probably your best deal but I'd shop around....
  • #1381 of 1429 TC Warning Light flashing by carfinder14

    Jun 11, 2011 (1:37 pm)
    I have a 97 Catera with a wierd problem. When first running the car the TC warning light will start flashing and the car will lose power. Turning of the traction control system fixes the problem. I need to know the sensor that controls the traction control or what could be causing this. Any help wold be appreciated.

    Is there anyone out there to tell me the reason my 2000 Cadillac Catera is now doing this?
  • replace heater core
  • joe428joe428 Posts: 1
    with this car having so many problems. why was there no recall?
    its Caddie what about its rep? i wont look at the newer ones, now
  • rosenewrosenew Posts: 1
    I have a cadalliac catera 98 and the first problem is my alarm system comes on whn i openn my door and close stays on at 5mins my alarm on my key ring doesn't wrk anymore. wat will i have too do for that...second my hair runs fine but sometime like yesterday my car seem like it wanted too start but wouldn't. and whn i turned the key over it was like a fan coming on. so i let it sit and this morning. it its completely dead. help me
  • I have been adding steering fluid for a while now every month. last week car started tracking when I hit the brakes and quickly has gotten worse. Have they has an issue with rack and pinions? It almost feels how a rack with bad mounts would act. Been a shop owner and master tech for decades but am retired and the arthritis makes a little job a longer job. hoped to get an idea on this so I didn't have to get underneath it. don't have the luxury of my own shops anymore. so has this been a common issue on the catera or does anyone have a diagnosis from what I told you? thanks much
  • I bought a used Cadillac Catera from my next door neighbor, it had 104,404 miles, I had the car all of two months, and it started running hot. Needless to say, I put the car in the shop to correct the then about 4 months later, my agnition switch went on the car, I put the car in the shop yet again, I got my car out of the shop, a month later,a shock came lose, and was slicing my back tires, yet another repair, when it came back, the car would make a squealing noise, as I tried to make turns, or I was going slow.

    So today as I was headed to work my brakes failed......I am thru with this car,I want to sell it and be done, I have never had so many problems with a car!
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