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Toyota Tundra Accessories and Modifications



  • I just took delivery on a 2003 stepside. Cannot find a bug deflector for my truck. Dealer says they are not available yet. Has anyone else had a problem with this. Are there any aftermarkets available yet? Any feedback appreciated.
  • I just bought a basic Tacoma with the regular cab. I really like the truck, but the bench seat is pretty uncomfortable (the lumbar ridge in the back doesn't fit my back very well). I've seen bucket seats with a nice center console in the more expensive models. Does anyone know if the bucket seats will fit in the regular cab, and where I can get them?

    Also, I'd like to add the fender flares that are on the 4wd models. I asked one dealer, and he thought that they wouldn't fit a 2wd truck. Anyone tried this?
  • I have a 4wd standard cab 2000 Tacoma (not TRD), and I want to replace the original shock absorbers (Monroe gas I believe)in hopes of improving the handling. My mechanic suggests replacing the shocks with KYB gas shocks. I know the TRD Toyotas use Bilstein gas shocks. Does any one have any ideas as to which brand of shock absorbers will give me a better feel of the road and better handling?
  • My 96 Taco 4X4 has the 3 leaf spring set. I would like to replace them with stronger springs. Any one have a suggestion of what to get? Thanks...
  • I'd recommend the Bilstein shocks. They came on my Tundra and it rides nicely. I've also ordered Bilsteins for my sports car(restoration project). All the note worthy German tuners use Bilstein shocks and then customize the valving. I've had KYBs and found them a bit rough.
  • I am looking to do the same, or a similar thing. I have heard of poeple using the captians seats of an areostar minivan. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the buckets of a similar year 4 Runner may do the trick... That is just a guess though. I Would like to try. Does any one else have any input?
  • The seats should be able to be installed. However, from what I have found, it tends to be cost prohibitive. You need to buy the seats, and mounting rails. Installing them isn't difficult, however, it may be less expensive to get aftermarket seats.

    As for the fender flares, the sheet-metal for the 4WD models is different to accomidate the larger wheels and tires than the 2WD models excluding the pre-runner. Fender flares for the 4wd model will not fit correctly on the 2wd model. However, similarly, there are alot of aftermarket catalogs available that you should be able to find fender flares for your 2wd truck.
  • Frustrated over the low mileage on the Tundra and wonder if anyone has done anything to improve it. Would duels help? Are there any ways to tweak out more MPG or has Toyota tweaked out to the max? Seems like the rating of 14-17 is not as good as it might be. Suggestions or comments?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897 could always put smaller tires on it.
  • I saw a post earlier that said the RS3200 comes factory installed on the 2002 Tundra. According to my invoice/accompanying pamphlet, I have the RS3000 (with the glass breakage detection), although I never asked (or paid for) any upgrade. Can anyone explain this?
  • melc3melc3 Posts: 2
    Just got my 2003 Tacoma Dbl Cab V6 4X2 with TRD last month and got no complain so far. The fuel consumption is 18mpg combined city and hwy driving. I'm planning to put a snug hardtop (like camper shell) on its bed. Just wanna know if any of you have some piece of advice to share which one is better, the fiberglass low-profile tonneau cover or the shell/cap? I heard that the shell or cap is noisy on the road, is this true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • b10751b10751 Posts: 14
    Congratulations melc3 on your truck. I just bought the same truck last week. My previous truck had an ARE LSII fiberglass tonneau cover on it. I loved it..In fact, i went saturday and ordered one for the tacoma. They are kind of pricey, but they are well made, lockable, and keeps the rain out. You can check them out at There are lots of other makers of hard and soft covers. Good luck!
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    They are great. I bought a used one for Xtracab off of one of our offroad club member about a year ago, had it ever since. It's a soft top with 3 support rails, buttons down on all 4 sides. The only downside is that during long trips, at high speeds (80+) the wind force is great enough to actually dislodge the support rails under the cover and drop them into the bed. Then the entire cover starts flopping :)
    Extang, SportsMaster(one I have), should all work for you.

    Shell would be nice if you can get it on nice and tight, and in fact it'll provide much-needed weight in the bed to level the truck. If you can get it water-tight to the bed, it's good.
  • Does anyone know where the belt tensioner is located for replacing the serpentine belt on a 2001 V8 Tundra?
  • I have a 1997 T-100 and want to upgrade the speaker system. Has anyone ever done this using the factory mounting placement? How did it sound? What kind of speakers did you use and how much did you spend? Any input would be greatly appreciated. It is an extended cab.
  • I used to own a 94 T-100 regular cab. It did not come with a radio. I bought a single CD and boston acoustic speakers. It sounded wonderful with the speaker placement in the doors. Those doors make good bass from the 6 and a half speaker. Considering this was 8 years ago, the speakers were 160.

    You will notice a huge difference.
  • jbh60jbh60 Posts: 3
    Anybody of Dcab owners found a good set of seat covers? Seems like the back seat covers are hard to find!
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    The tensioner is a spring loaded one, just look under the hood, it's the pulley not doing anything else! It will rotate a few inches when you apply a wrench to it, unlike the others.

    Just buy or borrow a long wrench, take the tension off, remove the old belt, and put the new one on. Simple.
    I would recommend a goodyear gatorback belt (ask your part store guy) since they are said to be quieter and long lasting.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    try They have lots of accessories, sorted by vehicle. They had front and back sets last time I looked in several types of colors (incl factory) and finishes.
  • Does anyone know if the 94 Toyota pickup has an opening somewhere in the door frame for a door speaker. I have rear and dash speakers, and I didn't want to rip the door apart if I can secure my answer here. I would like to add speakers in the doors if possible. My 03 has door speakers and it makes a marked difference in clarity.

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